Thursday, March 15, 2012

Biggest Sobe Bomb Breakdown (Finding Bigfoot Show)

White bigfoot breakdown - as featured on Finding Bigfoot by TCC
(Click the HD button)
The Sobe bomb video was featured on Finding Bigfoot TV show a few nights ago (3/11/12). The "Experts" say this is a "white Bigfoot" but I think I have proven it is just a kid in a White T-shirt. You can see the skin color change, the Waist color change and I even show you where the Kid went.
This is sad that "experts" don't know the difference between a bigfoot and a kid in a t-shirt.
This once again is an over reach by some of the people in the bigfoot community.

Still Frames from the video  
zoom on the "white bigfoot" showing the color change

same kid is seen later in the video.
 So clearly this was either a hoax or just a misidentification, but it is certainly not a bigfoot.
We need to get these types of videos debunked so we can move on to other videos. The cast of Finding Bigfoot are suppose to be the best but by putting videos like this on their show it only increases the chance that poeple will hoax  videos.

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