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So, this picture has a few stories that surround it. In some places it is know as the "Scariest Picture on The Internet". In other places it is translated to "the most horrible picture in the world". In either case, there are mysterious stories and even deaths associated with this picture.

Today, I will attempt to explore some of the stories, legends and hopefully some truths about this picture.

So, lets dig in.
Ghost Road
It seems ever town you go to has some type of scary monster or creepy ghost story to tell. I know here in my area there are several spooky tales about various locations. These areas often have a history of weird sightings or of odd things happening in them. Many times we don't know the full story as to why a certain area may have weird things going on.

Today, I want to share a story and a place I recently heard about, known as Ghost Road. It is located in Baltimore County Maryland. We all known Maryland has its share of weird tales, one of which is the Maryland Goatman.

A few of days ago I got an email from Dr. Chilton (Not sure if that is the real name) about an experience at Loyd Hall Plantation in Louisiana.  Loyd Hall , for those who don't know, has a history of being haunted and was featured on American's most haunted show. Some of you might remember one part of the show where they show the hardwood floors and the floors still have a large blood stain on them, well this is that place.

Here is Dr. Chilton's account:

My sister and I stay  frequently at an old plantation home in Louisiana. On one occasion, when our room was in an upstairs portion of the main house, I was awakened very early in the morning by someone pushing on my shoulder and asking in a child's voice for her "crinoline???"'. I  later asked the housekeeper at breakfast whose room I was staying in, and she said that it had originally ( during the Civil War) been the governess' room....connected to the bedroom of the 2 young girls in the family.....I found out that a "crinoline" was a girl's petticoat in the 1800's.....someone needed help getting dressed that morning!!  Also that night I also heard a man's voice telling the little girl to "let the lady sleep: come with me and leave her alone."
Thanks to Dr. Chilton for sharing the story with us.

Much more information is available on Loyd Hall via internet search.

Here is a link to the Loyd Hall website - Click Here 


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 Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil has met his share of groupies, and now he's hoping to meet some ghosts as well.

Neil Joins the GA crew to investigate  Riviera Hotel. Neil has hopes of contacting the ghost of
Frank Sinatra and members of the Chicago Mafia who allegedly stayed at the Vegas landmark.
Did they make contact or not will not be revealed until the show's season finale on April 27.

Neil said he has been in contact with his dead daughter Skylar since her death in 1995.
So he does know a little about ghost encounters and should be a good guest on Ghost Adventures.


An eerie encounter recently brought work at a North Arlington construction site to a complete stop.

Two months ago, an old Victorian house sat on the site, but as crews began demolishing the property to build a new club house, one of the workers spotted a young girl inside of the building.
The girl is thought to be Margaret Febrey, who was laid to rest in Oakwood Cemetery almost 100 years ago.
"He said he saw this little girl in the window ... and he went in and couldn't find her, and on his way out he saw her on the steps and turned around and didn't see her," said Jeff Schreiner, construction supervisor.
The encounter was too much for the construction worker. He immediately packed his stuff and walked off the job permanently.
Fourteen-year-old Febrey had lived in the Victorian house being demolished before her death in 1913.
The sighting spooked workers so much, they stopped construction on the 99th anniversary of her death in January.
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