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Monday, March 19, 2012

Bigfoot Sighting In Idaho Breakdown

(Click the HD button)
This was uploaded to YouTube by LukeKing327. It shows a dark figure moving in the trees and was reportedly filmed in 2012. What is it....A bigfoot? A person? A hoax?...I do think I have found the answer to what this really is. The Person who filmed this has stated it was not a bear. What do you think?

Here is the video

I have taken a lot of heat over not confirming this video to be a bigfoot but I still think it is most likely a bear. We may never know for sure. 


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Monday, March 19, 2012 4 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Ah crap, 2 for 3. I did positively ID a tree stump (in a still) and a photoshop in a video. I took this as inconclusive (but not a hoax), but the OP responded that he was a bear hunter and knows what a bear looks like. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    So I'm curious, when analyzing video do you completely discount eyewitness testimony? I do understand that folk can/will lie or exaggerate. Or did the distance (for the observer) make you think that this sighting was a good candidate for misidentification? Given that it's a hot topic in the popular media, I expect false sightings to increase.

    I'm an analyst and a digital artist so I have good deduction skills and the HW/SW/pixel experience for serious video analysis. These exercises help keep my mind sharp. I'm usually more wary, but the witness seemed to talk the talk (I've also hiked all over Cascadia).

    If you would rather respond via email, just drop a brief response here and I'll contact you.

    Curious Dave in WA

  2. This is a misidentification...don;t think the guy was hoaxing or anything.
    It is very easy to be fooled by something like this. I think the distance along with the briefness of the sighting just fooled this person.

    I spent a few hours looking at this video...going frame by frame,adjusting color..ect.. This is a bear with at least 1 cub, maybe 2. I would assume the big bear was on it's back legs eating something from the tree. You can see the 1 cub raise it nose to the mother bear.

    I would suggest people make sure to watch this in HD by clicking the HD button. In a couple of the frames you can see the pointy ears and the snout.

    Feel free to contact me at thecryptocrew@kih.net


  3. I don't believe that bigfoot exists, but I am not buying that this was a bear. Sorry. It's not a bear. A guy in a suit, maybe, but not a bear.

    1. this video has now resurfaced and with a added in track photo. it is now being passed off as a NEW video but it is several months old. If you watch it in HD and go frame by frame it is a bear and a cub. Bigfoot is real and this video will fool most people.Thanks for the comment and for visiting out site.


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