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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bigfoot sighting & TCC investigating

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New Hampshire Bigfoot Sighting Investigation Update

Recently there was a possible bigfoot sighting in New Hampshire and we posted it Here ,with pictures, a few days ago.
TCC has had an investigator on the scene and in the field trying to gather evidence of and about this sighting from the day it happened and we have found some very interesting things.

First let me bring you up to todays events.
We got what we call a "Hot" report in of a bigfoot sighting in New Hampshire, this report was just a few hours old when we received it or 3/8/12. We had a TCC Team member on it immediately and set up a game cam.
Then our team member hit the field looking for evidence and has found some potentially good evidence of activity in the area.

We also tried leaving a "gift" to see if anything would take it and sure enough the "gift" we left was taken by something. So we are moving to the second step of this experiment and I hope to have an update on how it went in a day or two.

Our Team Member was also able to find what is possibly a very large track and several tree breaks.
These tree breaks are anywhere from a few feet off the ground and up to about 10 or 12 feet high.
We also found a possible rock stack but are studying it to try and determine what may have done it.

The Crypto Crew is still in the area and still investigating this sighting. There is still activity happening and we still have the game cam set up and will check it in a few more days. We are doing several experiments with hopes of gathering even more evidence about this sighting. There has been many howls and whoops but they have been pretty random and our attempts to record them has been unfruitful,but we are still working on it.
When any new note worthy evidence is gathered I will share it here. So far this is all lining up pretty well...bigfoot sighting > Tracks > Tree breaks > howls... so this is looking good at this point.

All this activity and photos are within about a half a mile radius of the actual sighting area.

What follows is some photos from the field of the large track and the tree breaks.
(you may have to click "read more" to see the photos)

[* All Content Copyright The Crypto Crew ]

Possible large bigfoot track

Large track- looks to be about 20 or 21 inches 

Track is about 9 inches across. 


This is one of the breaks that was down low. you can see it is a very fresh break. 

A break this is a little higher up. you can also see more breaks in the background

This break was around 10-12 foor high.

[* All Content Copyright The Crypto Crew ]

So as you can see there is something going on in this area,it is somewhat remote. we will continue to investigate and keep everyone updated.


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  1. Replies
    1. Do not want to disclose the exact location as it is an on going investigation and we don't want others in there. Hope you understand.

  2. Well i understand in a way......But you don't want others there..... seem a little selfish...we are there others...and we are just as interested as you.....and We are the people that support this Blog....and may not give you information....you could at least give us an area...is it near the Appalachian Trail.....???

    1. That is why we try and share the info with our followers. If we give the location then some of these "attention seeking researchers" would show up and ruin everything. In the bigfoot world many will steal your research and research area and claim it for their own. I'm not talking about people like you who just want to find evidence.
      Plus if i tell the exact location it might attract hoaxers as well and ruin the investigation.

  3. I understand totally and feel it's a very wise decision!
    Good luck and be safe.

    1. I wonder if it is near Ossippee NH. WE were camping in Freedom NH and heard whoops at dusk. I am going back this weekend again. We never saw anything with the whoop noises but when we went into the woods along a trail, it felt like we were being watched.

  4. Have heard whoops the past three summers off the Appalachian in the Mount Adams and Mount Jefferson area. Have seen large divots that resembled footprints but were too indistinct for casting. Signs of branch breakage in the thicket, great camping and hiking and you just might get lucky.

    1. feel free to send us any pictures - thecryptocrew@kih.net

  5. all I can say is I know what I seen and heard for a few magical weeks in western nh

  6. I am looking for david smith from keene..dave for some very important info please if u c this leave me your email or number thanks.

  7. funny but those who don't believe ?well is it cuz you haven't seen?well for 3 weeks I did and I have much proof and clear vid that will once and for all end the bs keep in mind im a hunter and all outdoors person who for 3 weeks along with my son and girl witnessed and filmed these amazing primates In w nh and will only come forwards now to dave smith ..they need to be left alone forever but the people have a right to the truth.that is why my family and I are coming forwards on this matter .so dave if you see this or other ones ive posted please leave a contact point..after we meet with dave we will release all our archives but never the location.i don't give a sht who likes or believes this but it must be released for the public in order that they understand .I am leaving a email address and its set up for this only with a wrong name to it.only to protect me and my family along with sas and theres and yes people they do live in troops and the young are amazingly like but more capable than humans...and most the gorilla lookn picts you see are not them but amazingly they are white to also the rock throwing and banginging is a warning as well as a communication to other sas in the area.against my better judgement to never release this im gonna .but I don't think most can handle the truth.....god bless onyxdogs@yahoo.com.thank you

    1. email onyxdogs@yahoo.com is deactivated due to over 400 emails ..good luck with your sas research

    2. I hope Dave Smith contacts you soon. I'm looking forward to seeing the archives that you have!

  8. Ive seen a Bigfoot type creature twice now near the Greenfield/Peterborough town line. It's a swampy area with access to foothills and sparse population/backwoods. Unless bears walk on two legs, this looked pretty squatchy.

    1. Please use the link at the top of the page and officially report your sightings.

    2. I heard something this past weekend in Greenfield, near Peterborough. It was only a sound but very clear.


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