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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ok, So I'm just beating around the internet, looking for some UFO stuff, and I was checking out
theobjectreport.com  site. Well they had a picture posted that kind of peeked my interest.
So I checked it out and done some digging on the website it referred me to. I get into a government FTP site, which came with the following strong warnings:
"This US Government computer is for authorized users only. By accessing this system you are consenting to complete monitoring with no expectation of privacy"
Despite the warning and the fear of the MIB, I continued on hoping I could find the photo. I wanted to check the photos before and after the "strange object" one, to see if i could debunk it as a known air craft. The photo after the "strange object" did not contain any thing weird. I think these were taken in 1999 by a satellite , but not 100 percent sure on the year. These photos are in order going down the page from when the object first appeared to the last one showing it.
What follows is the full size pictures and a cut out of the object(about 10-12 pictures).  
First photo with the "thing" in it.
Object is on the left in the dark, towards the bottom
  Here is a zoom in on the object
object close up
Object is more visible now as it gets closer to earth 
Zoom in on the object
close up of the object
Object again
Zoom on object
Object seem a little weird here, could be shadow causing this..but I don't know

Zoom of the above picture
looks odd...kind of like a helicopter
This is the photo that started me looking ,but this is the last of the photos that had the object in it.

zoom in on the object 

So I guess we are left not knowing what this thing really is...could it be some type of Government air craft? yes it could. Could it be a trick of light and shadows? Maybe.Could it be something totally unknown to us? Yes.  So as we don't really know what it is we have to call it a UFO. 
It does appear to change shape but that could be due to angle or some type of shadow. Maybe someone can tell us what it really is?
This was the photos in order, unless some were removed by someone.

[* Image courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.
*Image #STS088-724-70_3.JPG

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Saturday, March 10, 2012 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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