Sunday, March 25, 2012

Snack-happy ghost video

An Australian supermarket seems to have security camera proof that a sneaky poltergeist (or mischievous ghost) is visiting their store to abscond with some Fruit Roll-Ups snack treats.

TCC - This video is gaining popularity on the web, so I wanted to share it. Could it be a real ghost ?  Well there are a few things odd in the video but it could have been a person just out of camera range throwing the box. If you will also notice there is a Time goes from like 27 minutes to 30 minutes...kind of odd.
In any case it's still a fun little video.


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  1. how do we de-bunk this video? i don't think we can.

  2. the only thing kind of weird is the 3 minute time jump during the the time counter at the bottom of the video.


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