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The Crypto Crew's Dax Rushlow finds possible bigfoot tracks and a teepee type of structure. Are these made by bigfoot? What is the odd creature at the end of the video


[ This story comes from a friend of TCC Team Member Dax Rushlow.Last name with held at witness request. Enjoy]
[Dax - She lives 15 miles from where I had my Face to face encounter.]

Dawn's Story

I remember Dax telling me about his bigfoot encounter not long after it happened. Yes I believe he saw one. My Bigfoot scare was early spring of this year. (Dax- She said this happened in April)
My dog woke me up at around 3:00am, he was agitated and growling. I got up and put his leash on so he could go outside.
As soon as I opened the door he flipped out as did I. I heard the scariest scream/yell I have ever heard in my life. It was loud and seemed to echo through all the mountains. I could hear all my neighbors dogs going crazy. My dog was growling and he just doesn't do that.

Then the scream came again. I was so freaked out I ran back in the house.
I waited a few minutes and ventured out again. The scream came 3 more times. At that point I locked my door and made sure my gun was loaded.
I didn't sleep well the rest of the night. The next day I got in YouTube and listened to recorded bear calls. Nothing came even close to what I heard.
Then I typed in bigfoot screams and there it was. I got chills listening to it. Yea Bigfoot is real in my book. Thought you would enjoy my story. Lots of love, Dawn

TCC - Thanks for allowing us to run your story Dawn! If anything else happens make sure to contact us.

Chimpanzees pass down a ‘secret handshake’ through the generations, according to a new study.
Researchers found that troops of chimps pass on traditions, including the handshake, from one generation to the next - and they differ from group to group.
When chimps are cleaning, they adopt a ‘grooming handclasp’ - two chimps clasp onto each other’s arms, raise them in the air and groom each other with their free hand.
Previous research suggest this handclasp may be a cultural phenomenon - like how people greet each other - but only some chimpanzee colonies practice this grooming behavior.
Researchers looked at chimps on the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust in Zambia - finding some prefer to clasp hands, while others clutch onto another chimp’s wrist.
Edwin van Leeuwen, of the Max Planck Institute, said: 'We don’t know what mechanisms account for these differences.
'But our study at least reveals that these chimpanzee communities formed and maintained their own local grooming traditions over the last five years.
'Our observations may also indicate that chimpanzees can overcome their innate predispositions, potentially allowing them to manipulate their environment based on social constructs rather than on mere instincts.'
Observations also revealed grooming behaviors are transmitted to the next generation of potential handclaspers - showing the chimps learn from one another.Mark Bodamer, of Gonzaga University, said: 'By following the chimpanzees over time, we were able to show that 20 young chimpanzees gradually developed the handclasp behavior over the course of the five-year study.
'The first handclasps by young individuals were mostly in partnership with their mothers.
'These observations support the conclusion that these chimpanzees socially learn their local tradition, and that this might be evidence of social culture.
'Continued monitoring of these groups of chimpanzees will shed light on the question of how these group-traditions are maintained over time and potentially even why the chimpanzees like to raise their arms up in the air during social grooming in the first place.'
[Source: dailymail ]

TCC -  Hmmm "Secret Handshake" ..does this mean their hiding something? I have heard rumors for years that Chimps could speak but choose not to around human....if so Smart move on the chimps part. Wonder what else they are hiding.
Image above shows the craggy mountainside where Curiosity, Nasa’s planetary explorer, hopes to discover signs that life once existed on Mars. The six-wheeled rover, which landed earlier this month, will edge its way to the foot of the mountain, 6.2 miles away, to scratch around in the dirt, dust and soil. Chemical analysis of those samples should reveal whether Mars ever had the organic materials that could support life and may help answer one of the greatest questions of science: is life unique to Earth or did it once exist elsewhere in the Solar System?
I mostly posted this because I like the photo and how it really don't look much different than some places here n Earth.
Go Mars!

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Find the "Happy Place"

Is There A Bigfoot “Happy Place?”

Life After The DNA Paper Is Published

By  TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            We’re all still waiting impatiently for Dr. Ketchum’s DNA paper to publish, and many are, of course, wondering if it will ever really happen. Rumors are spreading like wildfire while everbody’s frowning, watching the clock, tapping the table, and shaking a leg. No one in the community is having fun right now. We’re all too tense.
            But while we’re nursing our headaches from all this, we can ponder the implications. For the most part, we’re waiting for vindication. Most of us just want to know the creature is proven real by way of scientific fact and that our friends and relatives will have to stop laughing. But there’s going to be much more to add to the Bigfoot story after that happens.
            If we think hoaxing will come to an end, we’d probably be wrong. Hoaxing may increase because, as the fear of ridicule decreases, new people will want jump on the attention bandwagon and shoot for  their five minutes of Bigfoot fame. The hairy ones will still be hard to find as always. And hundreds or even thousands of new faked videos and sound recordings may appear within a short period of time. And if new educational information becomes available to everyone, the hoaxers may be better educated and convincing in their deceptions. There may be more hoaxes for researchers to sift through than ever before.  So, after working so hard to bring this all to fruition, every researcher may have to be even more diligent.
            And we need to keep in mind that many people have possibly refused to believe in Bigfoot all this time ironically due to a fear of the possibility the creature is actually real. It’s a scary thing for many to imagine. So if the creature is proven real and it becomes accepted as fact, the fear factor may go up. Especially when the creature has been spotted in every state with dense woods and a sufficient food supply.  And this includes many people’s back yards. Even though the creatures have fended for themselves and remained mostly invisible all these centuries, protection from poisoning and other hazards may be necessary. New laws will certainly need to be put into place, at least as precautionary measures. A lot of hard work will lie ahead.
            But there’s a lighter, happier side to the story too. It’s probably fair to guess-timate, that, in areas where sightings take place, for every one sighting that’s reported, maybe five (or more) others are not reported. Once the fear of being ridiculed is eliminated, people will be more likely to come forward with their stories. We’ll be hearing many interesting bigfoot tales from several generations of people who’ve been holding their stories inside them for years.
            When the truth is revealed once and for all, people may finally be excited to tell their stories.
 Maybe in some respects we can quell the arguments a little that have existed among us all, and relax and enjoy our elusive hairy subjects a little more. Wouldn’t that be an interesting twist?  *********
©2012 The Crypto Crew

Not a bigfoot
KALISPELL- A man wearing a Sasquatch suit died after being struck by two cars Sunday evening on U.S. Highway 93 south of Kalispell.

The Flathead County Coroner has identified the victim as Randy Lee Tenley, 44, of Kalispell.
Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Jim Schneider says friends of the victim said Tenley was wearing a military-style camouflage ghillie suit in hopes of creating a Bigfoot hoax.

Schneider said Tenley was first hit by a 15-year-old Somers girl driving in the right southbound lane who said she couldn't get out of the way. Tenley was then struck by again by another Somers teen's car as his body lay on the road.

"It's still a crash involving vehicles and a pedestrian. So we're still doing the same investigation, but once we started speaking to parties, then someone involved in it, trying to ascertain exactly what brought that gentleman out to Highway 93 ... I would not guess that would motivate anybody to be out on Highway 93," Scheider said.
Schneider said police are waiting to get toxicology reports to see if Tenley had been drinking.
[Source: kaj18 ]

TCC - Things like this are only another reason we need anti-hoaxing laws. We have all these groups trying to protect sasquatch and that is fine but all these hoaxes have got to stop. Balloon boy,runaway bride, and other hoaxed events should be against the law, I'm not talking about playing a small prank, I mean these hoaxes that get the media involved and cost cities large amounts of time and money, all wasted on fake events. It is my opinion that faked/hoaxed events like some of the ones I listed should carry a heavy fine and some jail time. Others of a less grand nature should carry possible money fines.
I can seen events like the one in this news story happening more often and I'm kind of surprised that one of these bigfoot hoaxers hasn't been shot already. I guess it's only a matter of time.
People please think some of this stuff out, it can be dangerous and cost you your life.


Are there ghost at this undisclosed location? After TCC Team member Jason Morse had some weird things happen there he conducted a short EVP session in one of the buildings.
He was on the third floor all alone , no one was on the second floor. There was one person on the first floor who was seated making no noise.
Nothing was heard by Jason during the EVP session but you can clearly hear replies in the audio files.

Hope you enjoy this one.


©2012 The Crypto crew

Ghost activity
Jason tells of some strange happenings the fist day he was there, Here is his story.
"Well, We get to the undisclosed location this morning and go to what's called "Quarters I". Now before I go on, Quarters I was home to a young girl about 5 years of age back in the late 1800s. She died of Scarlet Fever, so I'm told... That being said, I'm guessing that she didn't completely leave the place. We Started working, and took a break. As we were all downstairs we heard a clang from upstairs. I was the only one that decided to go up, and found that the pole for the roller fell out of the bucket and fell on the floor... Ok, that happens, no biggie. My boss, Eric, told me that he propped it up in a corner so that it wouldn't fall, "But Eric," I said, "the pail and roller are in the middle of the floor..." We all just looked at each other, and shrugged it off....
A bit later, we were back in working, Me and my other boss, Dotty were downstairs, and Eric was on the second of 3 floors. I was saying that I was thus far unimpressed with the ghost that was supposedly in there. Dotty then said aloud, "If there's a ghost in here, knock twice" I quickly responded, "If you're just here to scare the hell out of Eric, knock three times." That no sooner left my mouth and we heard three loud, bangs. I thought Eric may have fallen from a ladder, so we called to him, no answer. We then ran up to where he was, and met him coming down, stating, "(Expletive) this!! I'm all done here!!" We followed him downstairs and asked him what happened. The room he was in had three doors that lead to a common hallway, and he said all of a sudden, all three doors slammed shut. There was no wind today, and only one window was open, so that eliminates a cross-breeze.
We went outside to relax a bit, and on my way out, I grabbed a drink from my lunch box that was on the counter next to the sink, across from a small bar-type table and stepped over a mud knife, a screwdriver, and a wire brush, making sure not to step on Dotty's cell phone that was on the floor also.
After 10-15 minutes, we headed back inside, and when I came into the kitchen, my lunch box was on the bar on the opposite side of the kitchen. On top of it was the mud knife, the screwdriver, the wire brush, and Dotty's cell phone.
 Nothing else occurred that day."
Jason still has a few days work left at the undisclosed location, we will keep you updated and any new happenings.
It is also my understanding that no cameras are allowed onto the site...so we may not be able to get any pictures. sorry. I do have an audio recording that I will be going over very soon, if anything unusual is on it I  post it up.

[This article had to be edited and the actual location removed from the post]
 ©2012 The Crypto Crew
Real or a Prank?
Reportedly posted around Big Pine Campground area and Big Pine Creek campgrounds in Eastern Sierras...but is it real or just a hoax?
Here is what it says:
 "National Forest visitors are warned visitors that recent Sasquatch sightings have been reported to the U.S. Forest Service in and around Big Pine Creek including both upper and lower elevations. Campers and hikers are advised to keep a close lookout and report sightings to the campground hosts or District manager.

IF confronted by a SASQUATCH, stay calm and DO NOT RUN!. If possible take a picture and note the area where sighted. Most sightings have predominantly occurred at night. Therefore,any unneccessary activity beyond the perimeter of your immediate campsites(s) after dark is HIGHLY discouraged."
The word "predominantly" is spelled wrong in the flyer, could this be a clue of it just being a prank? or is this just a common spelling error?
Plus take in consideration all the different bigfoot groups that have been in that area over the last few weeks and this makes me think someone was just posting this up for some fun.
While that are is considered home to sasquatch I really doubt the U.S. Forest Service is posting up sasquatch signs.
This picture originated over on Bigfoot Evidence forums site and was posted up by a forum member. If I remember correctly several of the followers from Shawn's blog (Including Shawn I think) were just in this area several days ago, so is someone playing a prank on them or are they pulling the prank?
So in the end I will pass this off a prank/hoax, but at least it's a decent one. 
Happy Hunting Everyone!
R.I.P. Neil Armstrong
August 5, 1930 - August 24, 2012
Our hearts go out to the Armstrong Family.
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The first of the firm screening dates to come in for NIGHTBEASTS.

The Cinematheque Theatre in upstate New York    7/12/2013
The Nova 6 Cinemas in  Moline Illinois                    8/9/2013
The Jamestown 14 Theatre in Florissant Missouri     7/19/2013

NIGHTBEASTS is a upcoming 35mm widescreen feature film starring Zach Galligan.
You all should remember Zack Galligan from the Gremlins movie many years ago.
NIGHTBEAST has been playing the film festival circuit and garnering numerous awards, the film has received overseas distribution with Wonderphil Productions. The Film is currently in negotiations for a North American VOD release through a prominent but unnamed film distributor.

VOD is "video on demand" which is offered by several online companies like Netflix and Hulu.
So maybe if all goes well we will be able to watch this soon.

Don't for get to check out The Bigfoot Shop for currently available bigfoot movies and books.

NIGHTBEASTS is centered around a father and son on a weekend hunting trip when they encounter supernatural horror in the woods.

Here is a sneak peak of NIGHTBEASTS


Grindstone Entertainment has acquired North American rights to the micro-budget  thriller "Bigfoot County," and will explore release options for late this year.

NOT a frame from the movie - used as reference only

Described as "Deliverance" plus "Blair Witch" meets Bigfoot, chiller is fashioned from footage ostensibly taken by a group of filmmakers who disappeared in Northern California's Bigfoot-sighting hotspot of Siskiyou County.
Stewart also produced with Richard Halpern. Grindstone will release "Bigfoot County" through Lionsgate Home Entertainment.
"I went up to shoot a movie on Bigfoot, then a local I met with presented me with evidence that blew my mind," says director Stephon Stewart. "After seeing this film, you will begin to believe what many have doubted since the 1967 Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot Footage was released."

[Source:variety ]

Here is the photo that was sent to me
Is this 2 sasquatches?
 I next cropped the photo
It appears that one is standing and one is sitting down. The neck on the standing figure seems very long to me.
Next photo
Close up of the figure sitting down. You can make out some of the face and this figure is darker in color than the standing one.
Next Photo
Again notice the long neck and the color of this one seems more of a brown.
Next Photo
Close up of the head and shoulders of the standing figure.
 I read a statement from Dr. Meldrum and he said that these figures were just stumps but I don't think they are just tree stumps. I also do not know if they are sasquatch either. Could this just be a hoax? or is this real sasquatch? It seems the standing figure looks much different than the seated one.
So in the end it is inconclusive,like most bigfoot photos, but at least it is something to look at. I would like to see the actual photo and not just a video frame.I would assume that the person who took this photo has others as well...would be nice to see them.
[Original photo by COmtn77]
[Zooms/Enhancements by TCC - No reuse unless you link back to us] 

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This big cat was photographed near Lara, 15km northeast of Geelong in Victoria
Here is the original photo
Bigfoot photo from Unknown source
So next I tried to zoom it and clear it up a little
Enhancements by The Crypto Crew - No reuse without a linkback
Next step I focused on just the head
                          Enhancements by The Crypto Crew - No reuse without a linkback
You can see some detail but it becomes a little pixelatied in the zoom.
Got out my magic yellow marker and tried to highlight some of the face for everyone.
                             Enhancements by The Crypto Crew - No reuse without a linkback
I do not know who this photos belongs to or who to credit for it. I do not know if it is a real sasquatch or not, I was just trying to get more detail out of the photo.
If anyone knows who originally posted this photo or you are the person who took the picture feel free to contact me and set the record right about it.
[ Enhancements by The Crypto Crew - No reuse without a linkback ]

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Published on Aug 20, 2012 by COmtn77
Two photos of a Bigfoot (Sasquatch) taken 8-18-2012 in the Rocky Mountains

TCC - Interesting video, I have attempted contact with the uploader...I'll keep everyone posted on any developments.

Promised new footage of the Skunk Ape turn out to be footage of rouge monkeys.
Also most of this footage was released a few months back.
Really the most interesting part is the tracks but knowing we are only looking at monkeys,it is most likely monkey tracks...so watch this at your own risk of disappointment.
5:46 PM 5 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Sabbath Day Point,NY
Warren County, New York
August 1992 and 1993
Sabbath day Point

 I heard the vocalizations during a week+ long period in August 92 and May 93. Both occurred at Sabbath day Point, Lake George, New York where we owned log cabin on the water. The sounds would start any time from 11 pm to 3 am. The sounds usually beginning with a whistling and thumping sound.

The first time I heard the noise it sounded far away, on the top of the mountain behind our house. But within a matter of 30 seconds it was about 200 feet away on the main road, Route 9N. A rock cliff rims Bloomer Mountain with a large boulder field heading down towards the main road. It is impossible for anything to climb down under an hour. There must have been 2 calling to each other. It screamed very very loudly, with chatters, squeals and what sounded like a woman's laughter mixed with crying. THE HAIR ON THE BACK OF MY NECK would stand up! It was unlike any other sound I have ever heard. I was gripped with extreme fear.
                                                                           Lake George

Although I managed to eventually shine a flashlight out into the night, I saw nothing. My wife never heard a thing, however my 3-year-old daughter once woke up crying during a vocalization, and said that the sound of the creature had woke her up. I found it strange that she said "creature" and not an animal or a man.

Also about 15 years ago, just south of this area, I was in a canoe with my younger brother out for a sunset paddle when we both saw something strange standing on the shore. We were at the base of Deer Leap Mountain, which has a large boulder field running down to the lake. We were about 200 feet out when we saw a thin, brown haired creature standing erect on the shore about the size of a small man. Its body was facing sideways from us but its head was looking directly across its left shoulder at us.

We did not feel secure to move any closer than we were. It had a strange grin with piercing eyes, almost a maniacal look. It had long thin arms and did not move as we slowly paddle by. It was not dark yet, the far shore was still lit by the sun but our shore was now in shadow. As we turned around to go home we noticed it had climbed a dead pine tree near by, and moved out on to the crook of the branch. As it was griping onto the branch, it cocked it's head towards us, starred at us, then turned it's head down between it's front arms and into it's chest. At this point it became camouflaged with the tree. If you did not know it was there you would have thought it was a large lump of branch.

A foot note to this, is a story I read about a thing in New Hampshire called a Wood Devil, it was known to the old hunters to be found in the forest and when ever a person came near it froze, blending in with the trees around it.

And add to this that last summer I had mentioned to a employee at a near by YMCA camp that I had heard Bigfoot when she interrupted me to tell me about a thing she saw that she named "Monkeyboy". She said it was small, with brownish hair covering it's body. She and another friend saw it hopping at a lakeside pavilion. It looked at them and hopped up onto the steps then off behind a small wall. And when it looked directly at them and they screamed and ran away. It was the size of a small man. This spot is 2 miles north of where I heard the noises and about 3 miles from where I saw the creature on the shore/ Another mile or so to Bucks Mountain.

I am interested in searching this area with others that are serious about a search.
However, I would never search alone. I can be reached at hwaitt@hotmail.com or on Facebook - Hinckley Waitt.
TCC - Thanks for sharing your sighting.Keep us posted on any new developments.
Randy's shoe print on the right.
Randy Brisson is one of my favorite bigfoot/sasquatch researchers to post about and follow. Recently on his facebook page he posted several photos of some young sasquatch tracks his crew found. They also made casts of some of the prints. I ask Randy about how old would he guess the creature was that made these tracks and he gave me the following reply
They were young, One was older, maybe 9 or 10, there was 2 prints about 4 inches, so that was real young."
Here is some more info he posted about the tracks:
"The tracks came out of the bush and crossed the wet mud, and then back into the bush, 3 of them, about 5 inch, to 8 inch tracks, maybe went 20 ft out of the bush and then back in."
So another great find by Randy, it seems he is always finding good stuff. I was glad when he was added to the list of contributors on The Erickson Project website a few months back. In my mind that only adds to the creditability of the Erickson Project it's self. 
Here is a picture of the cast made.
Cast of a young squatch print
Thanks goes to Randy for sharing his great find of sasquatch prints and for his efforts in the bigfoot community. More photos are available on his facebook page.
[All Photos by Randy Brisson]

Horror or Hoax ?
The Big Hoax of the Amityville Horror!
By TCC Team Memeber Dorraine Fisher
            The Amityville Horror, starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder back in 1979 was one of the most famous cult-classic horror movies of all time. It was based on the best selling book by Jay Anson, The Amityville Horror: A True Story that had been published in 1977.  And that was the main reason movie-watchers flocked to theaters in droves to see the film. It was said to have been based on a true story of a house haunted by demonic spirits in Amityville, New York after six people had been brutally murdered there.
            On November 13, 1974 Ronald and Louise DeFeo and their two sons and two daughters were shot to death in their beds in the house at 112 Ocean Ave. After their one surviving son, Ronald Jr. (Butch) DeFeo was arrested, convicted of the crime, and sent to prison, the house was put up for sale.
George & Kathy Lutz in the late 1970’s

            In 1975, George and Kathy Lutz and their three children moved into the house. But not long afterward, they claimed some horrifying things took place there. Icky green slime oozed from the ceilings, an unidentified force ripped doors from their hinges and slammed cabinet doors, they were attacked by a swarm of insects,  and a demonic face with glowing red eyes looked into their windows at night and left cloven hoof prints in the fresh snow.
            In an attempt to stop the activity, it was said a priest was called in to bless the house only to find himself with painful blisters on his hands. He promptly left after being told by a demonic voice to “Get out!”
            A local TV crew reported the strange goings on in the house. Numerous ghost hunters and psychics were called in and all came to the conclusion the house was possessed by some kind of demons and that only an exorcism could solve the problem.
            The Lutzes promptly left the house and helped Anson with the details as he wrote his book.
  Many people doubted the story, though Anson and the group still presented it as truth. 
            But as time passed too many holes were found in the story and larger questions were raised. It seems with all the horrific activity that supposedly took place in the house during that time, the police were never called. And when a researcher Rick Moran checked into the story about the demon peering through the windows and leaving hoof prints in the snow, it seems there had been no snowfall reported at that time. He found this along with nearly a hundred other discrepancies and inconsistencies. Moran  also questioned Father Pecoraro, who had blessed the house, and he claimed he never saw anything unusual in the house.
            And in spite of all this, the Lutzes stuck to their story as they collected large sums of money from from their rights to the film and book.
            But it all finally unraveled when Butch Dafeo’s lawyer, William Weber, confessed that he and the Lutzes had created the tall tale together. Weber had made up the story in order to get a new trial for Dafeo while the Lutzes continued to reap the monetary benefits. But none of the reported events ever took place. George Lutz still maintains the story was mostly true but has never presented evidence to prove it.
The so-called paranormal experts and psychics who had validated the story ended up embarrassed and humiliated by their determinations.  And to this day, many people still don’t know it was all a big hoax. *******           
©2012 The Crypto Crew
[Some info from Snopes.com ]

Tim Fasano is promising  REAL evidence of the Florida Skunk ape on Monday. He also takes a poke at Justin Smeja and the whole polygraph event in the video.
He gives several details in the above video and list the following in the description.

"We will offer compelling evidence Monday that Skunk Apes are:

Six foot six
Live in colonies
Non-precocious youth (require nurturing)
They are tree dwellers with finger length toes.
They are Moble and in family units of 5-6
They use what man has made to their advantage for pathways.

This is the beginning of our evidence release. This evidence Monday establishes a real paradigm and is a major contribution to Bigfoot research. I know the major websites will never report this for political reasons. I have been blackballed based on urban myth and misunderstandings. This work is extremely compelling."

So I guess Monday will be the big day...wonder what Tim has got this time.  He claims it will be "Ground Breaking" ...


This is an older video of what appears to be a Ghostly Image captured at a Riding school.
Could it just be a person or do you think it might be a real ghost?


Will India be next on Mars? 
But his political opponents say India should be focused on humanitarian needs like clean water and electricity rather than the $82 million mission, the AP reports. India's Space Research Organization says the mission needs to happen during a "window of opportunity," such as late next year, when Mars is closest to earth; the next such opening won't be til 2016. 
[Source:Newser ]                                                          
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Are we all just NUTS?

Are We All Crazy For Believing?
Examining All The Nuts In The Bigfoot Jar
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            I think a lot of us in this community have a lot of frustration when it comes to our beliefs about Bigfoot. People on the outside, often including friends and relatives, think we’ve gone completely nuts for believing in something that hasn’t been scientifically proven. And people inside the circle constantly argue over theories and ideas when none of us can possibly know the truth yet.
            So it’s really easy to be defensive here; guarded and cautious inside and outside our little Facebook world. We may feel we have to pick our friends carefully and we may often feel like giving up on those friends and family members that’ll make fun of us every chance they get.
            But once you’ve seen the elusive hairy ones and you know they exist, you’ve entered another realm. A realm of legend. And there’s always some truth to legends. We all know that very well. We’re watching it unfold as we argue about details.
            We’re all impatiently waiting for the DNA results, hoping and praying for some kind of vindication. Admit it! You’d like to throw those results in the face of all non-believers and say, “See? I told you so. I knew it all along.”
            But we know that all those who don’t believe, have not heard the facts, they’ve not seen the evidence (or bothered to look at it), and most importantly, they haven’t seen what you’ve seen.
            So for now we’re just nuts. I’m nuts, you’re nuts, we’re all nuts, and we’re all just rattling around in a big jar waiting for our moment to come.
            But let’s keep in mind that we’re all rattling around in here together. We ARE our own best friends.  We have the inside track and nobody understands us as well as we all do.
            And while you’re busy being impatient and frustrated, remember this: Our moment will come and it will come sooner than we imagine.
            Because everybody here has worked too hard and spent too many hours walking the woods searching for the tiniest clues, setting up trail cams and sound recorders, setting out bait, and using up hours of video and audio time. There are so many researchers working diligently day and night; too many hiking boots on the ground scouring the countryside. Our technology is so much better than it was just ten years ago, and so is our basic knowledge. We’ve learned a lot in a very short time if you really think about it. A lot has been accomplished. Everyone should be very proud of where we are.
              It’s the power of all our intentions that can make this happen.  Our combined energy and focus is what will make that “vindication” a reality. Too much effort has been put forth, we can’t possibly fail. With or without Dr. Ketchum’s DNA results, we WILL have our moment. 
            So if others don’t believe, so what? Who cares? We’re the ones that know, and we’re all in this together. That’s something we often forget.
            If you’ve seen Bigfoot, you’ve been given a rare gift. You’re like one of the “chosen ones.” And if you haven’t seen Bigfoot, but you believe anyway, then you’re a person with an enlightened and expanded mind that can think beyond what it can see, and can imagine that life really is a mystery that we may never fully understand.  They’re are things out there you’ll never know. And you know that’s okay because it adds meaning and color to our otherwise mundane lives.
            We’re all very lucky.
            So let them say what they will. We know the truth. We’re in possession of sacred knowledge here.  And learn to embrace the word crazy, because you’re “crazy like a fox.” *********

©2012The Crypto Crew


Coming Up Against Feral Hogs

How To Recognize The Signs Of Feral Swine In Your Area

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            If you want to talk about monsters in the woods, these guys are a lot scarier than Bigfoot.
            There are plenty of predators in the woods to watch out for, and feral hogs aren’t often the first ones you think of when you’re hiking, hunting, or camping. But you do need to be careful and aware of the signs of these highly dangerous animals in your area.

            First introduced in America by explorer Hernando De Soto in the 1500’s where they were allowed

 free range around the camps, feral hog populations are spreading fast. Once only a serious problem in the southern states, the scourge is now spreading to the northern and western states. It’s so bad in fact, that individual state governments like Missouri are declaring war by allowing open season on them most of the year; asking that hunters and anyone who encounters them to kill them on sight. 

            According to the Missouri Department of Conservation a feral hog is: “Any hog, including Russian and European wild boar, that is not conspicuously identified by ear tags or other identification, and is roaming freely on public or private land without the land manager’s or landowner’s permission.”
This is a very broad definition. Any swine running wild, including abandoned pets and released livestock could fall under the category of feral swine.
            All swine are highly intelligent and capable of surviving on their own without help from humans.  They are one of the few domestic animals that can.  And here are some important facts to note:
   Feral hogs are highly adaptable to any terrain, situation, or climate
   They reproduce rapidly. Females become sexually mature at 6 months and can birth to a large brood (3-8 piglets) twice a year.
   They have very few natural enemies except humans. Only young, small hogs are in much danger of predation by other animals.
   They will eat ANYTHING including worms, lizards, small mammals, and the young or eggs of ground nesting birds...and YOU if they get the chance.  

                    Quite often, farmers, hunters, or hikers don’t know hogs are around until they see one or discover extensive damage from them. While hunting or hiking private and public lands that are known for feral swine populations, there are some telltale signs of occupation:
   Signs of rooting. This looks like an area of ground has been completely turned over and destroyed by hogs looking for food under the dirt.
   Nests or bedding areas.
   Rubbing spots on trees or posts.
   Wallowing spots or hollowed spots of mud or dirt where hogs have been rolling.

            But what do you do if you encounter one face to face?
            Underestimating a hog’s speed and ferocity can be a very deadly mistake.  Here are some tips to understanding swine behavior.
   Dominant males show certain signs of dominant behavior and aggression; an authoritative gait, head held high, and all the signs he is poised to stand his ground no matter what. And the size of the hog doesn’t matter in this case. A dominant small hog can be nearly as dangerous as a dominant larger one. If he lowers his head and stares you down, he’s ready to strike if necessary and should be considered VERY dangerous. That is, if he isn’t already charging in your direction.
   The hog without dominant traits, that stiffens his legs and appears to lean forward is not so confident, but no less dangerous if approached. He’s afraid. And a fearful hog, like any other fearful animal,  can be much more dangerous than a dominant one. 
   Beware of a hog that is slobbering. When a hog poises himself for confrontation, he will pop his jaw which is said to sharpen his long, pointed cutter teeth. This causes a foaming in his mouth which is a telltale sign he’s more than ready to fight.
   Be wary if you have the animal cornered. He may be standing still, assessing the situation. But don’t mistake this behavior for a surrender. He’s desperate and he’s weighing his options for escape. And he’ll do anything to accomplish that.

            Bottom line: BEWARE! Feral hogs are among the most dangerous wild animals you’ll encounter in the woods. Don’t EVER underestimate them. It’s advisable in known swine-occupied areas to carry a weapon powerful enough to bring a large one down if necessary. And if you take your dogs with you out there, please consider their protection too. *******
 Here's the feral swine mapping system link:

©The Crypto Crew 2012
Possible bigfoot

I Just Saw Bigfoot/ A UFO!!!!  What Now?

A List Of Dos and Don’ts When You Have An Encounter
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

      Life is funny. It can be pretty mundane and boring most of the time. But then again sometimes things happen that you can’t explain. You can be sitting somewhere minding your own business and suddenly you see something unusual.  Maybe you think you know what it is, but your mind can’t quite process it. Somehow it doesn’t seem possible, but there it is, right in front of your eyes.
      Well, if you think you saw something unusual, chances are, you did. But the big question is, what do you do now? Do you tell somebody or not? And who do you tell?
     The Crypto Crew has compiled a list of dos and don’ts for anyone who’s had an encounter with Bigfoot or seen a UFO.
1.  Try to remain calm, and keep your eye on the creature or UFO. Take in all the details, and take photos or video if possible.
2.  After the sighting, take note of your location. If it’s a bigfoot sighting, try using a particular tree to determine the height of the creature and to mark your location.
3.  Take note of the time of day and weather conditions. 
4.  Take note of any sounds, smells, or colors of the object or creature.
5.   After the encounter is over, write down all the details you remember. And if there are other witnesses with you, they should write down their experiences separately. If possible, draw a picture of what you saw.
6.  Use caution about who you tell. Find a notable and respected researcher or research group in your area and discuss the encounter with them in detail. They know the important questions to ask, and they can best help you decide how to handle any evidence you may have and to decide if the media needs to be contacted.

1.  Don’t panic. Or at least try not too. Chances are, you’re not crazy and you ARE seeing something significant. The world is a still a mystery and even in the 21st Century, new things pop up on the planet every day.  And generally, in the case of Bigfoot and UFO’s, you’re in no real danger.
2.   Don’t move, make noise, or act aggressive if you see a bigfoot. If you’re quite and non-threatening, your chances of watching them longer are increased.
3.   Don’t assume, even today, that people will believe your story. Minds are still a little narrow on this subject, and until ironclad proof is found and presented to the world, the majority is still VERY skeptical. So beware. Telling people who don’t believe or aren’t supportive will only end up being harmful to you.
4.  Don’t contact the press until you’ve had time to process what you saw and have spoken to a valid researcher on the subject. A decision to communicate your sighting to the press must be weighed very carefully. Some will represent you well, while others will make you out to be crazy. Approach such matters with caution.
*And remember, if you’ve seen something like this, you’re among the very lucky. Few people have such an opportunity. This is a once in a lifetime event. *******

©The Crypto Crew 2012
Is this a young squatch track?

This is a picture of a track that was sent to us.
Here is what they told us about it

.. "we canoeing and camping in middle stewiacke, NS(nova scotia) and we were pretty much away from people and we came across this small footprint.. it was about 4-5 inches long and 3 inches wide. There was only the 1 footprint and no more prints around it, not even another set.. it was beside a pool of water connected to the river.. this is the second footprint we found exactly the same but this time one of us had a camera to take a picture."

They went on to say ".. why it would be so small but so wide.. and we seen the same exact footprint a month before this picture was taken with no other footprint beside it like this one.. very odd. there was like 11 of us on that trip and 7 of us seen the footprint...."

This person ask us not to print their name...so we didn;t.
It has been stated that very young sasquatch have really wide feet...so maybe this is a track from one.

What does everyone think about it.


UFO sightings - UFOs or orbs were caught on tape in Stockholm, the capital and the largest city of Sweden and constitutes the most populated urban area in Scandinavia. Recorded on Sunday, 12th August 2012.

What does everyone think about this video?


The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map
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