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Friday, August 24, 2012


The first of the firm screening dates to come in for NIGHTBEASTS.

The Cinematheque Theatre in upstate New York    7/12/2013
The Nova 6 Cinemas in  Moline Illinois                    8/9/2013
The Jamestown 14 Theatre in Florissant Missouri     7/19/2013

NIGHTBEASTS is a upcoming 35mm widescreen feature film starring Zach Galligan.
You all should remember Zack Galligan from the Gremlins movie many years ago.
NIGHTBEAST has been playing the film festival circuit and garnering numerous awards, the film has received overseas distribution with Wonderphil Productions. The Film is currently in negotiations for a North American VOD release through a prominent but unnamed film distributor.

VOD is "video on demand" which is offered by several online companies like Netflix and Hulu.
So maybe if all goes well we will be able to watch this soon.

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NIGHTBEASTS is centered around a father and son on a weekend hunting trip when they encounter supernatural horror in the woods.

Here is a sneak peak of NIGHTBEASTS


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