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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here is the original photo
Bigfoot photo from Unknown source
So next I tried to zoom it and clear it up a little
Enhancements by The Crypto Crew - No reuse without a linkback
Next step I focused on just the head
                          Enhancements by The Crypto Crew - No reuse without a linkback
You can see some detail but it becomes a little pixelatied in the zoom.
Got out my magic yellow marker and tried to highlight some of the face for everyone.
                             Enhancements by The Crypto Crew - No reuse without a linkback
I do not know who this photos belongs to or who to credit for it. I do not know if it is a real sasquatch or not, I was just trying to get more detail out of the photo.
If anyone knows who originally posted this photo or you are the person who took the picture feel free to contact me and set the record right about it.
[ Enhancements by The Crypto Crew - No reuse without a linkback ]

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  1. The main problem I have with the photo is how bigfoot seems a bit cropped in place. The left side seems a bit odd, as if part of it's body is missing. This could be real, but it could also be someone in a costume, because of it's graininess it's unfortunate that you cannot make out the facial details clearly. Still interesting to say the least.

  2. Costume. Looks too much like a Cheap Monkey/Gorilla Costume. Someone just trying to see what kind of reaction they get and to Denounce the "Bigfoot" Community.


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