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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Possible bigfoot

I Just Saw Bigfoot/ A UFO!!!!  What Now?

A List Of Dos and Don’ts When You Have An Encounter
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

      Life is funny. It can be pretty mundane and boring most of the time. But then again sometimes things happen that you can’t explain. You can be sitting somewhere minding your own business and suddenly you see something unusual.  Maybe you think you know what it is, but your mind can’t quite process it. Somehow it doesn’t seem possible, but there it is, right in front of your eyes.
      Well, if you think you saw something unusual, chances are, you did. But the big question is, what do you do now? Do you tell somebody or not? And who do you tell?
     The Crypto Crew has compiled a list of dos and don’ts for anyone who’s had an encounter with Bigfoot or seen a UFO.
1.  Try to remain calm, and keep your eye on the creature or UFO. Take in all the details, and take photos or video if possible.
2.  After the sighting, take note of your location. If it’s a bigfoot sighting, try using a particular tree to determine the height of the creature and to mark your location.
3.  Take note of the time of day and weather conditions. 
4.  Take note of any sounds, smells, or colors of the object or creature.
5.   After the encounter is over, write down all the details you remember. And if there are other witnesses with you, they should write down their experiences separately. If possible, draw a picture of what you saw.
6.  Use caution about who you tell. Find a notable and respected researcher or research group in your area and discuss the encounter with them in detail. They know the important questions to ask, and they can best help you decide how to handle any evidence you may have and to decide if the media needs to be contacted.

1.  Don’t panic. Or at least try not too. Chances are, you’re not crazy and you ARE seeing something significant. The world is a still a mystery and even in the 21st Century, new things pop up on the planet every day.  And generally, in the case of Bigfoot and UFO’s, you’re in no real danger.
2.   Don’t move, make noise, or act aggressive if you see a bigfoot. If you’re quite and non-threatening, your chances of watching them longer are increased.
3.   Don’t assume, even today, that people will believe your story. Minds are still a little narrow on this subject, and until ironclad proof is found and presented to the world, the majority is still VERY skeptical. So beware. Telling people who don’t believe or aren’t supportive will only end up being harmful to you.
4.  Don’t contact the press until you’ve had time to process what you saw and have spoken to a valid researcher on the subject. A decision to communicate your sighting to the press must be weighed very carefully. Some will represent you well, while others will make you out to be crazy. Approach such matters with caution.
*And remember, if you’ve seen something like this, you’re among the very lucky. Few people have such an opportunity. This is a once in a lifetime event. *******

©The Crypto Crew 2012

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