Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bigfoot in Vermont

[ This story comes from a friend of TCC Team Member Dax Rushlow.Last name with held at witness request. Enjoy]
[Dax - She lives 15 miles from where I had my Face to face encounter.]

Dawn's Story

I remember Dax telling me about his bigfoot encounter not long after it happened. Yes I believe he saw one. My Bigfoot scare was early spring of this year. (Dax- She said this happened in April)
My dog woke me up at around 3:00am, he was agitated and growling. I got up and put his leash on so he could go outside.
As soon as I opened the door he flipped out as did I. I heard the scariest scream/yell I have ever heard in my life. It was loud and seemed to echo through all the mountains. I could hear all my neighbors dogs going crazy. My dog was growling and he just doesn't do that.

Then the scream came again. I was so freaked out I ran back in the house.
I waited a few minutes and ventured out again. The scream came 3 more times. At that point I locked my door and made sure my gun was loaded.
I didn't sleep well the rest of the night. The next day I got in YouTube and listened to recorded bear calls. Nothing came even close to what I heard.
Then I typed in bigfoot screams and there it was. I got chills listening to it. Yea Bigfoot is real in my book. Thought you would enjoy my story. Lots of love, Dawn

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