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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Here is the photo that was sent to me
Is this 2 sasquatches?
 I next cropped the photo
It appears that one is standing and one is sitting down. The neck on the standing figure seems very long to me.
Next photo
Close up of the figure sitting down. You can make out some of the face and this figure is darker in color than the standing one.
Next Photo
Again notice the long neck and the color of this one seems more of a brown.
Next Photo
Close up of the head and shoulders of the standing figure.
 I read a statement from Dr. Meldrum and he said that these figures were just stumps but I don't think they are just tree stumps. I also do not know if they are sasquatch either. Could this just be a hoax? or is this real sasquatch? It seems the standing figure looks much different than the seated one.
So in the end it is inconclusive,like most bigfoot photos, but at least it is something to look at. I would like to see the actual photo and not just a video frame.I would assume that the person who took this photo has others as well...would be nice to see them.
[Original photo by COmtn77]
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  1. What seems like a standing figure looks a bit odd to me, as if it were a dead tree, it doesn't resemble features of bigfoot, or any other forest animal. However the one crouched down could very well be bigfoot, or it could be a young black bear. Again with so many images out there because of the photo grain it's still too hard to say it's an absolute positive.

  2. Bear pelt hanging on a dead tree and a guy in a cloth jacket kneeling on the ground. You can see his face and hand in the close up. Weird picture anyway.

  3. I don't think there are any tree stmups involved but i hope that one of these times someone with a decent camera that takes a GOOD CLEAR PIC happens to be present when bigfoot is on the scene

  4. It looks like moss or leaves hanging from the tip of one of the tree branches, to be honest

  5. I think it would be quite a stretch to conclude either one of these were sasquatch. The only way the larger of the two could be construed as bigfoot would be if it was severely malnourished, to the point of causing its large trapezius muscles to wither to the point of removing the stockiness that most of these creatures have, usually to the point of appearing to have no neck at all. There are certain areas that do not look proportional to sasquatch, like the leg, around the knee.

    Whatever is one the ground is hard to say. I would say it was more bearlike before I would say it was a sasquatch. I doubt that either of these are animals of any kind, but with the camera angle and lack of detail, it is hard to say whether this is moss hanging from a branch, or whatever. The angle is quite unfortunate though. I bet if we had multiple images, from only slightly different angles, we could get to the bottom of this.

  6. That's a bear on the left and a hollow tree on the right


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