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Monday, August 27, 2012

Ghost activity
Jason tells of some strange happenings the fist day he was there, Here is his story.
"Well, We get to the undisclosed location this morning and go to what's called "Quarters I". Now before I go on, Quarters I was home to a young girl about 5 years of age back in the late 1800s. She died of Scarlet Fever, so I'm told... That being said, I'm guessing that she didn't completely leave the place. We Started working, and took a break. As we were all downstairs we heard a clang from upstairs. I was the only one that decided to go up, and found that the pole for the roller fell out of the bucket and fell on the floor... Ok, that happens, no biggie. My boss, Eric, told me that he propped it up in a corner so that it wouldn't fall, "But Eric," I said, "the pail and roller are in the middle of the floor..." We all just looked at each other, and shrugged it off....
A bit later, we were back in working, Me and my other boss, Dotty were downstairs, and Eric was on the second of 3 floors. I was saying that I was thus far unimpressed with the ghost that was supposedly in there. Dotty then said aloud, "If there's a ghost in here, knock twice" I quickly responded, "If you're just here to scare the hell out of Eric, knock three times." That no sooner left my mouth and we heard three loud, bangs. I thought Eric may have fallen from a ladder, so we called to him, no answer. We then ran up to where he was, and met him coming down, stating, "(Expletive) this!! I'm all done here!!" We followed him downstairs and asked him what happened. The room he was in had three doors that lead to a common hallway, and he said all of a sudden, all three doors slammed shut. There was no wind today, and only one window was open, so that eliminates a cross-breeze.
We went outside to relax a bit, and on my way out, I grabbed a drink from my lunch box that was on the counter next to the sink, across from a small bar-type table and stepped over a mud knife, a screwdriver, and a wire brush, making sure not to step on Dotty's cell phone that was on the floor also.
After 10-15 minutes, we headed back inside, and when I came into the kitchen, my lunch box was on the bar on the opposite side of the kitchen. On top of it was the mud knife, the screwdriver, the wire brush, and Dotty's cell phone.
 Nothing else occurred that day."
Jason still has a few days work left at the undisclosed location, we will keep you updated and any new happenings.
It is also my understanding that no cameras are allowed onto the site...so we may not be able to get any pictures. sorry. I do have an audio recording that I will be going over very soon, if anything unusual is on it I  post it up.

[This article had to be edited and the actual location removed from the post]
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