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Monday, August 27, 2012

Real or a Prank?
Reportedly posted around Big Pine Campground area and Big Pine Creek campgrounds in Eastern Sierras...but is it real or just a hoax?
Here is what it says:
 "National Forest visitors are warned visitors that recent Sasquatch sightings have been reported to the U.S. Forest Service in and around Big Pine Creek including both upper and lower elevations. Campers and hikers are advised to keep a close lookout and report sightings to the campground hosts or District manager.

IF confronted by a SASQUATCH, stay calm and DO NOT RUN!. If possible take a picture and note the area where sighted. Most sightings have predominantly occurred at night. Therefore,any unneccessary activity beyond the perimeter of your immediate campsites(s) after dark is HIGHLY discouraged."
The word "predominantly" is spelled wrong in the flyer, could this be a clue of it just being a prank? or is this just a common spelling error?
Plus take in consideration all the different bigfoot groups that have been in that area over the last few weeks and this makes me think someone was just posting this up for some fun.
While that are is considered home to sasquatch I really doubt the U.S. Forest Service is posting up sasquatch signs.
This picture originated over on Bigfoot Evidence forums site and was posted up by a forum member. If I remember correctly several of the followers from Shawn's blog (Including Shawn I think) were just in this area several days ago, so is someone playing a prank on them or are they pulling the prank?
So in the end I will pass this off a prank/hoax, but at least it's a decent one. 
Happy Hunting Everyone!

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1 comment:

  1. I work for the National Forestry Service and can tell you it is no hoax, nor intended as such.
    Most of the signage posted has been removed, and there is no plan to replace them in the near future.


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