Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tim Fasano to present evidence of the skunk ape!

Tim Fasano is promising  REAL evidence of the Florida Skunk ape on Monday. He also takes a poke at Justin Smeja and the whole polygraph event in the video.
He gives several details in the above video and list the following in the description.

"We will offer compelling evidence Monday that Skunk Apes are:

Six foot six
Live in colonies
Non-precocious youth (require nurturing)
They are tree dwellers with finger length toes.
They are Moble and in family units of 5-6
They use what man has made to their advantage for pathways.

This is the beginning of our evidence release. This evidence Monday establishes a real paradigm and is a major contribution to Bigfoot research. I know the major websites will never report this for political reasons. I have been blackballed based on urban myth and misunderstandings. This work is extremely compelling."

So I guess Monday will be the big day...wonder what Tim has got this time.  He claims it will be "Ground Breaking" ...


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  1. I for one Tim can not wait I have been following you on Facebook and if you say this is going to be ground breaking it will be!!!

  2. I'm interested it what he comes up with as well.

  3. If there are no clear photos present at all, then its naturally all going to be BS.

  4. what do you mean "if" LOL


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