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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Find the "Happy Place"

Is There A Bigfoot “Happy Place?”

Life After The DNA Paper Is Published

By  TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            We’re all still waiting impatiently for Dr. Ketchum’s DNA paper to publish, and many are, of course, wondering if it will ever really happen. Rumors are spreading like wildfire while everbody’s frowning, watching the clock, tapping the table, and shaking a leg. No one in the community is having fun right now. We’re all too tense.
            But while we’re nursing our headaches from all this, we can ponder the implications. For the most part, we’re waiting for vindication. Most of us just want to know the creature is proven real by way of scientific fact and that our friends and relatives will have to stop laughing. But there’s going to be much more to add to the Bigfoot story after that happens.
            If we think hoaxing will come to an end, we’d probably be wrong. Hoaxing may increase because, as the fear of ridicule decreases, new people will want jump on the attention bandwagon and shoot for  their five minutes of Bigfoot fame. The hairy ones will still be hard to find as always. And hundreds or even thousands of new faked videos and sound recordings may appear within a short period of time. And if new educational information becomes available to everyone, the hoaxers may be better educated and convincing in their deceptions. There may be more hoaxes for researchers to sift through than ever before.  So, after working so hard to bring this all to fruition, every researcher may have to be even more diligent.
            And we need to keep in mind that many people have possibly refused to believe in Bigfoot all this time ironically due to a fear of the possibility the creature is actually real. It’s a scary thing for many to imagine. So if the creature is proven real and it becomes accepted as fact, the fear factor may go up. Especially when the creature has been spotted in every state with dense woods and a sufficient food supply.  And this includes many people’s back yards. Even though the creatures have fended for themselves and remained mostly invisible all these centuries, protection from poisoning and other hazards may be necessary. New laws will certainly need to be put into place, at least as precautionary measures. A lot of hard work will lie ahead.
            But there’s a lighter, happier side to the story too. It’s probably fair to guess-timate, that, in areas where sightings take place, for every one sighting that’s reported, maybe five (or more) others are not reported. Once the fear of being ridiculed is eliminated, people will be more likely to come forward with their stories. We’ll be hearing many interesting bigfoot tales from several generations of people who’ve been holding their stories inside them for years.
            When the truth is revealed once and for all, people may finally be excited to tell their stories.
 Maybe in some respects we can quell the arguments a little that have existed among us all, and relax and enjoy our elusive hairy subjects a little more. Wouldn’t that be an interesting twist?  *********
©2012 The Crypto Crew

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1 comment:

  1. I honestly believe that there is footage better than Patterson-Gimlin ever thought about being. I'm not talking about the Erickson Project. I'm saying someone has this footage hidden on a shelf just waiting for the right time to show it. I hope that day comes soon.


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