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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Are we all just NUTS?

Are We All Crazy For Believing?
Examining All The Nuts In The Bigfoot Jar
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            I think a lot of us in this community have a lot of frustration when it comes to our beliefs about Bigfoot. People on the outside, often including friends and relatives, think we’ve gone completely nuts for believing in something that hasn’t been scientifically proven. And people inside the circle constantly argue over theories and ideas when none of us can possibly know the truth yet.
            So it’s really easy to be defensive here; guarded and cautious inside and outside our little Facebook world. We may feel we have to pick our friends carefully and we may often feel like giving up on those friends and family members that’ll make fun of us every chance they get.
            But once you’ve seen the elusive hairy ones and you know they exist, you’ve entered another realm. A realm of legend. And there’s always some truth to legends. We all know that very well. We’re watching it unfold as we argue about details.
            We’re all impatiently waiting for the DNA results, hoping and praying for some kind of vindication. Admit it! You’d like to throw those results in the face of all non-believers and say, “See? I told you so. I knew it all along.”
            But we know that all those who don’t believe, have not heard the facts, they’ve not seen the evidence (or bothered to look at it), and most importantly, they haven’t seen what you’ve seen.
            So for now we’re just nuts. I’m nuts, you’re nuts, we’re all nuts, and we’re all just rattling around in a big jar waiting for our moment to come.
            But let’s keep in mind that we’re all rattling around in here together. We ARE our own best friends.  We have the inside track and nobody understands us as well as we all do.
            And while you’re busy being impatient and frustrated, remember this: Our moment will come and it will come sooner than we imagine.
            Because everybody here has worked too hard and spent too many hours walking the woods searching for the tiniest clues, setting up trail cams and sound recorders, setting out bait, and using up hours of video and audio time. There are so many researchers working diligently day and night; too many hiking boots on the ground scouring the countryside. Our technology is so much better than it was just ten years ago, and so is our basic knowledge. We’ve learned a lot in a very short time if you really think about it. A lot has been accomplished. Everyone should be very proud of where we are.
              It’s the power of all our intentions that can make this happen.  Our combined energy and focus is what will make that “vindication” a reality. Too much effort has been put forth, we can’t possibly fail. With or without Dr. Ketchum’s DNA results, we WILL have our moment. 
            So if others don’t believe, so what? Who cares? We’re the ones that know, and we’re all in this together. That’s something we often forget.
            If you’ve seen Bigfoot, you’ve been given a rare gift. You’re like one of the “chosen ones.” And if you haven’t seen Bigfoot, but you believe anyway, then you’re a person with an enlightened and expanded mind that can think beyond what it can see, and can imagine that life really is a mystery that we may never fully understand.  They’re are things out there you’ll never know. And you know that’s okay because it adds meaning and color to our otherwise mundane lives.
            We’re all very lucky.
            So let them say what they will. We know the truth. We’re in possession of sacred knowledge here.  And learn to embrace the word crazy, because you’re “crazy like a fox.” *********

©2012The Crypto Crew

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