Monday, August 20, 2012

Tim Fasano's Promised Skunk ape video is a bust!

Promised new footage of the Skunk Ape turn out to be footage of rouge monkeys.
Also most of this footage was released a few months back.
Really the most interesting part is the tracks but knowing we are only looking at monkeys,it is most likely monkey watch this at your own risk of disappointment.

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  1. Sorry friend but I thought you said this video was going to prove 100% that the skunk ape exist,all I have seen are monkeys. I'm not a sceptic I'm a knower I hope the rest is better because this proves nothing but that monkeys are in the swamp

  2. I can't for the life of me understand how anyone could feel confident making such extraordinary claims and then release this utterly worthless piece of garbage. Monkeys? A "sleeping bigfoot"? Who the heck does Fasano think he's going to impress with this?

  3. I think everyone knew that with his past exploits this was going to be nothing more than another comical hoax attempt. I seen footage from D Nugent on YouTube that seemed to be the same footage he shows in his video. These monkeys are NOT that inaccessible. In Nugents video there are many people on the river viewing them at the same time. He even....after much ridicule....took down like 400 of his show nothing but his face and his ranting videos off YouTube. Here is the link if you want to see it. Compare it to the couple seconds of he put in his video.

    1. But then again Dave Nugent runs in the field with him but as far as I know has never made outlandish remarks as Fasano has.

  4. Fatsano should just give up. He's as useless as breasts on a tree.


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