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Friday, August 17, 2012

Randy's shoe print on the right.
Randy Brisson is one of my favorite bigfoot/sasquatch researchers to post about and follow. Recently on his facebook page he posted several photos of some young sasquatch tracks his crew found. They also made casts of some of the prints. I ask Randy about how old would he guess the creature was that made these tracks and he gave me the following reply
They were young, One was older, maybe 9 or 10, there was 2 prints about 4 inches, so that was real young."
Here is some more info he posted about the tracks:
"The tracks came out of the bush and crossed the wet mud, and then back into the bush, 3 of them, about 5 inch, to 8 inch tracks, maybe went 20 ft out of the bush and then back in."
So another great find by Randy, it seems he is always finding good stuff. I was glad when he was added to the list of contributors on The Erickson Project website a few months back. In my mind that only adds to the creditability of the Erickson Project it's self. 
Here is a picture of the cast made.
Cast of a young squatch print
Thanks goes to Randy for sharing his great find of sasquatch prints and for his efforts in the bigfoot community. More photos are available on his facebook page.
[All Photos by Randy Brisson]

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  1. Thanks for posting. I really like Randy, and the work he does as well.

    Tom, did he happen to give a location on where he found the tracks? I figured in BC, but wondering if narrowed it down.


    1. He didn't give out the exact location but it was in BC.

  2. Brisson is a known hoaxer. The track is a human track as evidenced by the casting showing the ball of the foot quite clearly. The track was cast in Golden Ears Provincial Park in the Gold Creek area which is teaming with campers, tourists, hikers and hoaxers.


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