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I of course will change his name in a effort to protect his identity.This story was told to me about 15 years ago and the event happened,I guess, about 20-25 years ago. I will tell it the best I can remember,I'm sure I've forgoten some of the details but the core of the story has stayed with me for all these years. This was a person who I had always found to be very truthful, so I do believe what he told me. 
Artist rendering of what the base may have looked like. Artwork by GuidedbyPandas
So one day I was talking to Mike Harris and we got off on the subject of UFOs for some reason.
He said "well,I had something happen while I was in the military".
Of course I was wanting to know what happened so I said "you did, What was it?"
He said  "well I was instructed not to say anything about it, but it's been a while now." He kind of paused and said "I was a medic in the army and it had come time that almost everyone was on leave for a few days, but me being a medic I stayed at the base. Well late one evening a call came in that there was need for a medic and me being the only medic at the base at that time I had to go give assistants. 
Not long after the call 2 MPs showed up to take me on site. The MPs instructed me to keep silent and not talk about where they where taking me and that I could not tell anything about what I saw.
After a short ride we arrived at a base,I had never been there before, we go into the base, the 2 MPs on each side of me and we get ready to go into where they need the medic. 
The 2 MPs get these 2 large black blocker shields. One MP on each side of me with the shields, this was an attempt to block me from seeing and it worked to some degree.
As we start walking in the underground part of this base,heading back to where someone was in need of medical attention, the 2 MPS were on each side of me, I could see these rolls of tubes on each side of the hallway, the tubes were kind of leaned back at a slight angle. I could see by looking more out in front of me, because to each side of me was totally blocked by the MPs, but there was a little gap in the forward direction for me to see where to walk."
He continued the story:
"The lighting was not that great, but I could see these tubes and there were creature type things in them."  At this point I ask him if the creatures looked human. He said "oh no these were ....well looked like a typical alien.... but there were different ones, they all didn't look alike. I have never seen anything like that, it was kind of scary. The tubes were full of liquid." 
I said what happened next? He replied " I got back to where the guy was hurt and treated him, it wasn't nothing too bad, he had some burns. After that the MPs led me back out of the base and returned me to my base."
At this point,best I can remember, he need to go because he was either on his way to work or going to pick up his kids from school. I can't remember for sure. We never talked about this again and it was not long after this that he moved and so did I. 
©The Crypto Crew
[Image art by GuidedByPandas]

“Sister Species” Of Neanderthals Found
Suggesting Parallels To Dr. Ketchum’s DNA Study?
By Dorraine Fisher - TCC Team Member
            Shards of “foreign DNA” have recently been discovered in three different groups of modern Africans offering clues that a strange “sister species” of neanderthals walked the earth alongside modern humans and neanderthals 20,000 to 50,000 years ago.
            According to Newser.com and The Washington Post, this new strain of DNA discovered at the University of Washington in Seattle bears no resemblance to either human or neanderthal DNA but has somehow found its way into the modern human family tree. And there’s only one way it could’ve done that: interbreeding.
            Neanderthal DNA has been found in modern day Europeans, suggesting interbreeding between the two species. But this new DNA is completely different and suggests a third determining factor in the evolutionary puzzle of modern humans. It points to a new idea that three different hominid species walked the earth at that time and they all interbred periodically,  creating the humans we are today.
            But this poses another question in the Bigfoot world.
            When news of Dr. Ketchum’s DNA study became the big topic of discussion earlier this year, rumors swirled around the community that the findings of the study might resemble humans more than other apes, suggesting that Bigfoot might be another strain of human. And it was also suggested that Bigfoot might be another hominid related more closely to Neanderthals, which had been believed to have interbred with homo sapiens.   This would obviously place modern human DNA into results of the Bigfoot DNA examination. But without fossil records, it’s impossible to know what these newly discovered hominids looked like.
            And of course, no DNA results are in yet. We’re all still waiting for Dr. Ketchum to make the announcement. 
            But we have to ask the question:
            If Bigfoot is indeed more human than ape as is rumored, and since different types of human like hominids were known to have interbred with each other successfully thousands of years ago, would this new strain of DNA point to an ancestor of Bigfoot?  And since there are no fossils records to determine the appearance of this hominid, could it actually BE Bigfoot?
            The Washington Post suggested in amazement that we, the modern humans, were the only strain to survive this great evolution. But, given what we all know, are we so sure of that? *********
©The Crypto Crew
[ Source -Washington post ]

Alien Worms?
Oregon’s Creature Of The Dump
By Dorraine Fisher - TCC Team member
            Oregon is known for a lot of strange happenings; numerous Bigfoot sightings, alien sightings, the mysteries of the Oregon Caves, etc. But nothing is any stranger than a story told by a woman known only as Paula M. who had a strange encounter with an odd creature in a small town junk yard in 1999.
            Paula had a habit of frequenting junkyards around the area looking for old glass bottles, and often, if she found a really good one, she more than likely had to dig it out of the dirt. On one particular day, she went to a new place she hadn’t been before and she puttered around in the rubbish until she found a spot that looked good.
            But while she was on her hands and knees digging, she noticed some strange tunnel-like holes in the dirt, each about 2 inches in diameter. They could have been made by any number of burrowing creatures and she didn’t think too much about them...until she got up to stretch her legs, she saw something strange out of the corner of her eye.
            It seems a clump of dirt about the size of her fist moved. She tried to get a closer look, but it didn’t move again, so she thought maybe she imagined the whole thing. But when she began to return to her digging, she suddenly saw it again.
            Whatever creature had made those holes was now making another one. Paula was apprehensive about knowing what would be coming out of the hole, but she watched nonetheless.
            And out it came. Paula had seen many animals around junkyards, but nothing like this. It was a worm-like creature, but with no scales or toughened skin. It looked slightly fuzzy like a peach. Its skin seemed to have no texture or indentations. It was like a smooth tube with eyes.  And she was even more shocked when its two large eyes popped open, to reveal brilliant blue irises and the purest, whitest whites.  
            It blinked something like a turtle as it began to sway back and forth and slither out of the hole. Paula made noise to try and scare it back into it’s hole, but it had no visible ears and she wondered if it couldn’t hear at all. She attempted to interact with it, but it only looked upward at the sun.
            And after about 5 minutes, it crawled slowly back into its elusive home. Paula returned to the same dump site again the next spring but never saw the creature again, though the holes were still there and she suspected the creature still existed there.  She’s done countless searches on the internet and never found any information about what if might have been. *********

[ Watch in HD by adjusting the settings]
The Adventures of The Crypto Crew Ep. 1 - Search for Evidence
Where the jokes are funny and the research is Real.
In this episode the Crew search for evidence of bigfoot in the woods of New Hampshire.
They find many interesting things.
I was just trying to make it a little fun while still doing a serious search for evidence.
These "researchers" running around in Flip flops looking for evidence are funny, you're not going to find bigfoot evidence in the city park or on the beach...Get in the woods!


[This is a post by TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher]

Mongolian Death Worms
By Dorraine Fisher

            “Mongolian death worms” sounds like a term from cheap science fiction or some strange desert-plodding war weapon.  I’ve laughed about it many times, but I’d never really done any research on the subject. So here goes.
            This strange creature, also known as Allghoi Khorkhoi was first discovered in the southern Gobi Desert of Mongolia in 1926. It is sometimes called the ‘intestine worm’ due to it’s striking resemblance to cow intestines. Those who’ve claim to have seen the creature, describe it as a large thick worm measuring 2 to 5 feet in length, sometimes with small spikes protruding from both ends of its body. But it’s said the worm is so elusive possibly because it hibernates most of the year, only showing itself in the months of June and July.
            The creature is said to spray its victims with some kind of acid substance that is rumored to cause instant death which has made some believe it might be some strange version of a spitting snake like a spitting cobra.  And some say it can kill its victims from certain distances with a kind of projectable electrical supercharge. This has prompted some to wonder if it could be the land-bound version of an electric eel that is known to kill or stun its victims with an electrical charge of 500 to 600 volts.
            Or is it something else entirely?
            Some in Mongolia believe it was divinely created to be the protector of lost ruins, temples, or burial grounds that are long hidden or buried under the sands of the Gobi dessert. 
            But unfortunately we’re only left with conjecture and the precious few eye witness accounts of the creature. And as with so many mysteries on planet earth, we may never know the truth about it in our lifetime. ******

©The Crypto Crew

These were found in Massachusetts. The Crypto Crew will be returning to the area soon and hopes to find even more evidence.
Here is the stick structure.
Is this a bigfoot stick structure?
Some think these stick structures are markers of some sort,others think it could be some type of  warning.
Not too far away Dax found this rather large track.
Here is 2 photos of the same track that Dax's found.
Large track
Same track just a little different angle
Our team will continue research this area and keep everyone posted on what we find.

A man spotted dressed in a goat suit among a herd of wild goats in the mountains of northern Utah has wildlife officials worried he could be in danger as hunting season approaches. The man appeared to be acting like a goat while wearing the crudely made costume, which had fake horns and a cloth mask with cut-out eye holes.

Full story -  Goat Man Saga

TCC -  Oh gee whiz...but it is funny --looking for love maybe?

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After shooting some video at Hensley cemetery I notice something that kind of looked odd to me upon review.
At first I thought it was bugs going by the camera,but after going frame by frame I was able to rule out bugs.
I also thought it might be sunlight reflecting off the lens but it does not do it the other times I pan the camera. Plus it does not happen anywhere else in the video.
Could this have been a ghost?
I'm really not for sure on this one and still lean towards some type of reflection.
I have seen full body apparitions before but I wonder if this is how they look if they don't have enough energy to manifest.

All video © The Crypto Crew - no reuse without permission.
1:25 PM 7 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Here is the first photo without the bigfoot in it...all you can see is one of the hogs.
1 hog visible
Now the next photo has what kind of looks like a bigfoot in it.
Notice the hog on the left,look toward the center above the hog on the left
Now I have zoomed in on this ...whatever it is ...and  here it is
Is this a bigfoot?
Could this be a bigfoot? I really does kind of look like one. I wonder is it is just another hog or something?
What does everyone think?
Heres the photo
What is it?
It don't look like a bigfoot, has legs that kind of look like a mans but the head of a horse or something.
Here is a Zoom in on it.
Weird creature
Anyone have an idea what this thing might be? Is it just a hoax?
Can't seem to get much from the photo itself..so thought i'd ask our readers.
The Crypto Crew has been investigating an area in New Hampshire for about 5 months now. Researchers have heard sounds coming from the woods but had not been able to record them until now.Could this be from a bigfoot? It is similar to the "huff" heard in another video recently.
During the investigation we have found and photoed tracks,tree breaks and maybe the creature itself.
Please read the report and see the pictures at the following links below.

[ This is a post by TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher]

Aliens and Bigfoot
Should We Be Laughing...Or Not?
By Dorraine Fisher
Is this possible?
             Within the paranormal community the possible relationship between Bigfoot and aliens is a well-known theory, but not necessarily respected.  We might all believe in aliens, and we might all believe in Bigfoot, but the combination of the two together tests the limits of our open mindedness. It just seems silly. And yet we persist in other beliefs that many others would also believe to be silly.
            But there are many members of the community that have dedicated their lives to studying the elusive creatures known as bigfoot. Through their day to day observations, many of them believe the creature to have almost mystical or magical powers. The seeming ability to disappear into thin air among the most prominent traits they observe, sometimes even disappearing in a flash of light. There are endless reports of the creature exhibiting almost ghost-like abilities and telepathy.
            So why is this? Is bigfoot just an animal with super intelligence, or is it much more?
            Bigfoot sightings have also often been linked to UFO sightings in the same areas at the same times. Strange lights appear in the sky or in the forests, and bigfoot is seen wandering across the highways on the very same nights.  With all the supernatural phenomena surrounding the creature, should we wonder if the creature himself is not some kind of extraterrestrial being? If you believe in UFO’s, aliens, and bigfoot too, is it that much of a stretch?
            Ancients believed extra-terrestrials to be visitors from the spirit world. And in many of the same cultures, bigfoot was said to be a product of the spirit world also. And some ancient primitive cultures believe that bigfoot was brought to earth by the “star people.”  And all these cultures around the world have existed independently and with no knowledge of the others. So where did this idea come from?
            Many speculate that bigfoot escapes from humans so effectively by hiding underground in caves. The Oregon Caves in the Siskiyou Mountains of south-central Oregon are a hotspot for the focus of this theory. And some even theorize that the strong sulfur-type smell associated with close encounters with bigfoot is due largely to their supposed occupation of these caves.  Oregon is among the top five states for Bigfoot/ UFO correlated sightings. But there are caves all over the country, and largely where bigfoot sightings take place. And there are large, connected cave systems all over the Pacific Northwest from Mt. Shasta, California all the way north through Oregon into Washington State. Could these actually not be caves at all but tunnel systems created by extra-terrestrial beings?
            And what about the thousands of stick or rock structures and broken trees found by researchers who believe they’re are a form of communication the creatures use? Are these creatures attempting to communicate to each other... or someone else?
            One thoughtful skeptic asked, “If bigfoot is alien in origin, why is it not more advanced technologically?” And the answer may be simple. It may not have been intended to be. What if the animals were created to perform some specific, basic function that required it to be elusive and avoid humans? And let’s remember we only define the word technology by our own terms and understanding of it. But what if alien technology has another definition? What if alien technology is so far advanced that we have no grasp of it?  So far advanced as to utilize, or even possibly create an animal for its own use.
            And then there’s the idea of aliens conducting a big science experiment. What if bigfoots (and possibly humans) are merely products of a huge, ongoing research project being conducted by these highly advanced creatures from another world?
             There are many links missing in the chain of human evolution. Until more evidence is presented from the scientific community about where we and Bigfoot came from, we’re left to speculate.
            But if we believe in something because we see it right in front of our eyes, does that mean we shouldn’t at least keep our minds open to the next idea…even if it seems a little crazy? Many crazy ideas have eventually been proven to be true. Just ten years ago, bigfoot was still considered to be a mythical creature. And now, with all the hard work of many researchers and scientists, its existence is slowly inching toward reality. Who would’ve thought this is where we’d be?
            But you don’t have to believe any of this. You just need to believe it’s possible.
Anyone who would be reading anything on this site right now has at least wondered if any of these entities exist or not. And then there are also those looking at this site because they believe in many of the things we talk about here every day.  Do all of us, who’ve managed to open up our minds to many possibilities in the world,  have to actually see an alien standing next to bigfoot in order to believe it’s possible?
            I think not.  **********
©The CryptoCrew


Lechuza are either shape-shifting witches or spirits in Hispanic folklore. Tales of Lechuza are quite popular in Mexico and Texas.

Appearance: A human-sized bird with a woman's face

Lore: Lechuza are women who have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for magical powers. At night, they transform into monsters with a bird's body and a woman's face, similar to depictions of harpies in Greek mythology. They then fly through the night in search of prey.

When a Lechuza finds her target she will perch in a location where she can't easily be seen and then will make either strange whistles or the sound of an infant crying. Anyone who attempts to determine where the sound is coming from is at risk of becoming Lechuza's dinner. Lechuza will then swoop down and carry off the confused and horrified individual.

In some versions of the story, the Lechuza is the spirit of a witch who was murdered by locals. Her spirit returns in the form of the bird-monster to get revenge. In other tales, the Lechuza is the vengeful spirit of a woman who has returned from the grave to torment the living and to seek revenge.

In modern times, most reported run-ins with the witch-bird involve her swooping down at cars driving deserted roads at night.

Powers: As a witch, Lechuza possesses supernatural powers. One of the powers of the Lechuza is to summon storms. Sightings of Lechuza are believed to coincide with thunderstorms. Lechuza possess the power to shape-shift into bird-monsters at night. Lechuza also possess the ability to disguise their voices to appear as if it is the cries of an infant in order to draw it's human prey closer. Finally, it is believed that hearing the cry of the Lechuza is an omen that someone in the household will die, a trait more commonly found in tales of the banshee. Lechuza are immune to weapons and bullets and possibly are immortal.

Defense Against Lechuza: Lechuza fear salt. Upon hearing the call of a Lechuza one should immediately began cussing her out. Doing so will drive her away. Don't go outside to investigate hearing a strange whistle sound or the sound of a baby crying.
Justin Smeja, a hunter from Sacramento, CA was out bear hunting near Gold Lake with his friend (the driver) back in October 2010. He tells how he shot and killed two Bigfoots.

I Killed Bigfoot - A Conversation With Justin Smeja
Free documentary / movie from Ro Sahebi, Team Tazer & the Bigfoot Evidence Blog. The first in-depth interview about the Sierra Kills shooting on camera.
58 Minutes / Not Rated / ©2012 RocknRollJihad

The following is some of the comments left about this story.

Timmy - "It is absolutely meaningless unless he has accompanying pics or samples....just hot wind and attention for a beer swillin redneck who makes us NorCals look like tards."

Anonymous - "Smeja is nothing but a poacher and an opportunistic pot grower in an economically depressed part of California. He has nothing to lose, in terms of a good reputation in his community, so there's no impetus for him to not tell bullshit tales like this one.

He's a redneck bullshitter who eventually told a story that pushed the same kind of emotional buttons that the Georgia hoaxers pushed. He saw how his bullshit story attracted some attention, and brought him some money, so he kept pushing that button and he kept refining his story.

He made up the whole story. The incident did not happen."

Anonymous - "ketchums DNA study is reliant apon this guy..... LOL"

leon W - "I hear the "FAT LADY" warming up.

Beer + rifel + monster = Dead Monster

Not science, but there is some math for you doubters!

After viewing the video, I think the equation needs to be kept simple.

Great Job Ro!"

Anonymous - "Just more make believe. What idiot kills two bigfoots, cradles one in his arms, then just totally leaves them behind in the woods without a sliver of evidence or even picture? Oh wait he found a bigfoot steak when he went back two weeks later... LOL give me a break."

James K. - "Also Smeja's story has significantly changed since he originally posted it on a taxidermy website."

It seems most of the people commenting think Justin Smeja is just telling a big story that is not true, but there are a few people who thinks he is telling the truth in the comments.

So I guess everyone can make up their on mind about his story and the whole DNA paper.

Get ready and make your plans now!
1st Annual Mid-Continent Paranormal Conference

(The schedule will most likely change as we move closer to Event but wanted to put one up to give people an idea of the format.)


5:00pm to 5:25pm : Terry Rowe with KANRUP (frequency & the paranormal)
5:30pm to 5:55pm : Mike Diamond of Paranormal Warehouse
6:00pm to 6:55pm : (cryptid speaker)
7:00pm to 7:55pm : Ghost Bait
8:00pm to 9:30pm : Antonio Paris (intro, Area 51 docu, MIB case, Q&A)


1:00pm to 1:25pm:
1:30pm to 1:55pm : Beth Johnson with LIPS Paranormal
2:00pm to 2:55pm :
3:00pm to 3:25pm : Terry Rowe with KANRUP (frequency & the paranormal)
3:30pm to 3:55pm :
4:00pm to 4:55pm : Robert Garcia of Elite Paranormal
5:00pm to 5:25pm :
5:30pm to 5:55pm : Mike Diamond of Paranormal Warehouse
6:00pm to 6:55pm : (cryptid speaker)
7:00pm to 7:55pm : Ghost Bait
8:00pm to 9:30pm : Antonio Paris (intro, Area 51 docu, MIB case, Q&A)
Some speaker spots are still being filled.
Everyone that can,please help this event out and spread the word. 
http://www.midcontinentparanormal.com/conference.html - For Ticket info - limited number of tickets so get them now.
There is also a prize giveaway chance for people who buy a ticket from the online pre-sale!

Because of the snow leopard's secretive and elusive nature, coupled with the extreme and treacherous landscape which they inhabit, dens have been extremely difficult to locate.
A short video of the female and her cub who were bedded down in a partially man-made den was recorded from a safe distance by Orjan Johansson, Panthera's snow leopard field scientist, using a camera fixed to an extended pole.
TCC- Awesome and such a beautiful animal.
3:40 PM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Jason & Bob in Studio
This past Sunday,the 8th, The Crypto Crew's very own Jason Morse was on 106.1 Fm's The Paranormal Zone Radio show in  Portsmouth,NH. ( Link to Station )
The Show was an hour long and the main topic was bigfoot. We should have the show on Wednesday and will post it up for everyone. Bob McDermott was the host of the show and did a fine job.
Here is how some of the event went down and what Jason had to say.
Jason said : " I arrived and was met by Bob McDermott, and his wife, Maureen, both very nice people. He sat down with me and told me what to expect in the broadcast studio, and how the show is run. When we went in, it all went very smoothly, he made me feel very comfortable."
Jason went on to say: " Everything went just as he had said, and the hour FLEW by. He complimented me and The Crypto Crew both on air and after we wrapped up for the knowledge that was brought fourth, and the extensiveness of the website."
Bob also wants to book us again maybe for an August show,which if all goes well we'd love to do. 
Thanks to Bob, 106.1fm and The Paranormal Zone for having us on and we look for to doing it again.
Here is a few pictures for the show.
On the Air!

Jason & Bob

Jason giving out info on the air.
Is this a Bigfoot track in Norway?

The Crypto Crew was contacted and sent the above photo by a person we will just call "Stan".
They stated that they found this rather large track in Norway. Print was found on July 2nd, 2012.
Here is the story about it as told by Stan.

" I found this. It's pretty weird. The weirdest thing is that I found it in a pretty remote place and it's in NORWAY.. What do you think? Me and my friend were walking and we suddenly saw this ridiculously large track. I don't know what to make of it, could easily be a hoax for all I know. Bigfoot is not a big thing in Norway and I have never heard of them being here so it's pretty strange."
Stan continued:
"As I pointed out in the picture, my friend is a big guy, 6'4-6'5 and 220 lbs. He did not leave much of a mark in the sand/mud. If it's actually real this thing would be ginormous.I would like to remain anonymous to avoid getting attention about it."

I ask Stan if there were any other tracks and here was his reply:
"There was another track, but it looked like some of the sheep or deer in the area had stepped in it.. Luckily they barely avoided the one I sent."
It should be noted that you can see the deer/sheep tracks off to the right of this print.Could this creature have been hunting down one of the sheep or deer? This could be very possible.
Another thing that should be pointed out is that his track appears to only have 3 toes but one should remember that as big as this print is the second toe could really be two toes, same for the third, it's just hard to say for sure.

Also there has not been many sighting from the Norway area but there has been some. Some come out of Sweden,which is very much in the same area. One such case was in the summer of 1985 a Swedish radio reporter talked about strange growls being heard in province of Helsingland.
Another was from  two elderly moose hunters described how they had been tracking something big and smelly and finally released their dogs to give chase. "The dogs came back with their tails between their legs and were terrified", said Karl Johansson from Bollnas. A couple of month before this , a woman who remains anonymous, went out to a recreation area at Voxna to clean the family cabin ready for the summer holiday . She suddenly heard what she described as "pretty heavy feet moving around outside". She sensed that this was not an ordinary intruder and actually hid under a bed. "I never saw the creature but when one hour had passed I got up and went outside and then found giant footprints in the garden and around the house".
Following this a couple of weeks later two teenage girls were skinny-dipping in a nearby pond when they suddenly heard someone or something moving about in the thick undergrowth nearby. Teasing and calling the intruder a pervert who spied on nude girls they moved closer and closer towards the shore, planning to surprise or even catch the culprit. Instead something right out of a nightmare suddenly rose up in front of them. Tina, 15, told Jan : "It resembled an ape but it was uglier and very large". Her friend Petra, 16, agreed and say´s that at the same time "a terrible stench" came from the creature, which growled at them pounding it´s chest. Tina and Petra swam ashore a bit further down, ran through the woods without their clothes and didn´t stop until they were home.
Another sighting took place just south of Bollnasin Sweden Mrs. Gustavsson and her husband not only saw the Swedish Bigfoot but also heard it several times and even claim they found its droppings.. "It came quite close to our cabin and would kind of howl in the moonlight with a voice that reminded us of a human with a bass, very very deep. We saw it more like a silhouette against the sky and it never came so close so we could identify it properly", Mrs. Gustavsson said . "It was huge, powerful and gave the impression of being primitive but also intelligent". She also claims it had a whistling sound and at times they would hear what was either an echo or another bigfoot, answering the call.

So with the above stated reports,along with others, it is not beyond imaging that the photo send to us by Stan could be that of a real Bigfoot track.

Here is a zoom in on the track
Bigfoot/Yeti in Norway?

 We here at TCC thank "Stan" for sending us the photo and the story. We hope more evidence of this creature comes forth out of his area soon. Bigfoot is commonly called "snowman" in this area or Yeti.
If anything new come in from Stan we will be sure to pass it along.

[Source of reports: cryptozoo-oscity ]
[© The Crypto Crew]

Some are saying this is all a hoax or maybe even a scam to get money. Those claims seem to be totally unfounded. There does appear that there is "something" on the floor of the Baltic sea.The Main stream media seems to either be making fun of or not covering this at all.

The good folks over at Ground Zero have recently posted up an interview with Peter Lindberg, Leader of the Dive Team Ocean X that has been exploring the object. So far there has been 2 dives to the object and a 3rd is planned. Peter Lindberg discusses his team's discovery and findings of the Baltic Sea UFO.
Ground Zero Live is a three hour live broadcast originating from KXL in Portland, OR. Hosted by Radio Veteran Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero is truly independent media and covers the spectrum of fortean/parnormal and the parapolitical.
We have linked to the interview and hope our readers will jump over there and give it a listen.
Here is the link to the Interview
There is a lot of call in questions before the actual interview with Lindberg. The Lindberg interview starts at about 1 hour and 20 minutes into the broadcast.
Check out out other post about the Baltic Sea UFO
Zombie Apocalypse starting soon in France?
A group from the Pasteur Institute was able to reactivate muscle stem cells from deceased persons after 17 days, which functioned normally after transplant...

by Fabrice Chretien

French scientists were able to revive stem cells of muscle and bone marrow from persons who were already dead for 17 days, reports the journal Nature Communications in a paper released on Wednesday (13th) in France.

A team of researchers from the Pasteur Institute demonstrated that it is possible to reactivate the muscle stem cells from human cadavers and transplant them to make new ones born in perfect condition.

The scientists found that these cells did not die with the person. That's because they reduced their activity to a minimum and, after discarding the mitochondria (small bodies that help with breathing), were in a state of hibernation.

Thus, cells could survive even in an environment so hostile, without oxygen and in the middle of an acid bath, as well as in the case of a muscle injury, "sleeping and waiting out the storm," as Professor Fabrice Chrétien affirmed to the newspaper Libération.

"This reserve of stem cells could serve to make bone marrow transplants used to treat leukemia and blood diseases, among other conditions. They could also address the lack of donors," said Chretien, who led the study alongside researcher, Shahragim Tajbakhsh.

Despite the advances that have also been successfully tested in rats, the experiment showed an increase of one type of substance called ROS, which, in turn, has an incompatibility with the cells and genome, Professor Jean-Marc Lemaitre pointed out to the paper, Le Figaro. Due to this fact, the study still needs to determine whether these new cells, even in perfect condition, can hide still undetected malformations.

[Translated from the Portuguese version by: Lisa Karpova]

TCC - So it appears France is working on getting it's own  zombie apocalypse started.

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