Monday, July 9, 2012

TCC on Paranormal Zone radio show! (update)

Jason & Bob in Studio
This past Sunday,the 8th, The Crypto Crew's very own Jason Morse was on 106.1 Fm's The Paranormal Zone Radio show in  Portsmouth,NH. ( Link to Station )
The Show was an hour long and the main topic was bigfoot. We should have the show on Wednesday and will post it up for everyone. Bob McDermott was the host of the show and did a fine job.
Here is how some of the event went down and what Jason had to say.
Jason said : " I arrived and was met by Bob McDermott, and his wife, Maureen, both very nice people. He sat down with me and told me what to expect in the broadcast studio, and how the show is run. When we went in, it all went very smoothly, he made me feel very comfortable."
Jason went on to say: " Everything went just as he had said, and the hour FLEW by. He complimented me and The Crypto Crew both on air and after we wrapped up for the knowledge that was brought fourth, and the extensiveness of the website."
Bob also wants to book us again maybe for an August show,which if all goes well we'd love to do. 
Thanks to Bob, 106.1fm and The Paranormal Zone for having us on and we look for to doing it again.
Here is a few pictures for the show.
On the Air!

Jason & Bob

Jason giving out info on the air.

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