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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Is this a Bigfoot track in Norway?

The Crypto Crew was contacted and sent the above photo by a person we will just call "Stan".
They stated that they found this rather large track in Norway. Print was found on July 2nd, 2012.
Here is the story about it as told by Stan.

" I found this. It's pretty weird. The weirdest thing is that I found it in a pretty remote place and it's in NORWAY.. What do you think? Me and my friend were walking and we suddenly saw this ridiculously large track. I don't know what to make of it, could easily be a hoax for all I know. Bigfoot is not a big thing in Norway and I have never heard of them being here so it's pretty strange."
Stan continued:
"As I pointed out in the picture, my friend is a big guy, 6'4-6'5 and 220 lbs. He did not leave much of a mark in the sand/mud. If it's actually real this thing would be ginormous.I would like to remain anonymous to avoid getting attention about it."

I ask Stan if there were any other tracks and here was his reply:
"There was another track, but it looked like some of the sheep or deer in the area had stepped in it.. Luckily they barely avoided the one I sent."
It should be noted that you can see the deer/sheep tracks off to the right of this print.Could this creature have been hunting down one of the sheep or deer? This could be very possible.
Another thing that should be pointed out is that his track appears to only have 3 toes but one should remember that as big as this print is the second toe could really be two toes, same for the third, it's just hard to say for sure.

Also there has not been many sighting from the Norway area but there has been some. Some come out of Sweden,which is very much in the same area. One such case was in the summer of 1985 a Swedish radio reporter talked about strange growls being heard in province of Helsingland.
Another was from  two elderly moose hunters described how they had been tracking something big and smelly and finally released their dogs to give chase. "The dogs came back with their tails between their legs and were terrified", said Karl Johansson from Bollnas. A couple of month before this , a woman who remains anonymous, went out to a recreation area at Voxna to clean the family cabin ready for the summer holiday . She suddenly heard what she described as "pretty heavy feet moving around outside". She sensed that this was not an ordinary intruder and actually hid under a bed. "I never saw the creature but when one hour had passed I got up and went outside and then found giant footprints in the garden and around the house".
Following this a couple of weeks later two teenage girls were skinny-dipping in a nearby pond when they suddenly heard someone or something moving about in the thick undergrowth nearby. Teasing and calling the intruder a pervert who spied on nude girls they moved closer and closer towards the shore, planning to surprise or even catch the culprit. Instead something right out of a nightmare suddenly rose up in front of them. Tina, 15, told Jan : "It resembled an ape but it was uglier and very large". Her friend Petra, 16, agreed and say´s that at the same time "a terrible stench" came from the creature, which growled at them pounding it´s chest. Tina and Petra swam ashore a bit further down, ran through the woods without their clothes and didn´t stop until they were home.
Another sighting took place just south of Bollnasin Sweden Mrs. Gustavsson and her husband not only saw the Swedish Bigfoot but also heard it several times and even claim they found its droppings.. "It came quite close to our cabin and would kind of howl in the moonlight with a voice that reminded us of a human with a bass, very very deep. We saw it more like a silhouette against the sky and it never came so close so we could identify it properly", Mrs. Gustavsson said . "It was huge, powerful and gave the impression of being primitive but also intelligent". She also claims it had a whistling sound and at times they would hear what was either an echo or another bigfoot, answering the call.

So with the above stated reports,along with others, it is not beyond imaging that the photo send to us by Stan could be that of a real Bigfoot track.

Here is a zoom in on the track
Bigfoot/Yeti in Norway?

 We here at TCC thank "Stan" for sending us the photo and the story. We hope more evidence of this creature comes forth out of his area soon. Bigfoot is commonly called "snowman" in this area or Yeti.
If anything new come in from Stan we will be sure to pass it along.

[Source of reports: cryptozoo-oscity ]
[© The Crypto Crew]

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