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Friday, July 27, 2012

“Sister Species” Of Neanderthals Found
Suggesting Parallels To Dr. Ketchum’s DNA Study?
By Dorraine Fisher - TCC Team Member
            Shards of “foreign DNA” have recently been discovered in three different groups of modern Africans offering clues that a strange “sister species” of neanderthals walked the earth alongside modern humans and neanderthals 20,000 to 50,000 years ago.
            According to Newser.com and The Washington Post, this new strain of DNA discovered at the University of Washington in Seattle bears no resemblance to either human or neanderthal DNA but has somehow found its way into the modern human family tree. And there’s only one way it could’ve done that: interbreeding.
            Neanderthal DNA has been found in modern day Europeans, suggesting interbreeding between the two species. But this new DNA is completely different and suggests a third determining factor in the evolutionary puzzle of modern humans. It points to a new idea that three different hominid species walked the earth at that time and they all interbred periodically,  creating the humans we are today.
            But this poses another question in the Bigfoot world.
            When news of Dr. Ketchum’s DNA study became the big topic of discussion earlier this year, rumors swirled around the community that the findings of the study might resemble humans more than other apes, suggesting that Bigfoot might be another strain of human. And it was also suggested that Bigfoot might be another hominid related more closely to Neanderthals, which had been believed to have interbred with homo sapiens.   This would obviously place modern human DNA into results of the Bigfoot DNA examination. But without fossil records, it’s impossible to know what these newly discovered hominids looked like.
            And of course, no DNA results are in yet. We’re all still waiting for Dr. Ketchum to make the announcement. 
            But we have to ask the question:
            If Bigfoot is indeed more human than ape as is rumored, and since different types of human like hominids were known to have interbred with each other successfully thousands of years ago, would this new strain of DNA point to an ancestor of Bigfoot?  And since there are no fossils records to determine the appearance of this hominid, could it actually BE Bigfoot?
            The Washington Post suggested in amazement that we, the modern humans, were the only strain to survive this great evolution. But, given what we all know, are we so sure of that? *********
©The Crypto Crew
[ Source -Washington post ]

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  1. This is awesome. I remember laying in bed as a kid, thinking about us humans and wondering how many different kinds there have been over the history of our planet. I pondered where Bigfoot fit into all this. I'm excited to see all this evidence building up about our origins and our relatives. Will check out the original article. I'm so psyched!!

    1. yeah to me this was exciting and welcomed news. Seems everyone in the Ketchum camp is being pretty tight lipped at the moment.

  2. Someone actually reacted (above) "Fake" to this aticle. LOL. Sources are The Washington Post (actually originally posted to New York Times), the University of Washington, The University of Pennsylvania (the Ivy league school initiated the study), leading geneticists, and anthropologists - well with these source it must be Fake!!! :P

    I guarantee - you could parade a living Bigfoot into the living room of some people and they will STILL deny it exists! Watch that edge when you get to Hawaii, that's a big fall off the planet. lol

    David, some guy affiliated with Pandas

    1. Correct - some people will never believe in bigfoot. Even when the scientific community confirms it, some will still be non believers.

  3. Thats why you need a body. If smeja is telling the truth then break out the bodies. I know damn well he didnt leave the biggest discovery of our lives there to rot...think about it. I have seen one and know they are real however dr.ketchum is in this for money and couldn't give a shit less if bigfoot exist or not. she has been payed and still no results.Sykes will have his published in december. How can he be so sure you ask? because he knows what he is doing. There is a reason her company has a grade f at the bbb.


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