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Monday, July 30, 2012

I of course will change his name in a effort to protect his identity.This story was told to me about 15 years ago and the event happened,I guess, about 20-25 years ago. I will tell it the best I can remember,I'm sure I've forgoten some of the details but the core of the story has stayed with me for all these years. This was a person who I had always found to be very truthful, so I do believe what he told me. 
Artist rendering of what the base may have looked like. Artwork by GuidedbyPandas
So one day I was talking to Mike Harris and we got off on the subject of UFOs for some reason.
He said "well,I had something happen while I was in the military".
Of course I was wanting to know what happened so I said "you did, What was it?"
He said  "well I was instructed not to say anything about it, but it's been a while now." He kind of paused and said "I was a medic in the army and it had come time that almost everyone was on leave for a few days, but me being a medic I stayed at the base. Well late one evening a call came in that there was need for a medic and me being the only medic at the base at that time I had to go give assistants. 
Not long after the call 2 MPs showed up to take me on site. The MPs instructed me to keep silent and not talk about where they where taking me and that I could not tell anything about what I saw.
After a short ride we arrived at a base,I had never been there before, we go into the base, the 2 MPs on each side of me and we get ready to go into where they need the medic. 
The 2 MPs get these 2 large black blocker shields. One MP on each side of me with the shields, this was an attempt to block me from seeing and it worked to some degree.
As we start walking in the underground part of this base,heading back to where someone was in need of medical attention, the 2 MPS were on each side of me, I could see these rolls of tubes on each side of the hallway, the tubes were kind of leaned back at a slight angle. I could see by looking more out in front of me, because to each side of me was totally blocked by the MPs, but there was a little gap in the forward direction for me to see where to walk."
He continued the story:
"The lighting was not that great, but I could see these tubes and there were creature type things in them."  At this point I ask him if the creatures looked human. He said "oh no these were ....well looked like a typical alien.... but there were different ones, they all didn't look alike. I have never seen anything like that, it was kind of scary. The tubes were full of liquid." 
I said what happened next? He replied " I got back to where the guy was hurt and treated him, it wasn't nothing too bad, he had some burns. After that the MPs led me back out of the base and returned me to my base."
At this point,best I can remember, he need to go because he was either on his way to work or going to pick up his kids from school. I can't remember for sure. We never talked about this again and it was not long after this that he moved and so did I. 
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[Image art by GuidedByPandas]

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