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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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  1. Use a tripod, and practice taking pictures of the animals you see while walking, hiking. Hold your breath when taking pictures with out a tripod, and think being very still. Have a camera mounted on a helmet as well. Practice zooming in on objects.

  2. While good advice, Anon, encountering a Bigfoot is very different from encountering a deer or even a bear. Remember that they are not supposed to exist. Encountering something all your learning has suggested doesn't exist takes time for your brain to comprehend, so it falls back on obvious criteria to establish whether you should fight or flee: much bigger than me, hairy, powerful build, looks like a cross between a man and a gorilla and didn't I learn that gorillas can lift 20x their weight? Oh why oh why did I buy a MINI when I should have bought a Hummer???" All that in a couple seconds with fear amping up bigtime before you decide to flee or fight. FLEE!!! Our ancient brains remember when the Wooly Mammoth stomped on us without much thought...

    Plus the problem with mastering camera technique is that assumes you will always have a camera. Many reported encounters were totally unexpected, i.e, people were engaged in other activities and not looking for anything, and so fast that by the time their brain assessed "Flee!" the animal was gone. Dr Meldrum estimates that there are possibly 4-6000 Bigfoot in North American forests. That's 2.4 BILLION acres of forest. I've done the math... that's a very rare species there. So even if you prepare for the chance encounter, 99.96% of us will never see one in our lifetime. That's takes a lot of discipline to prepare for an event that you will never have.

    I had an encounter. I had no camera. But even if I did it would just show a red fuzzy blob in the dark as I sped away. I had very good reason not to step out of my car and introduce myself. You may think me a 'coward', but I'm alive and that's good enough for me. While it is very possible I ticked him off by accident, not all Bigfoot are happy shiny teddy bears.

    1. Yep.. so very true. You have NO IDEA of what you will do untill you have seen one. I shared a article w/ some know-it-ALL teenagers who think they know everything about everything. They said and act like they would walk up to a Sasquatch with no problem. Knowing all along those 3 teenage boys would run and scream like a bunch of 6yr old little girls if they come face to face with one. But they act like girls any way to begin with. These are the guys who NEVER goes to the woods.. matter of fact hardly ever goes out side ...that knows ALL .. and knows everything that goes on or is in the woods ... a place they have spent VERY LITTLE time !! That is what floors me so much... how someone that has spent very little time in the woods knows what is there and goes on there ... they are very full of themselves !!! But that is human arrogance.. thinking we automaticly know everything about everything.. when we dont have a clue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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"..you’ll be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they exist." - Dr. Jane Goodall during interview with NPR and asked about Bigfoot.

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