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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Alien Worms?
Oregon’s Creature Of The Dump
By Dorraine Fisher - TCC Team member
            Oregon is known for a lot of strange happenings; numerous Bigfoot sightings, alien sightings, the mysteries of the Oregon Caves, etc. But nothing is any stranger than a story told by a woman known only as Paula M. who had a strange encounter with an odd creature in a small town junk yard in 1999.
            Paula had a habit of frequenting junkyards around the area looking for old glass bottles, and often, if she found a really good one, she more than likely had to dig it out of the dirt. On one particular day, she went to a new place she hadn’t been before and she puttered around in the rubbish until she found a spot that looked good.
            But while she was on her hands and knees digging, she noticed some strange tunnel-like holes in the dirt, each about 2 inches in diameter. They could have been made by any number of burrowing creatures and she didn’t think too much about them...until she got up to stretch her legs, she saw something strange out of the corner of her eye.
            It seems a clump of dirt about the size of her fist moved. She tried to get a closer look, but it didn’t move again, so she thought maybe she imagined the whole thing. But when she began to return to her digging, she suddenly saw it again.
            Whatever creature had made those holes was now making another one. Paula was apprehensive about knowing what would be coming out of the hole, but she watched nonetheless.
            And out it came. Paula had seen many animals around junkyards, but nothing like this. It was a worm-like creature, but with no scales or toughened skin. It looked slightly fuzzy like a peach. Its skin seemed to have no texture or indentations. It was like a smooth tube with eyes.  And she was even more shocked when its two large eyes popped open, to reveal brilliant blue irises and the purest, whitest whites.  
            It blinked something like a turtle as it began to sway back and forth and slither out of the hole. Paula made noise to try and scare it back into it’s hole, but it had no visible ears and she wondered if it couldn’t hear at all. She attempted to interact with it, but it only looked upward at the sun.
            And after about 5 minutes, it crawled slowly back into its elusive home. Paula returned to the same dump site again the next spring but never saw the creature again, though the holes were still there and she suspected the creature still existed there.  She’s done countless searches on the internet and never found any information about what if might have been. *********

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