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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[ This is a post by TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher]

Aliens and Bigfoot
Should We Be Laughing...Or Not?
By Dorraine Fisher
Is this possible?
             Within the paranormal community the possible relationship between Bigfoot and aliens is a well-known theory, but not necessarily respected.  We might all believe in aliens, and we might all believe in Bigfoot, but the combination of the two together tests the limits of our open mindedness. It just seems silly. And yet we persist in other beliefs that many others would also believe to be silly.
            But there are many members of the community that have dedicated their lives to studying the elusive creatures known as bigfoot. Through their day to day observations, many of them believe the creature to have almost mystical or magical powers. The seeming ability to disappear into thin air among the most prominent traits they observe, sometimes even disappearing in a flash of light. There are endless reports of the creature exhibiting almost ghost-like abilities and telepathy.
            So why is this? Is bigfoot just an animal with super intelligence, or is it much more?
            Bigfoot sightings have also often been linked to UFO sightings in the same areas at the same times. Strange lights appear in the sky or in the forests, and bigfoot is seen wandering across the highways on the very same nights.  With all the supernatural phenomena surrounding the creature, should we wonder if the creature himself is not some kind of extraterrestrial being? If you believe in UFO’s, aliens, and bigfoot too, is it that much of a stretch?
            Ancients believed extra-terrestrials to be visitors from the spirit world. And in many of the same cultures, bigfoot was said to be a product of the spirit world also. And some ancient primitive cultures believe that bigfoot was brought to earth by the “star people.”  And all these cultures around the world have existed independently and with no knowledge of the others. So where did this idea come from?
            Many speculate that bigfoot escapes from humans so effectively by hiding underground in caves. The Oregon Caves in the Siskiyou Mountains of south-central Oregon are a hotspot for the focus of this theory. And some even theorize that the strong sulfur-type smell associated with close encounters with bigfoot is due largely to their supposed occupation of these caves.  Oregon is among the top five states for Bigfoot/ UFO correlated sightings. But there are caves all over the country, and largely where bigfoot sightings take place. And there are large, connected cave systems all over the Pacific Northwest from Mt. Shasta, California all the way north through Oregon into Washington State. Could these actually not be caves at all but tunnel systems created by extra-terrestrial beings?
            And what about the thousands of stick or rock structures and broken trees found by researchers who believe they’re are a form of communication the creatures use? Are these creatures attempting to communicate to each other... or someone else?
            One thoughtful skeptic asked, “If bigfoot is alien in origin, why is it not more advanced technologically?” And the answer may be simple. It may not have been intended to be. What if the animals were created to perform some specific, basic function that required it to be elusive and avoid humans? And let’s remember we only define the word technology by our own terms and understanding of it. But what if alien technology has another definition? What if alien technology is so far advanced that we have no grasp of it?  So far advanced as to utilize, or even possibly create an animal for its own use.
            And then there’s the idea of aliens conducting a big science experiment. What if bigfoots (and possibly humans) are merely products of a huge, ongoing research project being conducted by these highly advanced creatures from another world?
             There are many links missing in the chain of human evolution. Until more evidence is presented from the scientific community about where we and Bigfoot came from, we’re left to speculate.
            But if we believe in something because we see it right in front of our eyes, does that mean we shouldn’t at least keep our minds open to the next idea…even if it seems a little crazy? Many crazy ideas have eventually been proven to be true. Just ten years ago, bigfoot was still considered to be a mythical creature. And now, with all the hard work of many researchers and scientists, its existence is slowly inching toward reality. Who would’ve thought this is where we’d be?
            But you don’t have to believe any of this. You just need to believe it’s possible.
Anyone who would be reading anything on this site right now has at least wondered if any of these entities exist or not. And then there are also those looking at this site because they believe in many of the things we talk about here every day.  Do all of us, who’ve managed to open up our minds to many possibilities in the world,  have to actually see an alien standing next to bigfoot in order to believe it’s possible?
            I think not.  **********
©The CryptoCrew


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  1. what if thousands of years ago bigfoot was the apex creature and aliens altured their DNA to create us? bigfoot seems at one with the environment can survive in all types of climates and seems built to navigate thru our forests, mountains and so on very easily.
    the design of their feet,the mid tarsal break seems to give them better balance over the rough terrains than our foot developement has.

    just throwing it out there, i could be all wet behind the ears. thanks.

  2. > Just ten years ago, bigfoot was still considered to be a mythical creature. And now, with all the hard work of many researchers and scientists, its existence is slowly inching toward reality.

    You're kidding, right?


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