Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mongolian Death Worms

[This is a post by TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher]

Mongolian Death Worms
By Dorraine Fisher

            “Mongolian death worms” sounds like a term from cheap science fiction or some strange desert-plodding war weapon.  I’ve laughed about it many times, but I’d never really done any research on the subject. So here goes.
            This strange creature, also known as Allghoi Khorkhoi was first discovered in the southern Gobi Desert of Mongolia in 1926. It is sometimes called the ‘intestine worm’ due to it’s striking resemblance to cow intestines. Those who’ve claim to have seen the creature, describe it as a large thick worm measuring 2 to 5 feet in length, sometimes with small spikes protruding from both ends of its body. But it’s said the worm is so elusive possibly because it hibernates most of the year, only showing itself in the months of June and July.
            The creature is said to spray its victims with some kind of acid substance that is rumored to cause instant death which has made some believe it might be some strange version of a spitting snake like a spitting cobra.  And some say it can kill its victims from certain distances with a kind of projectable electrical supercharge. This has prompted some to wonder if it could be the land-bound version of an electric eel that is known to kill or stun its victims with an electrical charge of 500 to 600 volts.
            Or is it something else entirely?
            Some in Mongolia believe it was divinely created to be the protector of lost ruins, temples, or burial grounds that are long hidden or buried under the sands of the Gobi dessert. 
            But unfortunately we’re only left with conjecture and the precious few eye witness accounts of the creature. And as with so many mysteries on planet earth, we may never know the truth about it in our lifetime. ******

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