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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heres the photo
What is it?
It don't look like a bigfoot, has legs that kind of look like a mans but the head of a horse or something.
Here is a Zoom in on it.
Weird creature
Anyone have an idea what this thing might be? Is it just a hoax?
Can't seem to get much from the photo itself..so thought i'd ask our readers.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012 19 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. well, has anyone taken into consideration that it might be a deformed Bigfoot, i mean there are deformed humans, why not a deformed Bigfoot? look at the elephant man, he was all messed up, maybe it's an elephant man equivalent in the Bigfoot species.

  2. Baby Moose, look at the rhs, I think maybe that's the head. Ears flattened back.

  3. Whatever it is, it looks like it is bent forward with the back leg straight, arm hanging and touching the ground, with long hair on it's head - only, seems pretty much hairless every where else. It is a bit creepy.
    - Candy

    1. yep...very weird....would like to see more pictures of it.

  4. By the way Tom, your posts are awesome, I am lovin' them and sharing them! -Candy

    1. Thanks candy! I put a lot of time into finding interesting stuff...glad you like it. Please share and keep sharing...I could use the views. :)

  5. That's the rougarou

  6. Could possibly be a army sniper or spec ops kinda looks like a sniper or soldier in upper ghillie and large rucksack bent over with weapon, at least to me, was this near Fort Polk?

  7. Baby HORSE OR Donkey .

  8. it for sure has a head like a horse or donkey

  9. Or could be the honey island swamp monster

  10. looks like a man in jeans with a pack of some sort, a weapon and camo to blend into the area...soldier, hunter or back woodsman?

  11. I'm pretty sure that's a horse

  12. Possible dogman/wolfen situation. There are MANY types of these creatures,in all shapes and sizes. I'd have to agree on this sibject,not resembling a Bigfoot. The body,and posture,strike me as canid,as in bi pedal! Yikes! Spooky stuff guys!!

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