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Monday, July 16, 2012

Justin Smeja, a hunter from Sacramento, CA was out bear hunting near Gold Lake with his friend (the driver) back in October 2010. He tells how he shot and killed two Bigfoots.

I Killed Bigfoot - A Conversation With Justin Smeja
Free documentary / movie from Ro Sahebi, Team Tazer & the Bigfoot Evidence Blog. The first in-depth interview about the Sierra Kills shooting on camera.
58 Minutes / Not Rated / ©2012 RocknRollJihad

The following is some of the comments left about this story.

Timmy - "It is absolutely meaningless unless he has accompanying pics or samples....just hot wind and attention for a beer swillin redneck who makes us NorCals look like tards."

Anonymous - "Smeja is nothing but a poacher and an opportunistic pot grower in an economically depressed part of California. He has nothing to lose, in terms of a good reputation in his community, so there's no impetus for him to not tell bullshit tales like this one.

He's a redneck bullshitter who eventually told a story that pushed the same kind of emotional buttons that the Georgia hoaxers pushed. He saw how his bullshit story attracted some attention, and brought him some money, so he kept pushing that button and he kept refining his story.

He made up the whole story. The incident did not happen."

Anonymous - "ketchums DNA study is reliant apon this guy..... LOL"

leon W - "I hear the "FAT LADY" warming up.

Beer + rifel + monster = Dead Monster

Not science, but there is some math for you doubters!

After viewing the video, I think the equation needs to be kept simple.

Great Job Ro!"

Anonymous - "Just more make believe. What idiot kills two bigfoots, cradles one in his arms, then just totally leaves them behind in the woods without a sliver of evidence or even picture? Oh wait he found a bigfoot steak when he went back two weeks later... LOL give me a break."

James K. - "Also Smeja's story has significantly changed since he originally posted it on a taxidermy website."

It seems most of the people commenting think Justin Smeja is just telling a big story that is not true, but there are a few people who thinks he is telling the truth in the comments.

So I guess everyone can make up their on mind about his story and the whole DNA paper.


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  1. I totally agree that this guy is a liar and opportunist, but what no one wants to address is why he now has a job with the Olympic Project as a scent control specialist? Was he truly the most qualified applicant or does he have something the need? Was a position created to keep him close and on the payroll so the could have access to his freezer? Just wandering aloud. Maybe nothing to it.

    1. J.S. is now officially out of the Olympic Project, Derek Randles gave him the boot after this interview, seems he was quite disgusted with Justin.

    2. yeah...I seen where Shawn posted that they made up to some degree. Too much drama...

  2. If you ever need a sketch artist for eyewitness accounts, let me know-I'll do it for free.-Okie


    1. Please send me and email at thecryptocrew@kih.net I do from time to time need stuff like this done. Please send the email and i'll add you to my contacts.

    2. cool I'll hit you up, I could have used one on this. Thank again Tom for the post

  3. I have been in the PNW for 20 years looking for this thing. I have seen it 3 times. Never shot at it. I've met guys who have 50 years looking for this thing. Interviewd 10 guys that have shot it with no apparent affect. You mean to tell me a guy who was "bear hunting" stumbled on a family unit and wacked almost all of them? So much for the elusive/reclusive nature of the Bigfoot. Just doesn't add up. Luck or bovine scatology?


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