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Image © 2012 by AP, Nestor Salvatierra
A thousand or more dolphins have been reported by Peruvian authorities to have died on the shore of Pimentel Beach in Chiclayo, Peru, since January 2012.
Ninety percent were long-beaked common dolphins, while others were Burmeister porpoises.Then about 1,800 pelicans and cormorants were found dead in a 100-mile stretch of coastline between Punta Negra in Piura and San Jose Creek in Lambayeque.
Coast Guard official Cesar Villaneuva says in 25 years, he has never seen so many dead and dying pelicans on the beach. Lab tests in May might confirm if a virus has killed the dolphins.
On this same stretch of beach since mid-January, some 1,000 long-beaked common dolphins
and a few Burmeister porpoises have been found dead - the exact cause
still a mystery.
A horde of jellyfish-like animals has forced the shutdown of a nuclear power plant in California. The gelatinous creatures, 2 to 3 inches long, are called sea salp. The crisis began Tuesday, when workers at the Diablo Canyon plant discovered that screens which take in cooling water were clogged by the critters, reports the San Luis Obispo Tribune.
“The conditions got to the point where we had to shut it down,” says the chief nuclear officer. “So we’ll have to wait until the salp situation clears up.”
Sea salp can reproduce sexually and asexually, and "you can have millions in a couple of days," explains a marine biologist. The only other nuclear power plant in California also is currently offline, because of leaks in the generators, but the state does not expect any shortages of electricity.
[Via newser.com ]

Are these eyewitnesses seeing an apparition or is this creature real? Listen to the riveting testimony of those who have encountered the beast first hand and decide for yourself.

Bigfoot or Sasquatch attributes from numerous reports include:

The smell of a Sasquatch far exceeds that of a bear or other mammals, many cases report an intolerable stench when a Bigfoot is in the area.

They vocalize in terrifyingly, high pitched scream like mannerisms, many recordings have surfaced in recent years.

They knock trees with branches and logs, reportedly to communicate with each other over long distances.

They throw rocks and boulders, there are countless cases with the creature throwing rocks at campers, even boulders from hill tops if disturbed.

They live in family units, many cases report the sighting of not one but two or more individuals at a time, often with young in tow.

They may have developed a language, many reports tell of a whinnying or gurgling whistle sound associated with their possible speech patterns.

They leave very distinct footprints, many of these prints have dermal ridges and other anomalies that rule out a hoax.

Is Bigfoot real? You will believe after viewing this fascinating collection.
TCC- Thanks to Reality Entertainment for the FREE movie !
A triangle UFO was filmed by a passenger in a jet flying over London and posted to YouTube. The three unidentified flying objects look like the same silver orbs being spotted all over the world lately. What is it?

The objects zoom past the plane as it makes its way from London to Germany. They appear off the wing, flying in formation and maintaining relative position to each other until they suddenly disappear into the thin clouds wafting in the sky. [by Tom Rose ]

The Youtube video

[Via news.gather ]

TCC - There really seems to be a lot of UFO stuff happening the last few months.....feel free to send in reports/videos/pictures to us.

Is this the UFO that buzzed the 737?
reports suggest that the cause of the Bhoja Air Boeing 737 crash in Pakistan last Friday may have been a UFO sighting by the pilot.
A Russian news report on the crash posted on YouTube incorporates footage of three mysterious lights moving in formation, leading to speculation in the UFO community that blame for the tragic accident may lie with an extra-terrestrial craft.
There are rumors that the pilot may have been buzzed by the object and complained to the control tower at Islamabad airport as he made his approach.

The official line, however, is that the passenger jet’s fuel tanks exploded mid-air during a heavy thunderstorm, killing all 127 people on board.
A report by Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority said the aircraft had been properly positioned as it began its approach but suddenly descended to 200 feet while still traveling at 300 miles an hour. It then descended a further 50 feet more before its tanks exploded.
Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has ordered a judicial investigation into the accident.

soldiers stand next to the wreckage

Here is the video of the News report :

"Red glowing eyes, about 7 feet tall, making a sound like a pig squealing or a woman screaming and walking like a man but looking more like a gorilla," Paul Bartholomew said.

That's the most common description researcher and Bigfoot author Bartholomew hears from those who say they've seen the sasquatch.

"It's a global phenomena and it's here in our own backyards," Bartholomew said.
Bartholomew's backyard-- Whitehall, N.Y.-- has had recorded sightings for centuries.
"You go back to the Algonquin and the Iroquois and they talk about the stone giant and the giant men of the mountains. The Abenaki had their creature reports. So this whole area is rich in traditional reports of this creature," Bartholomew said.

[Via wcax.com ]

A giant fossil was was recently found in Northern Kentucky by Ron Fine. The Fossil is 3 feet wide and 9 feet long. The fossil -has been dubbed Godzillus, but palaeontologists have no idea what this monster might have looked like or even if it was a animal or a vegetable.
The Fossil is estimated to be about 450 million years old.
Ben Dattilo, an assistant professor of geology at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, said: ‘We are looking for people who might have an idea of what it is.’
[Via dailymail.co.uk ] 

Details about the upload -
Published on Apr 18, 2012 by LeDouxTube
While visiting my family in Washington state, my brother and I were taking turns riding my parent's quad. He came back claiming he saw bigfoot. I thought he was making it up... until we played back the video. I don't know if someone was in the woods messing with us or something, but whatever it is freaks me out!

TCC- Lots of questions about this video....the BF is also carrying a stick in it's hand. Fun video but still Inconclusive. There are some things I like about the video and several things I don't like. Why no reaction from the rider of the ATV? is a big question. Plus the creature looks kind of baggy..so I'm assuming this is fake.

 Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil has met his share of groupies, and now he's hoping to meet some ghosts as well.

Neil Joins the GA crew to investigate  Riviera Hotel. Neil has hopes of contacting the ghost of
Frank Sinatra and members of the Chicago Mafia who allegedly stayed at the Vegas landmark.
Did they make contact or not will not be revealed until the show's season finale on April 27.

Neil said he has been in contact with his dead daughter Skylar since her death in 1995.
So he does know a little about ghost encounters and should be a good guest on Ghost Adventures.


Published on Apr 19, 2012 by
Video made public on 18 apr 2012 by SmokingMan47
Case File: http://aerial-phenomenon.org/UFO_Cases_files/12-001-CE1.pdf
The original source of this video is from the Aerial Phenomen Investigations Team in MD. For complete details about this incident contact Antonio Paris from API. Quote from video source: "I work with the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team based in MD. One recent UFO investigation yielded actual footage of MIB on a hotel lobby camera. This video has a voice over of the person these MIB came for". -M. Barnharrt.

TCC - Could this really be the MIB on Tape? I hope to try and enhance the video in a day or two.


It is one of the greatest mysteries of the deep, and its legend has outfoxed score of investigators over the generations.
Stories, pictures and rumors about a monster living below the surface of Scotland's deepest loch go back for decades.
But it is now hoped this grainy image of a long ‘serpent-like creature’ may finally unlock the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster.

The sonar picture, that shows a large unidentified living object deep underwater, was recorded by Loch Ness boat skipper Marcus Atkinson.
The mysterious being was recorded at a depth of 75ft in the murky water and measured nearly 5ft wide.
Mr Atkinson’s sonar fish-finder device records the width of objects in the depths directly below his tourist boat every quarter of a second.
Image produced when his vessel was in the Loch's Urquhart Bay showed a long moving object that had followed the boat for more than two minutes.

Mr. Atkinson said "'There is nothing that big in the Loch. I was in shock as it looked like a big serpent, it’s amazing. You can’t fake a sonar image. I have never seen anything returned like this on the fish finder."

Read the complete story HERE!

TCC - Finally some New Nessie Stuff!

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Tree Break found during investigation
TCC - I know it's been a while since the last update about this investigation. If you don't know the full story you can catch up by reading Here First and then Here . As some of you know we have photographed a lot of possible evidence, everything from the possible creature itself to tracks and tree breaks.
We also installed a game cam and had a TCC Team Member in the field working the area for evidence.
Well a couple of weeks ago we went back to get the images from the game cam and to our surprise someone or something had taken this rather costly game cam. The area was searched heavily for any evidence of the game cam but we was only able to turn up a piece of the strap that held it to the tree.
It would have been kind of hard from someone just to stumble unto the cam and notice it,but that may be the case.
So I'm sad to say we lost the game cam and whatever pictures were on it.
We continued to investigate the area in the following days. Some of the activity levels have decreased but there is still some. Why the decrease?...we think it could have to do with the fact that there is more food sources now than when we first started the investigation. With Spring breaking (or broke now) there was an increase in food such as leafs and roots. So maybe this creature is not traveling to the marsh to get food.  There is also a chance that it was some form of migration, as to why the activity has decreased.  
There is still some activity in the nigh with some strange howls and whoops but it is even more random now than it was at the first.
We do have a TCC Team Member still in the area and will continue to look and listen for more evidence.
We have a few unreleased photos but they are nothing really special. I hope to post up a complete album on Our Facebook Page of all the photos,including the currently unreleased ones.
I will try to keep everyone up to date on anything new that happens with this ongoing investigation.
Hopefully there will be more gathering of evidence in the future.
Who's watching your Tent?

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Who’s Afraid To Go Camping Now?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            Should you be afraid of Bigfoot in the woods?
Maybe you’ve seen or heard something out there that changed your world view forever. Or maybe you’ve just seen all the evidence and you’ve decided it makes more sense to believe. But should you be afraid to go back out there?
            When the cast of Finding Bigfoot was asked about their extreme animal phobias, Cliff Barackman said, “I’d have to say the entire class of arachnids, whether it be spiders, scorpions, or ticks.” 
      Not exactly what we’d expect from the guy who’s been shown out in the thick of Sasquatch country in the dark of night with little more than a sleeping bag and a flashlight, lying on the ground waiting for the big hairy ones to give him a nudge.  But we can all relate to his fear nonetheless.  No one wants spiders in their sleeping bag.
            Matt Moneymaker confessed his well-warranted fear of mountain lions, while Bobo expressed a fear of polar bears. Ranae Holland didn’t take part in the interview but we’re pretty sure she’s not afraid of anything.
            Not one of these famous bigfoot trackers expressed any fear whatsoever of the apes in the woods of North America. Even though many who’ve encountered the elusive “wood ape” in the flesh confess they’re very leery of returning to the same spot ever again.
            And it’s not even necessary to see the creatures to be affected. Grunts and growls and having rocks thrown at you from a seemingly invisible creature in the woods can have a lasting impact on the human psyche. Our fear is built into our brains for a reason. There are some things out there we SHOULD be afraid of. 
            But it’s possible that our fears of sasquatches may not be necessary at all. It’s very possible that our elusive “friends” in the woods only use scare tactics to do just that: scare us half to death, and then make sure we think twice before coming back to that spot. And maybe they’ve learned over thousands of years of evolution that we humans scare pretty easily.
            There have been very few reports in North America in modern times of a sasquatch attacking, killing, kidnapping, or otherwise assaulting any human. Even though there have been multiple accounts of property destruction, livestock assault and murder, and an occasional cabin invasion that might serve to scare the bejesus out of us, there seems to be little to no actual physical contact between them and us.
            And you might think that’s only because they’re a rare animal.  But I’m more inclined to think it’s because they’re a very shy animal that has survived all this time by avoiding us. Attacking a human would surely bring attention to them and the area in which they live. And it’s quite possible they’ve learned to only do that when their home or young are threatened.
            So should you be afraid to go camping? The evidence says no. But as always when we place
ourselves in the home of other wildlife we should always be wary and respectful of their territory. And
 if something grunts and throws big rocks at your tent in the middle of the night, I’d move to different
spot. ********

[TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines and we are glad to have her on our Team.]
©The Crypto Crew

Published on Apr 16, 2012 by
A New Jersey couple is suing their landlord for a refund after they said paranormal activity caused them to flee their rental home. Michele Callan and her fiance, Josue Chinchilla, moved into the home in Toms River, N.J., with Callan's two children on March 1 and were immediately spooked.

"Three taps on the TV, taps on the shoulder..." Chinchilla told ABC News. At first they chalked it up to the adjustment period of moving into a new home. But things only got spookier, they said. Doors opened and closed. The family even claimed they recorded strange voices whispering, "Let it burn."

The new tenants said that between the menacing voices, flickering lights and clothes mysteriously flying from their closets, they couldn't take it anymore. They fled the three-bedroom home and checked into a hotel, where they said they have been living since March 13.
Callan and Chinchilla filed suit last week in New Jersey Superior Court, seeking the return of their $2,250 security deposit from their landlord, Richard Lopez. Lopez filed a counter-suit claiming the couple is using alleged paranormal activity as a way to break their lease.

TCC -   This could open a floodgate of law suits if the couple wins this in court.

TCC - This is not my video but I find it very interesting and it is a known fact that NASA has manipulated photos in the past. Here is what the poster of the video said and links to the photos used in the video.

Uploaded by on Sep 14, 2008
**UPDATED LINKS (3/12/11)
I'm in no way stating that these images are proof positive of "Skulls, Artifacts, Water, Plants or life".
I do find them extremely interesting and compelling.

The fact remains that any good scientist never ceases to ask questions and for anyone to simply dismiss these images out of hand, speaks volumes as to their character or agenda.

Please feel free to have an intelligent debate. Any childish remarks or people who think they are some-kind of pathetic comedian, will just be deleted.

Unfounded, one line accusations, as in "Fake", "Photoshopped" or the like, will no longer be tolerated. I fastidiously spent days directly linking the official NASA source to each corresponding image, which can be found below. If you have proof to the contrary, you are, of course, welcome to post it.

Corresponding image time frame:

024 (Cerberus Fossae TRA-000827-1875-IRB)

030 (MOC narrow-angle image R15-01663)

035 (MOC narrow-angle image R22-00155)

037 (MOC narrow-angle image M09-02042)

040 (MOC narrow-angle image M09-01354)

047 (MOC narrow-angle image E15-00946)

050 (MOC narrow-angle image SP2-54006)

102 (MOC narrow-angle image M08-04688)

105 (MOC narrow-angle image S06-00607)

108-116 (MOC narrow-angle image E07-00860)

118-120 (Spirit: Panoramic Camera Sol 1367)

122-125 (Spirit: Panoramic Camera Sol 513)

126-130 (Spirit: Panoramic Camera Sol 016)

132 (MOC narrow-angle image E21-00192)

139 (MOC narrow-angle image E1501354; M1700612)

140 (MOC narrow-angle image E01-01728)

142 (MOC narrow-angle image SP2-53807)

145 (MOC narrow-angle image M02-00783)

147 (MOC narrow-angle image R14-01899)

150 (MOC narrow-angle image R17-02600)

153-156 (MOC narrow-angle image M03-01869)

157 (MOC narrow-angle image R19-01441)

226 (MOC narrow-angle image E11-02281)

233-236 (MOC narrow-angle image M17-00612)

237-239 (MOC image E15-01378)

240 (NASA A Hole in Mars)

244 (Mars Global Surveyor)

247 (Phoenix Mars Mission; Surface stereo imager right)

301-310 (Phoenix Mars Mission; Surface stereo imager right)
http://fawkes4.lpl.arizona.edu/images.php?gID=582&cID=22 (insect like anomaly: zoom in fully, bottom left of image; for further help please send me a PM)

311-318 (MOC narrow-angle image M11-00099)

339-340 (MOC narrow-angle image M02-03051)

* The audio track (Last of the Mohicans) is music from open source clips, continuously link edited by 12Monkkeys.

Regards friends.
TCC -  Very Interesting indeed.
Brian Kingdon and Van Probst hang onto a monster tomcat killed Tuesday, March 13, one day after a full-scale slaughter of goats was discovered when the young boy who owned them went out to do his morning chores. ( Courtesy photo by Heather Kingdon)
The ranchers in Indian Valley, Genesee and Taylorsville, Plumas Co. have had 7 mountain lions killed this year after they had lost pets and livestock. One after this one was killed.
"Blood and gore and the blank stares of his baby and adult goats greeted Genesee youth Paul Astles when he went to do his chores in the barn before school Monday, March 12.
"He discoved a full-scale slaughter of his kids and adults. (Heather Kingdon told me he lost nine head that night.) "It was a mess in there," said a fellow rancher who saw it.

"Astles is the same young man who lost several goats to mountain lions in late January.

"There were four lions together on that hunt, according to Heather Kingdon, the neighbor whose border collie puppy was snatched off the porch by a lion the day before. That lion was killed with the dog's body still in its mouth.

"Kingdon saw three lions that were probably a mother and her young, and another adult, a rather skinny female."
"A lion's modus operandi is to partially bury its kill and return to feed at a later time, probably the next night. And that is exactly when the hunter met the biggest tomcat he'd ever seen in his life.

"It was a monster cat," he said.

"Estimates were that it weighed close to 200 pounds. Lions do not hunt in groups, that is one thing he and the experts at the Dept. of Fish and Game agree on.
[ Read the full story HERE ]
TCC - It's bad these big cats had to be put down but I understand the circumstances.
TCC - Earthquakes....they happen everyday somewhere and now you can monitor them.
I stumbled across this and it's kind of cool. It's a real time world earthquake monitor.
check it out.

Published on Apr 16, 2012 by
"Throwback" is the second feature film from Australian writer/director Travis Bain. His first feature, "Scratched" was one of the four finalists in the 2005 digiSPAA Digital Feature Film Festival.

Two modern-day treasure hunters -- Jack (Shawn Brack) and Kent (Anthony Ring) -- venture into the remote jungles of Far North Queensland in search of lost bushranger gold. But their adventure goes terribly awry when they are threatened by a savage creature, a legendary monster known as a Yowie, Australia's answer to Bigfoot. Together with a female park ranger named Rhiannon (Melanie Serafin) and a burnt-out ex-homicide detective, Jack and Kent find themselves locked in a battle for survival as the territorial Yowie tries to ensure they never leave its domain alive.

"Throwback" is currently in production in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Filming is taking place on a Canon HV20 HDV camcorder in 1080p resolution. The final film will be matted to CinemaScope 2.35:1. The final cut is due for completion in 2013.

"Throwback" is an homage to genre films of the '50s through to the '70s that shaped Travis Bain's childhood. Influences on "Throwback" include:

* The bigfoot drive-in films of the '70s, including "The Legend of Boggy Creek" and "Creature from Black Lake."
* Other '70s classics such as "Deliverance."
* '50s monster movies such as "Creature from the Black Lagoon."
* The westerns of Anthony Mann and Budd Boetticher.
* The neo-westerns of Walter Hill.
* The creature features of William Girdler, i.e. "Day of the Animals" and "Grizzly."
* The films of Terrence Malick.

A full trailer for "Throwback" will be released later in 2012. To find out more about "Throwback", please visit www.travisbain.com.au

For media enquiries, please email travisbain@hotmail.com

TCC - looks like it might be a fun film.

TCC -  A couple of days ago we posted about a UFO sighting in Barbourville ,KY (Story Here ). Well
tonight (4/14/12) we got another report of something strange in the sky. This report comes from a very creditable witness, Kentucky State representative Rick Nelson.
Rick post the following on his facebook page:
"Strange lights in the Middlesboro sky, Six of them."
A few other people in the Middlesboro are went outside to check it out and posted some of the following.
Denise posted:
"Lights visable over Winchester Ave.... Only saw 4."
Tammy posted:
"There are 2 really bright lights in the sky the west end of Winchester Ave. Way to bright to be stars."
Rhonda posted:
"my husband and i were walking our dog and saw them too i called my son and he and his girlfriend saw them too we live off the belt line we were just outside again and there are 3 very bright lights out now . It looks like from here one is around the hospital the other 2 are over town."
Rick also stated :
"they looked like a floating torch......i filed them all but could not zoom, but got the one by itself"
TCC - Fast thinking by Rick to grab his phone and capture a little video of one of the objects.
It is also worth noting that Rick lives near the Airport and he knows what normal air craft looks like at night. I would think he has seen lots of planes at night.
So we have a creditable day time UFO sighting in Barbourville,ky followed by one about 45 minutes away 12 days later. It would appear that there is something going on in Southeastern Kentucky.
I know you can't really see much in the video,but if you add in several other witnesses and take in consideration who is reporting this, along with another recent sighting, you have to lean towards there being something strange in the sky. Something out of the norm for this area.
Thanks to Rick for stepping out and sharing the video and sending it to us.

Uploaded on Apr 10, 2012 by gusdog369
"While Filming in the woods behind our campsite, we find someone or something wacthing us."

TCC - This is a new video and I wanted to take a closer look at it.
It appears to be just a suit but it's a fun little video and I expect to see more of these from gusdog369.
The little kids are cute as well.Remember is is NOT a video any of us at TCC filmed.


Capture a bigfoot and win a House!
 Bantam Lake
Authorities in northwestern Connecticut say they didn't find anything after a state trooper and another person reported a large object falling out of the sky in Litchfield.
The Republican-American of Waterbury reports that a person driving in Litchfield at about 2 a.m. Tuesday reported that a green, glowing object the size of a whale fell from the sky and crashed into Bantam Lake.
Officials say that at about the same time, a state trooper 10 miles away in Warren called dispatchers to report that something fell out of the sky and landed near Bantam or Morris.
Morris firefighters made several passes up and down the lake in a boat looking for a possible plane crash, but didn't find any debris.
Authorities called off the search, leaving the mystery unsolved.
[Via Yahoo.com ]

TCC - I wonder what will come of this and what it was? Interesting to say the least.

The idea is that living systems are more complicated than purely physical ones, a concept that can be represented mathematically.
Further, NASA doesn’t need a human expedition to Mars to nail down the claim, neuropharmacologist and biologist Joseph Miller, with the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, told Discovery News.
“The ultimate proof is to take a video of a Martian bacteria. They should send a microscope -- watch the bacteria move,” Miller said.
“On the basis of what we’ve done so far, I’d say I’m 99 percent sure there’s life there,” he added.
Researchers crunched raw data collected during runs of the Labeled Release experiment, which looked for signs of microbial metabolism in soil samples scooped up and processed by the two Viking landers.


What is this a track of?
TCC - A couple of days ago I was contacted by Matt Wilson. He told me about some odd tracks he had found and sent me some pictures. They are interesting and the tracks are somewhat small.
Could this have been a baby or young bigfoot ?
Here is what Matt said:
"Hello! I thought I would show these to you.
 I saw these tracks near Mt. Shasta, CA a couple of weeks ago. I followed them for about half a mile up the mountain before it started snowing heavily so I headed back.
They definitely looked like they were from something bipedal and they were in-line similar to that of reported bigfoot tracks.
However they were small (only 4-5 inches). There were no other tracks around.
If it was a human, why would a little kid be walking around in the middle of the woods all alone? Possible juvenile bigfoot? Possible prints from the so-called Lemurians that are said to be small and live inside Mt. Shasta? (I'm leaning more towards the bigfoot explanation). Anyways, I'm a fan of your site so I figured I'd show you. Thanks!"
TCC - I encouraged Matt to make a return trip to the area if possible and look for other evidence. These tracks are in-line which is commonly reported of bigfoot tracks.
We at TCC thank Matt for sharing his find with us and for following our sites.
Here is the other photos Matt sent us:
Photo by Matt Wilson
Photo by Matt Wilson
Photo by Matt Wilson
Photo by Matt Wilson
©The Crypto Crew
Lair Of The Sasquatch!
Tom Biscardi

TCC - Just in case you hadn't heard.. Tom Biscardi has discovered a secret bigfoot Lair (possibly a hollowed out Volcano) in Mississippi! He has also alerted the authorities....what  authorities no one really knows...maybe the bigfoot police or the MIB or just a gang of kids with a dog named scooby.....just not sure at this point.
Anyways I was reading the latest about Biscardi on Bigfoot Evidence blog and a  Anonymous poster posted up a good list of Tom Biscardi hoaxes....I'm sure there are more we don't know about  but...anywho... here is the list....and thanks to "anonymous" for sharing the info. Of all the famous hoaxers I find Tom Biscardi the most entertaining but very rarely will I give hoaxers any coverage.
Remember this is NOT my list but was post by an anonymous person.

List of Tom Biscardi's Hoaxes:

- While with Ivan Marx, Biscardi was nearly attacked by a charging Bigfoot. Marx shot the creature while filming at the same time. Later they tried selling the absurd footage for $25,000.


2004 - Photographs a laughably bad Albino Bigfoot (in 2001). Uses it, along with some empty promises to try to lure a corporate sponsor to fork over $1.5 million so Biscardi can lead an expedition in a valley where he claims 500 bigfoots are living. It never takes place.


2004 -
Worst looking fake Bigfoot ever "eating lunch". Biscardi takes credit for snapping the photo himself while with Peggy Marx. Posted on his publicist's website and many others back in 2004.

http://www.cryptomundo.com/bigfoot-report/tom-biscardi-update (Bottom Picture)

2005 - False claim of filming Bigfoot versus Bear on his PPV webcam service while promoting his PPV website


2005 - Biscardi attempts to organize a Bigfoot Expedition open to the public for only $5,000 per person while assuring everyone of a Bigfoot capture.

http://www.northcoastjournal.com/072105/news0721.html (A 1/3 down, under "BIGBUCKS")

2005 -
Infamous Bigfoot Capture Hoax on Coast 2 Coast


2006 -
Horrendously Faked Bigfoot photos Biscardi promoted from an encounter.


2006 -
Bigfoot hand in a jar


2008 - Georgia Bigfoot Hoax


2009 -
Bigfoot Toenail hoax


2011 - "Authenticated" Biscardi Bigfoot video turns out to be a leaf.


Not Actual photo
TCC - A boomerang shaped UFO was spotted around the Barbourville,Kentucky area on April 2nd.
We got the report in a few days ago and we know and have talked to the witness.
We are only going to call him by his first name to protect his identity,but we know him personally and he is a good person and very well thought of in the community.
Here is Tim's story.:
"The thing I saw was in Barbourville, Ky on highway 225 at Artemus road.
It was about 6pm on Monday April 2nd.
I came out to feed my shepherd and rabbits, I had my back to the sun and I saw like a shadow.
So I turned around to see what was causing the shadow. I looked up in direction of the sun and saw a large black flying object coming from northeast in my direction.
I'm trying to give as much details as I can in case someone else saw it, that way they can compare it to what they saw.
Any way I started to make a big deal about it, but no one was around but my 2 grand kids ages 9 and 5.
It lasted about 15 or 20 minutes with half that time just staying in one place and not moving at all.
I don't know how big it was but it was very,very slow. It seem to be in a V shape, but not with a straight point, more like a boomerang, but not exactly.
Anyhow, it started going in a dead east direction when a jet showed up.
That is when I really could see how big it was, the jet looked like an ant when it was close to the UFO.
I never saw it go, but like a blink and it was gone leaving the jet and its chem trail.
I was close to my home, the grand kids had never seen something like that and were scare.So I never left their side. After it was gone I asked my grand babies what did we see and both said a real UFO ,and not like on TV.
I wanted to tell someone the whole story without causing people to say some really hateful things.
In my 50 years of life this is my third UFO I have seen , the others were up close and scary as well. Now its just part of life."
barbourville, hwy 225 Artemus area
TCC -   Thanks to Tim for sharing his story. These sightings need to documented. If anyone in the Barbourville area has seen anything similar to this or other ufo shapes, please contact us via email at
©The Crypto Crew
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This video was uploaded about a year or so ago to youtube. The video was so dark you could not see the figure in it. So after reading some post on the bigfoot forums and seeing some request to lighten it up...I did. You can now see the bigfoot looking creature. So this is more of an enhancement than anything.
If True Mysteries has an objection to this video I will gladly remove it...but I think they want to see it better as well.
True Mysteries (ever who it is) also states they have more footage...I would like to get a look at some of it ...fake or not it might be worth a look.
Make sure to watch the original video so you can see how much I enhanced it.

you can see the original upload at

A Hollywood FX expert has reviewed the hotly debated "Sweden UFO" footage with powerful video editing tools and says the video is not faked.

The unidentified technician stops short of confirming the flying saucer is an actual unidentified flying object, but observes that if it is phony, "it's the best fake ever" posted to YouTube.
 The expert cloaks his voice and is probably a little gun-shy to be using his skills and equipment to investigate a paranormal topic. But one look at his editing software, the brilliantly sharpened original footage and his obvious command of the technology is enough to turn any skeptic into a true believer.
Referring to "chroma keys" and "motion tracking," the expert gets a little worked up by the end of the analysis, throwing out some unnecessary profanity to untrained commenters slamming the original video.

But, if anything, it shows the passion put into the effort and makes a very strong argument that, whatever the UFO is, it's clearly not a hoax.

So what is it?

Here's the video:

[Via News Gather ]


By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.
If Sasquatches Are So Smart, Then Why……?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            Just how smart are the hairy ones? That’s a subject that invites a lot of debate. Some say that a number of animals display the same skills as a sasquatch, so they’re not necessarily super intelligent. Some say they must be pretty smart since they’ve managed to stay hidden from humans for thousands of years. And the debate rages on. But how can we fairly measure the intelligence of any creature?
            Someone once said, “If you judge a fish by how well it can climb trees, it’ll go through its entire life thinking it’s stupid.”
            We can’t measure the intelligence of a sasquatch by our own standards.  Just because we’ve conquered nature (we think) and civilized the wild world around us, doesn’t necessarily mean we have superior intelligence.
 Probably the best way to measure the intelligence of sasquatches is solely on their success as a species. How well is they’re able to survive and even thrive in they’re own world?  By this standard, they’re very intelligent, but yet, some would say not much more so than any other animals that still exist.
  Sasquatch’s ability to hide is legendary, but a lot of animals are able to hide very well and they have very specialized camouflage. So does superior hiding ability suggest super intelligence?
             Ongoing primate research suggests that the other primates we’re very familiar with are much smarter and even more human like than was originally believed. So why shouldn’t we believe the same about our big, hairy friends?
            But maybe the biggest question of all is: Why have humans forged civilizations and performed great engineering feats while sasquatches and other primates have not?  If sasquatches are more intelligent or even more humanlike than other lower primates like some believe, what would distinguish the difference between them and us?
            A group of researchers wanted to find out what stops other primates from developing human capabilities. So they tested chimps along with 3 and 4-year-old children together to find out if other primates have a “cumulative culture” besides humans. They were given puzzle boxes to solve that offered progressively better rewards at different stages of their progression.
            One chimp did reach the highest stage of progression, but the other chimps around him were not affected by this in any way and didn’t progress further like the first.  But all the children, of course, were very successful. Why? Because researchers found they worked together and shared what they learned along the way, while there was no interaction or collaboration among the chimps.
So we can only wonder if sasquatches work together and share information. We can never simply assume that sasquatches are anything like other primates at all. This only gives us a frame of reference.
But what really seems to set them apart from us is their perception rate.  They seem to perceive danger quicker than we do and they react with almost lightning speed.  It’s possible that, while humans are standing around wondering what they just saw, the sasquatch has made his quick escape leaving his counterparts bewildered.  And quite often, they don’t even move that fast, but the humans are still confused nonetheless. Humans are not able to process what they saw so quickly while the sasquatch has already processed it all and is on its way into the shadows. The human is still fumbling with the camera when the sasquatch is far away already and reduced to a blobsquatch on film.  We have thousands of those pictures and videos on record. So who’s the smart one now?
They are a very large animal in a world with very few animals of equal size. And they need to possess a keen intelligence to be able to eat, reproduce and keep their hulking bodies out of sight.  This is their brand of primal intelligence: quick wit, stealth, cunning, automatic and perhaps extreme mistrust of any new situation or experience, and keen observance of their world. We rarely see them, but we know they watch humans from behind the trees, and they probably are more familiar with our habits than we are with theirs.  They are well suited to living in their world; a world that includes us.
And that’s probably a good thing.
 It’s very possible that if they had always been easily seen throughout history, humans would’ve hunted them down and wiped them out purely out of fear very early on.  But sasquatches seem to know enough to hide from us, and that has helped them survive, while many other species’ have been nearly eradicated simply because they dared to show themselves.  
            They are said to hunt other large animals, and yet skillfully avoid being seen.  And they very curiously seem to avoid trail cameras. It’s almost as if they are suspicious of anything that doesn’t look natural, while other animals are more easily caught with any trap containing food.  
 Some say they use a kind of archaic language to communicate with each other. But do they have the ability to share information they’ve learned and articulate it to others like humans do? And if so, why have they not used that skill in the same way humans have?
            It could be that they’re simply not quite as intelligent as we are, or, maybe they’re really smart and they simply use those skills to tell each other to stay the heck away from humans, all their little electronic devices, and their entire way of life at all costs.
            But slowly the humans are getting smarter and more answers are coming. Hopefully soon. *********
[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]
[* © The Crypto Crew ]

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