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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brian Kingdon and Van Probst hang onto a monster tomcat killed Tuesday, March 13, one day after a full-scale slaughter of goats was discovered when the young boy who owned them went out to do his morning chores. ( Courtesy photo by Heather Kingdon)
The ranchers in Indian Valley, Genesee and Taylorsville, Plumas Co. have had 7 mountain lions killed this year after they had lost pets and livestock. One after this one was killed.
"Blood and gore and the blank stares of his baby and adult goats greeted Genesee youth Paul Astles when he went to do his chores in the barn before school Monday, March 12.
"He discoved a full-scale slaughter of his kids and adults. (Heather Kingdon told me he lost nine head that night.) "It was a mess in there," said a fellow rancher who saw it.

"Astles is the same young man who lost several goats to mountain lions in late January.

"There were four lions together on that hunt, according to Heather Kingdon, the neighbor whose border collie puppy was snatched off the porch by a lion the day before. That lion was killed with the dog's body still in its mouth.

"Kingdon saw three lions that were probably a mother and her young, and another adult, a rather skinny female."
"A lion's modus operandi is to partially bury its kill and return to feed at a later time, probably the next night. And that is exactly when the hunter met the biggest tomcat he'd ever seen in his life.

"It was a monster cat," he said.

"Estimates were that it weighed close to 200 pounds. Lions do not hunt in groups, that is one thing he and the experts at the Dept. of Fish and Game agree on.
[ Read the full story HERE ]
TCC - It's bad these big cats had to be put down but I understand the circumstances.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012 3 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. I didn't know mountain lions could get that big.

    1. yeah...that is pretty big...would not want to try and fight that off.

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