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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Details about the upload -
Published on Apr 18, 2012 by LeDouxTube
While visiting my family in Washington state, my brother and I were taking turns riding my parent's quad. He came back claiming he saw bigfoot. I thought he was making it up... until we played back the video. I don't know if someone was in the woods messing with us or something, but whatever it is freaks me out!

TCC- Lots of questions about this video....the BF is also carrying a stick in it's hand. Fun video but still Inconclusive. There are some things I like about the video and several things I don't like. Why no reaction from the rider of the ATV? is a big question. Plus the creature looks kind of baggy..so I'm assuming this is fake.

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  1. Regardless of fake or real, how can you say there was no reaction from the rider? As soon as he saw it, he turned around and headed the opposite direction.

    1. Sorry ..no vocal reaction and he may have been turning before it was in view...


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