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Sunday, April 15, 2012

TCC -  A couple of days ago we posted about a UFO sighting in Barbourville ,KY (Story Here ). Well
tonight (4/14/12) we got another report of something strange in the sky. This report comes from a very creditable witness, Kentucky State representative Rick Nelson.
Rick post the following on his facebook page:
"Strange lights in the Middlesboro sky, Six of them."
A few other people in the Middlesboro are went outside to check it out and posted some of the following.
Denise posted:
"Lights visable over Winchester Ave.... Only saw 4."
Tammy posted:
"There are 2 really bright lights in the sky the west end of Winchester Ave. Way to bright to be stars."
Rhonda posted:
"my husband and i were walking our dog and saw them too i called my son and he and his girlfriend saw them too we live off the belt line we were just outside again and there are 3 very bright lights out now . It looks like from here one is around the hospital the other 2 are over town."
Rick also stated :
"they looked like a floating torch......i filed them all but could not zoom, but got the one by itself"
TCC - Fast thinking by Rick to grab his phone and capture a little video of one of the objects.
It is also worth noting that Rick lives near the Airport and he knows what normal air craft looks like at night. I would think he has seen lots of planes at night.
So we have a creditable day time UFO sighting in Barbourville,ky followed by one about 45 minutes away 12 days later. It would appear that there is something going on in Southeastern Kentucky.
I know you can't really see much in the video,but if you add in several other witnesses and take in consideration who is reporting this, along with another recent sighting, you have to lean towards there being something strange in the sky. Something out of the norm for this area.
Thanks to Rick for stepping out and sharing the video and sending it to us.

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