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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not Actual photo
TCC - A boomerang shaped UFO was spotted around the Barbourville,Kentucky area on April 2nd.
We got the report in a few days ago and we know and have talked to the witness.
We are only going to call him by his first name to protect his identity,but we know him personally and he is a good person and very well thought of in the community.
Here is Tim's story.:
"The thing I saw was in Barbourville, Ky on highway 225 at Artemus road.
It was about 6pm on Monday April 2nd.
I came out to feed my shepherd and rabbits, I had my back to the sun and I saw like a shadow.
So I turned around to see what was causing the shadow. I looked up in direction of the sun and saw a large black flying object coming from northeast in my direction.
I'm trying to give as much details as I can in case someone else saw it, that way they can compare it to what they saw.
Any way I started to make a big deal about it, but no one was around but my 2 grand kids ages 9 and 5.
It lasted about 15 or 20 minutes with half that time just staying in one place and not moving at all.
I don't know how big it was but it was very,very slow. It seem to be in a V shape, but not with a straight point, more like a boomerang, but not exactly.
Anyhow, it started going in a dead east direction when a jet showed up.
That is when I really could see how big it was, the jet looked like an ant when it was close to the UFO.
I never saw it go, but like a blink and it was gone leaving the jet and its chem trail.
I was close to my home, the grand kids had never seen something like that and were scare.So I never left their side. After it was gone I asked my grand babies what did we see and both said a real UFO ,and not like on TV.
I wanted to tell someone the whole story without causing people to say some really hateful things.
In my 50 years of life this is my third UFO I have seen , the others were up close and scary as well. Now its just part of life."
barbourville, hwy 225 Artemus area
TCC -   Thanks to Tim for sharing his story. These sightings need to documented. If anyone in the Barbourville area has seen anything similar to this or other ufo shapes, please contact us via email at
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