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The Patterson Footage Fact or Faked Part 3
presented by ThecryptoCrew.com

This is the 3rd part of our Patterson film analysis.
We feel we have brought up several good points that others have not really talked about or maybe even known about.
... It is recommended that you watch all 3 parts in the series. The Crypto Crew feel that just in theses 3 parts alone there is enough proof to show that this was NOT a "man in a suit".
We may at a later date do more breakdowns of the Patterson film.
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Update From Robert Lindsay Blog - more on data results & Sierra Kills!

Bigfoot News November 28, 2011

Bigfoot nuclear DNA: The speculation and nonsense that our previous post about Bigfoot nuclear DNA generated is quite extraordinary, but not unexpected. Part of it is my fault, as I did not understand this issue very well when I first wrote it. But neither did my sources either.

After a week or so thinking it over, I have started to develop some new theories about the nuclear DNA. I will also deal below with critiques leveled at the findings that I reported. Many were taken from skeptic sites, and they were such terrible critiques it is embarrassing. Of all people, skeptics ought to know better.

Sorry it is so blurry but the video that was uploaded to Youtube was of very low quality (Kind of like a cell phone)  even though the original video was high quality. I did the best i could with it.
 I really wish I could get my hands on the original video as i think i could have got some much better details.
Still a pretty interesting video and the person filming is not knows as any kind of hoaxer...so maybe he got the real thing on ...video. I did find a couple things that i think some people will like.
At one point the creature goes down on all fours.

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Timbergiantbigfoot releases Video

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The Human Chimp

If you really don't know the full story of Oliver the chimp or always wondered about him then watch this video.
Documentary about a strange chimp discovered in 1960 that was/is considered to be half human.
This documentary has some good info about DNA and cross breeding of animals.
In part 2 of the video take special note of what they are saying about the LIGAR.

Lion Tiger cross breeding produced the Ligar 

How that cross breading has caused the Ligar to be the largest of the cats. Could this be a possible reason/cause for Bigfoot? Could some type of cross breeding many years ago produced the sasquatch?  According to what is told it very well could be.
Sit back and enjoy this documentary. (videos after the break,just click read more)

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Timbergiantbigfoot Releases new Video

Timbergiantbigfoot has released some of a video he shot. It looks pretty good so far and they have a pretty good rep. Below is a couple still shot from the video.

Here is what TGB says about the video - "Here are some of the frames from the sighting video , yes the date in the video is wrong , I too make mistakes . YOU WILL HAVE TO LOOK CLOSELY to see the shape . It is very obvious in the actual video .
I don't usually make claims as to content in my videos , however I believe this is the creature I've been looking for , and may be the same creature filmed about two weeks ago in a video titled Wildman in the Forest ."

TCH - This looks pretty good and it will be nice to see the full video. At first look there is some things that look right about the creature: Long arms,muscles,coned head,bend knees..ect. So we wait for the full video to come out to make a complete (as best we can) conclusion.

Youtube link
Uploaded by on Nov 23, 2011

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First let look at the following statement -
"According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, “…one half of the human population lives on less than 10 percent of the Earth's land, and three quarters on only 20 percent.”

This statement got me and some other followers on our facebook page wondering and asking questions.
Here is a deeper look into the above statement.

Total Forest acres in the US is about 747 million acres
of which about 363 Million acres is owned and in some ways protected by some form of Federal, State or local governments which includes Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service as well as numerous state, county, and municipal government organizations. 

The total Land acres in the United States is almost 2.3 billion acres. Keep in mind that only half of the human population lives on LESS that 10 percent of the total Earths Land and three quarters on only 20 percent according to the statement by American Association for the Advancement of Science.
I know that close to where I live there is a national park and there is some areas that are basically off limits. There is a stream that is full of trout and it is back in the middle of nowhere, you are not allowed to fish there at all. Even if you could it's a pretty good walk to the area. Also no Hunting is allowed and on this part there is not any kind of attractions for visitors. yeah you can go in there but it's out of the way,roped off and you're not allowed to do anything like hunt,fish,dig herbs and I would guess they don't even want you hiking there...and almost no one does...I personally have been in the area a few times in my life... we were coon hunting and wondered into the area one night and I have been there a couple times during the day time. It's a pretty place.

So what does this all mean?
It means there is a lot of area and acres that man does not see or live on...meaning there could be many undiscovered animals and plants out there. With this kind of space it would seem rather easy for something with fairly good brain power to stay hidden from what few people that are looking for it.

Compare the handful of researchers who actually spend time out in the forest looking for bigfoot to the total acres of forest in the US and it is easy to make the jump that something could easily be hiding and we'd never find it.Some of the most active researchers only spend a few days a month out in the deep forest. 
Then factor in the many unknowns about bigfoot like what times are they active? do they migrate? distance they travel from home and it makes it even more difficult to find these creatures. So timing would also play a big part in finding good evidence of sasquatch.

Then think about a creature that is trying to stay hid, a creature that is smart enough to hide,stay still and blend in to keep unnoticed, now it become ever harder to find.
Most animals have a natural type of camouflage and in many cases sasquatch are no different. In the fall they would easily blend in with all the brown colors or in the summer blend in with the trunks of trees and shadow casted by the overhead leaves.

How many deer can you spot?
People will then say stuff like, "what about all the trail cams? why haven't we got a good picture from one of them?"
First trail/game cams have a view limit and now knowing the round about figures of how many acres needing to be covered it would be kind of rare for a bigfoot to walk right up to one. Don't get me wrong I think we need more trail cams out there as it gives us a "researcher" in the forest 24/7.
So trail cams are a good idea but the volume of forest to cover is just too large for them to be really effective, yes they can work and should be used but don't be shocked if you don't get a sasquatch right off.
So lets think for a second, if a trail cam could cover 1 full acre then we would still need 747 million trail cams placed in the right angles to cover it all....in other words this would not be possible.
There has been a few good trail/game cam photos, I would think the best in recent times was the Jacobs photos from PA. It shows what many think is a young sasquatch and a couple bear cubs. It is easy to see that it's not just another bear cub and it has proportions more inline with a human.

(left & right is of the unknown animal and the insert is a bear cub.This is known as the Jacobs photo. )
 Now consider all the above info and that there is some areas that are either privately owned or government owned and researchers are not allowed access to these areas and this leads to the conclusion that it is very much possible for a very large,smart and some what camouflaged animal to stay hid.
Now what if, like some say, the government is helping keep the facts and sasquatch hid, this means there is still lots of work and research to do.
Happy Hunting!
©The Crypto Crew

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I know these pictures are kind of more like Blobsquatches but it is still a pretty interesting set of photos.
Steve Abney shared these photos over with the fine folk at cryptomundo. These photos are of Bigfoot he saw at the Carter Farm. To Us here at TCH it theses are all bigfoots then it is a family group or possibly a group of sasquatch hunting.
Steve added this to his message “these you can use, also the red thing picture, we do not know what it is, it ran on two legs behind our truck across the road and is about three feet tall,”.

Here is the other pictures.

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Update From Robert Lindsay Blog - Preliminary Data Results!


Bigfoot News November 21, 2011

Nuclear DNA: As I promised in an earlier post, we can now release preliminary data on Bigfoot nuclear DNA from Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA study. Three samples were tested for nuclear DNA, and we have results from all three. Testing subsequently concluded that all three samples tested positive for Bigfoot on DNA. I believe at least one of the samples was Larry Jenkins’ Bigfoot toenail.
We have results for a single gene, the MC1R gene. According to Wikipedia, MC1R is one of the key proteins involved in regulating mammalian skin and hair color. In fact, in this study it was considered the “hair color” gene for practical purposes. The default Bigfoot hair color, which was the same in all three copies, is “red.” That could mean “auburn.”

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Scientists claim discovery of mummified alien in Peru

(Translated) - Anthropologist Renato Riquelme Davila Andean Rituals Private Museum, located in the district of Andahuaylillas Quispicanchi province (Cusco) announced the discovery of a mummy with no human characteristics.

Riquelme Davila explained that the body is 50 inches tall, triangular head, eye cavity too large, open fontanelle, which is only characteristic of children up to 1 year and has molars, which show that there is a tremendous gap that is not common in humans.

"It does not looks human because the head is triangular and tremendous, indeed, the head is about the size of body and thought it was a child but Spanish and Russian doctors have come and we have confirmed that this is indeed an extraterrestrial" , said through RPP Noticias. - rpp

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 Update From Robert Lindsay Blog  -

Bigfoot News November 19, 2011

Update on the Erickson Project. There has been much speculation on why Erickson took down his site. There are theories flying all over the Internet. The truth should be easy enough to figure out by the process of logical thinking and elementary deduction. In fact, there may well be some very smart folks barking up the right tree as I write this. The EP is not over, through, done, a “fiasco,” or any of those things. Erickson just has a lot more important things to deal with right now than this Bigfoot stuff, which is after all, just a hobby.

This article in the Osoyoos Times of Osoyoos, British Colombia makes it clear what is going on. Erickson’s business has very serious problems, to put it mildly. It’s nearly underwater due to the lousy economy, and he just isn’t selling lots anymore.
Apparently residents were promised paved roads, phone hookups, cellphone service, oil and gas wells, water wells, electricity and all sorts of amenities. Many of these have been delivered only partially, or in some cases not at all. Apparently Erickson lacks the funds to provide these amenities to his residents. As a consequence, he is now being sued by some of the folks who bought his lots.
It’s all a great big mess, and Erickson is under a lot of stress. I doubt if he is in great shape psychologically. After all, stress is hard on the psyche. Whether it’s effecting him physically, I don’t know, but I hope not. What’s sad about all of this is that Erickson is a genuinely nice guy. Looking around at the slimepit that is Bigfootery, it’s clear that Erickson is way too good for this field.
Anyway, as you can see, Erickson has problems up the wazoo. Bigfootery is the last thing from his mind these days.

TCH - Retired OK Game Warden tells about bigfoot, what I find very interesting is his statement that they (I assume the fish & wildlife folks) have studied the creature and how they will tell everyone they are not real.We had some sighting in  Harlan,ky a few years back and I ran into one of the Forest Rangers at a gas station and I ask him "Is there any truth to the bigfoot sightings in harlan?" He replied "people see what they want to see". I could tell by the look on his face he did not care for my question and wished I had not ask. There were a couple more people standing there as well. The look on his face was so odd,kind of like "oh you heard about that", kind of a shock and an oh no people know. So really he did not say either way.

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The Largest Wolf Kill To Date
This Wolf was shot recently in Drayton Valley, Alberta..which is near Edmonton about 3 hours North of Calgary.  The wolf weighs over 230 lbs. smashing the previous record of 175 lbs.  Wouldn’t want to run into this puppy in the woods.  Apparently a bear hunter witnessed this wolf chase off a big black bear at his baiting station .

TCH - This was from 2009. Yes it is real.

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Joao Leite Dos Santos thought it might be fun to play with the monkeys at the Sorocaba Zoo near Sao Paulo.
Dos Santos, not expecting aggressive behavior from the animals, hopped a short fence in order to get closer, while many bystanders stood back laughing or videotaping the incident. According to the AP, he was drunk at the time he approached the spider monkeys.
In the graphic video, which you can see for yourself below, it's apparent that the encounter didn't end well for the mechanic. The monkeys quickly assessed him as a threat, and easily bit him on the arm and hand, causing severe bleeding.
As MyFoxNY points out, he's lucky the monkeys didn't want to get into the water, or his fate could have been much worse.
Park officials eventually removed the man from the pen and transported him to the hospital (he was eager to leave after the attack), but it's unclear if any charges will be brought against him,or if the pain of injury was enough.

View the video by CLICKING HERE

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As the Bigfoot World Turns - A big Update From Robert Lindsay Blog -


(This is NOT Robert Lindsay but the China bigfoot picture)

Bigfoot News November 17, 2011

Here is Richard Stubstad’s response to Steve Kulls’ nutty blog post from this summer. It was previously posted on Mary Green’s website. Mary Green is one of the few honorable people in this Bigfoot scene.

Truth is that not a single one of Kulls’ bizarre charges against Stubstad or me is true. Not even one. Kulls attempts to take sides in a personal matter between Stubstad and Ketchum and between Java Bob, Stubstad and Ketchum. Fallings out happen all the time in life. Why? Who knows? Why take sides? Why bother? Why line up with one side or the other?
The basic charge, that Biscardi is using Stubstad and me to try to wreck Ketchum’s DNA study, is simply bizarre. Biscardi worked on her study. In fact, Tom worked harder on this study than almost any other researcher, including Mr. Kulls. Ketchum needed people to run around the country picking up samples and delivering them to her. She put the call out, but the illustrious “researcher” community was utterly silent. Only Tom Biscardi would step up to the plate, and he did the job commendably.

Ketchum also threw one of her best friends off the project, an excellent female geneticist. Ketchum did this because she is insecure and was worried that this woman was showing her up by knowing what she was doing too much. Why is Ketchum always the good guy and all of the wreckage, flotsam and jetsam she leaves discarded in her wake automatically the bad guys? I don’t get it.

From The Vincennes (Ind.) Sun-Commercial, October 7, 1979

Nineteen-year-old Andy Keith didn't sleep well for a few weeks in August after an early morning encounter with an unusual visitor to his neck of the woods in northeastern Martin County.

Keith, an employee of the Martin County High way Department, was headed to work at about 6:30 that summer morning, with the l5 mile drive ahead of him down the narrow country lanes that wind through the wooded hill country to Shoals He had just topped a gentle rise in the road a short distance from his trailer home when he saw a strange creature cross the road some 200 feet in front of him.

The creature appeared to be half man and half beast, not unlike the legendary "Sasquatch" or "Bigfoot" which is seen from time to time in the northwestern states, according to Keith.
"I got a real good look at him," he said.

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The Polish Yeti allegedly roaming the Tatra mountains was captured on video by 27 year old Piotr Kowalski from Warsaw.
This is a still shot from the Poland video that came out a few years back. This is the one where this bigfoot was watching the girl play in the water.
It came from Poland and the people were camping and the girls name is Justyna Folger she was 19 years old at the time of the filming.

(Notice the size of this thing!)

 Here is the video.

Bigfoot Watches Girl - Enhancement by CryptoTV

Or here is a few links to it.

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Larry Surface released a video several days ago claiming it was a bigfoot.
This was met with a lot of people saying it was a fake/hoax and was just an "old man".
Well Larry posted on his blog site and appears he is giving up on his blog site and closing it down.

Here is what he posted.
The critics have beaten me down. I guess they can celebrate now.
But one of my lifetime goals has been achieved, I have gathered enough
evidence to prove to myself that the "Wild Man"exists. That is in the form
of track casts, audio files, dna, and a video sighting.
My mistake was in trying to share it with everyone.
Although the comments were 90% enthusiastically supportive, that
changed when I pulled the video for reasons
which will have to remain unspecified.
After that, the pack used it as amunition to support their claims of fakery.

To one who has spent his life truthfully, and now in weak health, it is just
too much to put up with. Life is too short.

The video will come out again when the time is right. I won't
post anything else here. I may post on facebook where I can block out
the ignorant.

Thanks again to all the supporters.
Larry. "

Here is a link to his site.

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Another Dead Alien from Russia
(more pictures after the break)
A older lady from Petrozavodsk city reported that she had been keeping a frozen alien body in a refrigerator for a couple of years. The alien was found next to the woman’s summer house.
The body was said to be 'very hot' and that metal fragments were lying beside it. Before finding the body the lady heard a loud noise. The creature was 40-50 cm long, had a big head, mouth and orbits.

It was also wearing a one-piece garment. A few days ago the lady was visited by some people who confiscated the body for the purpose of its investigation and, according to their words, took it to the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

However, employees of the Research Center who were interviewed later said that they had never heard of the discovery. Where was the body taken? Was it really an Alien? Anyone have more info on this?

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 Robert Lindsay Gives update on the Erickson project and melba Ketchum.

Hello, Erickson is the one person remaining associated with Ketchum who signed one of her old and fair NDA's. I don't know what Erickson was thinking when they got involved with her. You know, this was supposed to be a big partnership with all involved. They all met in various places, including one place in the US where they may have met with media people and attorneys. Ketchum made an extremely bad showing in front of all of the 3rd parties. It was all about her, and she was going to run the whole show, right from the beginning. Nobody liked her at all, but they were all stuck with her, as she was the only one who would do the DNA work.

The relationship with Erickson fell out when he would not sign her new fancy NDA's. He still will not sign her new fancy NDA's, and she is always trying to get him to sign the new NDA. Her whole game is contingent on everyone signing her fancy new NDA, and he won't sign, so this is holding her up.
The 2 projects are tied together legally. Erickson cannot release his video without her DNA at the same time. She cannot release her DNA without his video at the same time. If she releases DNA without his video, he can sue her. If he releases video without her DNA, she can sue him.

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It Appears The Erickson Project has taken down their website at sasquatchthequest.com - Rumor is that the project is pulling out of the whole sasquatch project for the time being due to Adrian Erickson becoming frustrate about "experts" backpedaling when it comes to support for the project - because of fear of ridicule by their "peers".
So now we must ask what about the videos of Matilda the bigfoot? What will happen to them? will they be released at all now?

There has been some who have already seen these videos and here is some info about them.
*the videos are in High Definition
*The second video is the amazing one that only a few special people got to see. It is 14 seconds of a closeup HD footage of Matilda’s face.
*The sleeping bigfoot picture was part of a  5 minute clip, towards the end, she starts to become alarmed at something, and then she starts to wake up.

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Another Bigfoot sighting in Bell county, Ky

This sighting has never been reported until now. This is a person I personally know and can say that in all the years I've known them they have always been a honest and a down to earth type of person.
This person is also a Christian and a respected member of the community.
They have ask to remain anonymous for fear of public Ridicule and to not bring attention to themselves.

This sighting took place around hwy 92 in bell co,KY. The Cumberland river is only about 2 miles from the actual sighting area and there is a creek run within 200 yards of the sighting area. This is a very compelling story.

The Patterson Footage Fact or Faked Part 2

What if there was a second creature in the Patterson footage?
What if I can show you theres a second creature in the footage?
What are the chances of Patterson being able to create 2 suits that look just alike? (Not possible)
Could it be 2 guys in 2 suits? (NO,don't think so)
This video shows that there is a real possibility of a second creature.
There could even be a third creature, notice the dark shadow in front of the one we highlighted.

Join the search at

[Thanks: MK Davis]

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TheCryptoCrew.com Presents-
The Patterson Footage: Fact or Faked!
Many things to consider in the never ending saga of the patterson footage.
Some high points include:
- was patterson stupid enough not to pay Bob H.? Would he risk not paying the"guy in the suit"?  or would he have paid him in a effort to keep the "hoax" going?
- A suit have never been recover from the film
- "Suit" has not been reproduced even with todays material.
- A closer look at the footage.
- and much more.
Thanks for watching.
Join the search at

[Thanks: MK Davis]

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"Ok, for the sake of time ( and I hope all of you understand), I will answer everyone publicly here. I keep getting a lot of emails from everyone wanting to know the status of the project. Though I cannot give details or timing, I will assure everyone that all is well and we are continuing to move forward.

Good science cannot be forced or quickly completed. If it is not extremely thorough, then it will all be for naught and any paper rejected outright. So, I ask you to be patient and understanding and realize that extreme scientific overkill is required in order to convince a world full of skeptical scientists.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof". This is what we are doing. When we started this, I thought we would be finished in a few weeks, but instead as Sasquatch are known to do, they threw us curve balls even with their DNA which can be as elusive as they are. Thank goodness we are past that!

As a result, we have assembled a renowned team, each of us with our own specialties to make this project "extraordinary". If everyone will hang in there, I promise it will be worth the wait. We have the proof, now just give us the opportunity to present it in a form that will even convince skeptics. Thanks so much for all of your emails and support. Best wishes to all."

TCH - Finally someone talks that might really know something about the DNA.

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Yakini,the gorilla,who weights around 245 pounds,received a check-up from vets on Oct. 28.

Animal experts sedated the 12-year-old ape and gave him a thorough examination -- even clipping his nails -- before moving him to a new exhibit at the Werribee Open Range Zoo, near Melbourne.
This isn't Yakini's first trip to the doctor.
When the infant ape was birthed by Caesarean section in November, 1999, he wasn't breathing and his heart was hardly beating, according to The Daily Mail.
Placed under close watch by veterinarians, Yakini managed to pull through, capturing the world's attention in the process.
The gorilla matured into a popular fixture in his enclosure in the Melbourne Zoo -- but he might be best known for the time he spent outside of it.
In 2009, Yakini climbed out of his enclosure using a palm frond and briefly escaped. He strolled around the zoo while officials herded visitors into a gift shop to keep them safe, according to The Courier Mail.
Zookeepers reportedly shot Yakini with a tranquilizer and returned him to his enclosure.
In his latest move, Yakini won't be alone. His half-brother, Ganyeka, and his silverback father, Motaba, were also shipped in crates by truck to their new enclosure, which opens to the public on Nov. 7.
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Sierra Kills driver speaks up!
On October 8, 2010, what went down near Gold Lake CA on that day was something two people will never forget. Two bear hunters pulled up to a road between a canyon and saw a Bigfoot standing right in front of them. It was odd looking at first because they thought it was a bear waving its arms in the air. The driver of the vehicle pulled out his binoculars and couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Yes I had my binoculars that is what made it even more strange they were set up for classing mountain sides so it was fuzzy at first but when I cleared them it felt like my heart sank and I did not realize what I was looking at I would say it took a double take but I couldn't take my eyes off of it," the driver said.
But for whatever reason, his friend Justin pulled the trigger on the beast and it crashed into the brush near the side of the road. Two of her babies came out onto the road chasing after their mother on all four, this was unlike their mother who ran on two legs, bipedal. And for some unknown reason, maybe for the fun of it or for the fear it, Justin shot one of "the babies" as it was looking for its mother. Justin walked up to grab the baby as it dies in his arms. He realizes what he had just done. The driver was furious and both left the scene of the crime. It was a crime, that's how some people would describe this horrific event after hearing their story.

What is bigfoot? That is a question that has been ask for a long time now and many theories have been put forth. I want to explore some of the more popular theories and offer some of the more unusual ones as well. Please continue and I hope you enjoy the reading.

Theories -
Primate Theory -
The primate theory is the belief that bigfoot/sasquatch is just a yet undiscovered or unknown primate that belongs to the ape family. Bigfoot has been described in reports as a large hairy ape-like creature. Many point to fossil records and claim that bigfoot is related to Gigantopithecus blacki which was a species of the largest apes that ever lived, standing up to almost 10 foot tall. Many researchers and bigfooters are behind this theory and think bigfoot is some type of ape creature.

Evolutionary Theory -
This can also be called the "missing link" theory. Some think that bigfoot is the missing link in the evolutionary chain. That bigfoot is in a transitional form, a step just below or in between human and ape. I have seen,heard and read this info from many researchers and it is one of the more popular theories.

Neanderthal Theory -
This theory promotes the idea that bigfoot is a small race of Neanderthal man that has managed to survive all these years. That they have the intelligences to live and hide as they are smarter than other creatures living in the forest. This makes me wonder if it really is a group of Neanderthals then why have they not discovered fire yet? One could assume that if they are already using fire it would be almost impossible for them to stay hid. To me this theory has some holes in it.

Lost Tribe Theory -
The lost tribe theory is a theory that a small tribe of Indians kept hide for years from everyone,totally undiscovered. As time continued they were forced to resort to inbreeding,which led to a mutation that produced a hairy beast that is now known as bigfoot. That this lost tribe is still around today,inbreeding and making more sasquatch. To me this theory has some holes., for one if bigfoot was a lost Indian tribe then they should still have the tools that Indians have used in many years past.They should still be using bows,arrows,tomahawks and more,but yet there is no reports of any of these tools found in or around past sighting. So to me this theory is not answer to the question at hand.

Other Theories that seem kind of far fetched to most people.

Cain Theory -
That bigfoot is the Cain talked about in the bible. This theory comes from the Mormon church. According to the theory, "the mark" God placed on Cain is his fearsome appearance, which serves the dual purpose of making people afraid of him, and thereby rendering him safe from being killed.

Inter dimensional Theory -
This theory,which is supported by many, states the bigfoot is able to travel in and out of other dimensions at will. They point to the fact that bigfoot seems to disappear and is hard to find and record.

Alien Theory -
This theory leans towards bigfoot being either an alien itself or being placed here by aliens to live and possible report on human behavior. There has been reports of UFOs and bigfoot sighting in the same areas and at roughly the same times.

So I hope you have found this information interesting. I'm sure if you search around you can find many more theories concerning bigfoot.

 Now if I could put forth my personal thoughts on what bigfoot really is or could be. I'm no expert by any means and I don't claim to be.

I'm in the group of the Creationist, who think that all things were created by a creator (God), but with that said I also believe in evolution of  species, Meaning that things evolve but they do not evolve into another species. For example lets take a rat, over time it may evolve in some ways to adapt to its environment or living conditions. It may grow a shorter or longer tail,bigger or smaller ears,change color or something like that but it will never evolve into a Pony.
So I tend to lean towards bigfoot being a undocumented primate of some sort.

Recently some DNA claims have been made that bigfoot has 100 percent human DNA. This is not surprising to me. For many years now it has been known that Humans and chimpanzees are Nearly 99 percent alike in genetic makeup, so if bigfoot DNA has been tested and it comes back close to human DNA it should not be a big surprise. My best guess would be that considering what we already know about Chimp and Human DNA, that bigfoot DNA is very close to Human DNA, say maybe 99.9 percent. This does not prove a "missing link" theory as we already know about established DNA results of Humans and Chimps. If the results in Humans and Chimps are true, I assume they are, then it only shows what a difference 1 percent can make.

Regardless of which theory you support we should all be able to agree that bigfoot is worthy of more research and study.

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According to TAPS founding members Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes there is some things to look fot that may increase your chances of seeing a ghost or having paranormal activity.

Here is what they say to look for in finding a good place:
- Running water
- Railroad tracks
- limestone

Still, Wilson and Hawes are quick to point out that while a ghost is a sign of paranormal activity, not all paranormal activity is a ghost.
"Paranormal activity is anything above the norm of what we are used to," said Hawes, who, with Wilson, works as a plumber for Roto-Rooter in New England.

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