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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Bigfoot sighting in Bell county, Ky

This sighting has never been reported until now. This is a person I personally know and can say that in all the years I've known them they have always been a honest and a down to earth type of person.
This person is also a Christian and a respected member of the community.
They have ask to remain anonymous for fear of public Ridicule and to not bring attention to themselves.

This sighting took place around hwy 92 in bell co,KY. The Cumberland river is only about 2 miles from the actual sighting area and there is a creek run within 200 yards of the sighting area. This is a very compelling story.

Map of the Area

Here is the story.

"It was back in 2002 I was on the mountain ginseng it was around 8AM early OCT clear morning very nice day. I was about 2 miles on HWY 92 from 25E on Pine Mountain. I had covered a lot of ground and all morning I felt like I was being followed and I could smell something that smelt like wet deer and nasty wet dog smell all rolled into one.
I could hear something walking ever so often but I could never see anything. about 4 hours later I found a really nice 4 prone and as I started digging the brush behind me started shaking like someone was there."
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he continued by saying "I stood up and I heard a loud grunt yet almost a growl and it charged at me through the brush. I turned and ran down the mountain and into some 3" trees which I had trouble getting through in was tight but what ever was behind me was big and those trees did not stop or slow it down, I could hear the trees snapping behind me. I came to a drop and I looked and I could see a logging road at the bottom, so I jumped out of fear, it seemed as though I dropped for ever, however the way the mountain had been cut  the road was slopped and I hit the dirt and slid into the ditch line beside the road. I looked up behind me all I seen was a large brownish red head and shoulders.
The head looked human and I could tell from a glance that it stood around 8 foot.
It stopped and didn't come down behind me and I made it home and have never been back there."

"I'll never forget where it happened at".

TCH - How long before you told anyone about this and how long before you went back into the woods?

he replied "I told my wife that night and I went back into the woods the next summer, but not in that area."

Report Stats
- Hwy 92 in bell co,KY
Year - 2002
Month - October
State - Kentucky
County - Bell
Witnesses - 1

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