Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Larry Surface to close down his Website

Larry Surface released a video several days ago claiming it was a bigfoot.
This was met with a lot of people saying it was a fake/hoax and was just an "old man".
Well Larry posted on his blog site and appears he is giving up on his blog site and closing it down.

Here is what he posted.
The critics have beaten me down. I guess they can celebrate now.
But one of my lifetime goals has been achieved, I have gathered enough
evidence to prove to myself that the "Wild Man"exists. That is in the form
of track casts, audio files, dna, and a video sighting.
My mistake was in trying to share it with everyone.
Although the comments were 90% enthusiastically supportive, that
changed when I pulled the video for reasons
which will have to remain unspecified.
After that, the pack used it as amunition to support their claims of fakery.

To one who has spent his life truthfully, and now in weak health, it is just
too much to put up with. Life is too short.

The video will come out again when the time is right. I won't
post anything else here. I may post on facebook where I can block out
the ignorant.

Thanks again to all the supporters.
Larry. "

Here is a link to his site.

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