Friday, November 25, 2011

Timbergiantbigfoot releases new Bigfoot video

Timbergiantbigfoot Releases new Video

Timbergiantbigfoot has released some of a video he shot. It looks pretty good so far and they have a pretty good rep. Below is a couple still shot from the video.

Here is what TGB says about the video - "Here are some of the frames from the sighting video , yes the date in the video is wrong , I too make mistakes . YOU WILL HAVE TO LOOK CLOSELY to see the shape . It is very obvious in the actual video .
I don't usually make claims as to content in my videos , however I believe this is the creature I've been looking for , and may be the same creature filmed about two weeks ago in a video titled Wildman in the Forest ."

TCH - This looks pretty good and it will be nice to see the full video. At first look there is some things that look right about the creature: Long arms,muscles,coned head,bend knees..ect. So we wait for the full video to come out to make a complete (as best we can) conclusion.

Youtube link
Uploaded by on Nov 23, 2011

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  1. 44:55 of "The Giant Revealed , Narrated , with The Missing Clips" tells me all I need to know. It's a dude (you can even see part of his face when he sits up) facing the bottom right corner of your screen holding a smaller person, who has his/her left arm around the right (his right) side of the dude's neck. You can see the man's right arm/hand (right under the stripe) lose contact & move up the smaller person's lower back.Also, notice the difference in the "stripe(s). That means the dude was facing our left @ 35:00 & our right @ 45:00.


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