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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What is bigfoot? That is a question that has been ask for a long time now and many theories have been put forth. I want to explore some of the more popular theories and offer some of the more unusual ones as well. Please continue and I hope you enjoy the reading.

Theories -
Primate Theory -
The primate theory is the belief that bigfoot/sasquatch is just a yet undiscovered or unknown primate that belongs to the ape family. Bigfoot has been described in reports as a large hairy ape-like creature. Many point to fossil records and claim that bigfoot is related to Gigantopithecus blacki which was a species of the largest apes that ever lived, standing up to almost 10 foot tall. Many researchers and bigfooters are behind this theory and think bigfoot is some type of ape creature.

Evolutionary Theory -
This can also be called the "missing link" theory. Some think that bigfoot is the missing link in the evolutionary chain. That bigfoot is in a transitional form, a step just below or in between human and ape. I have seen,heard and read this info from many researchers and it is one of the more popular theories.

Neanderthal Theory -
This theory promotes the idea that bigfoot is a small race of Neanderthal man that has managed to survive all these years. That they have the intelligences to live and hide as they are smarter than other creatures living in the forest. This makes me wonder if it really is a group of Neanderthals then why have they not discovered fire yet? One could assume that if they are already using fire it would be almost impossible for them to stay hid. To me this theory has some holes in it.

Lost Tribe Theory -
The lost tribe theory is a theory that a small tribe of Indians kept hide for years from everyone,totally undiscovered. As time continued they were forced to resort to inbreeding,which led to a mutation that produced a hairy beast that is now known as bigfoot. That this lost tribe is still around today,inbreeding and making more sasquatch. To me this theory has some holes., for one if bigfoot was a lost Indian tribe then they should still have the tools that Indians have used in many years past.They should still be using bows,arrows,tomahawks and more,but yet there is no reports of any of these tools found in or around past sighting. So to me this theory is not answer to the question at hand.

Other Theories that seem kind of far fetched to most people.

Cain Theory -
That bigfoot is the Cain talked about in the bible. This theory comes from the Mormon church. According to the theory, "the mark" God placed on Cain is his fearsome appearance, which serves the dual purpose of making people afraid of him, and thereby rendering him safe from being killed.

Inter dimensional Theory -
This theory,which is supported by many, states the bigfoot is able to travel in and out of other dimensions at will. They point to the fact that bigfoot seems to disappear and is hard to find and record.

Alien Theory -
This theory leans towards bigfoot being either an alien itself or being placed here by aliens to live and possible report on human behavior. There has been reports of UFOs and bigfoot sighting in the same areas and at roughly the same times.

So I hope you have found this information interesting. I'm sure if you search around you can find many more theories concerning bigfoot.

 Now if I could put forth my personal thoughts on what bigfoot really is or could be. I'm no expert by any means and I don't claim to be.

I'm in the group of the Creationist, who think that all things were created by a creator (God), but with that said I also believe in evolution of  species, Meaning that things evolve but they do not evolve into another species. For example lets take a rat, over time it may evolve in some ways to adapt to its environment or living conditions. It may grow a shorter or longer tail,bigger or smaller ears,change color or something like that but it will never evolve into a Pony.
So I tend to lean towards bigfoot being a undocumented primate of some sort.

Recently some DNA claims have been made that bigfoot has 100 percent human DNA. This is not surprising to me. For many years now it has been known that Humans and chimpanzees are Nearly 99 percent alike in genetic makeup, so if bigfoot DNA has been tested and it comes back close to human DNA it should not be a big surprise. My best guess would be that considering what we already know about Chimp and Human DNA, that bigfoot DNA is very close to Human DNA, say maybe 99.9 percent. This does not prove a "missing link" theory as we already know about established DNA results of Humans and Chimps. If the results in Humans and Chimps are true, I assume they are, then it only shows what a difference 1 percent can make.

Regardless of which theory you support we should all be able to agree that bigfoot is worthy of more research and study.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011 3 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Interesting ideas Tom. I hope this is solved in my life time.

  2. It is my belief that what we call as Bigfoot is a type of people. I believe there are several different types of Bigfoot. It is my belief that they are living a life style by choice. That life style something I guess that native american shaman might says is being WILD untamed not by our rules. I would guess that those living near humans do not use fire as it show were they re in the wild. They do not use our TOOLS as it a sign of our weakness.

  3. Neanderthal Theory. I like the Neanderthal Theory asa way to explain Bigfoot. However even research Neanderthals you will find those who disagree on Neanderthal. Some says Neanderthal were light skin with red hair, other say almost black skin and near ape like appearance. Then you have Lloyde Pye theory.
    Inter-dimensional theory. I like it but it had to explain. I do know there seems to be some type of link with orbs of lights and UFO.


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