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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update From Robert Lindsay Blog - more on data results & Sierra Kills!

Bigfoot News November 28, 2011

Bigfoot nuclear DNA: The speculation and nonsense that our previous post about Bigfoot nuclear DNA generated is quite extraordinary, but not unexpected. Part of it is my fault, as I did not understand this issue very well when I first wrote it. But neither did my sources either.

After a week or so thinking it over, I have started to develop some new theories about the nuclear DNA. I will also deal below with critiques leveled at the findings that I reported. Many were taken from skeptic sites, and they were such terrible critiques it is embarrassing. Of all people, skeptics ought to know better.

As reported earlier, we have results from only three samples, all of one gene, MC1R. MC1R was said to be “the color gene, and the default color for Bigfoots is ‘red’.” While that may be true, the data we have available does not support that. Instead, I believe that the MC1R gene is the “red hair gene,” and I don’t know what the default hair color for Bigfoots is.

If Bigfoots have the red hair gene, then obviously some of them have red hair. Reports of auburn Bigfoots would indicate this. In fact, the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills, although it was mostly grey, according to my sources reporting from those who examined it, “…and yes, it was a little bit red.” Fahrenbach has reported that much Bigfoot hair has a red tinge, and there are jokes that Bigfoot is Irish. I don’t know what to make of all of this, except that obviously, reddish hair is not unknown in Bigfoots.

Once again, there is mass confusion about the “1/3 of the way from a human to a chimp.” This is in terms of %. Let us say that a chimp shares 94% of our genes. Then a Bigfoot shares 98% of our genes, 1/3 of the way from a human to a chimp. Get it? Let’s lay it out statistically.
Nuclear DNA consists of 3 billion base pairs.

Let us say we look at 30,000 nuclear base pairs. The chimp would differ on 1,800 of those, and the Bigfoot would differ on 600 of those. The 600 base pair difference would be “1/3 of the way from a human to a chimp.”

Got it?

Previously, I reported that the nuclear DNA findings were
 “within the human range, but just barely.” That is not correct. It is difficult to use a phrase like “within the human range” when looking at a single gene. One thing that is clear is that the nuclear DNA results came back “hominid.” They are within the hominid range, so to speak. The findings look like Homo sapiens, except that they differ in two polymorphisms not found in humans. Two samples were concordant for one of the differing polymorphisms, and one represented the other polymorphism.

However, the DNA of Neandertal for the MC1R gene also looks like Homo sapiens, except that it differs in a single polymorphism. To say that the nuclear findings represent Homo sapiens DNA as skeptics are now doing is not correct. If they were right, Neandertal would be Homo sapiens, and he is not. The nuclear results are not “human DNA.” They are hominid DNA, which may be human (Homo sapiens) and not be human (subhuman).

Since human contamination of the samples has been ruled out, the only alternate theory is that modern humans left this DNA.

That means that in the Four Corners region of New Mexico, a human trapped a skunk in a drain pipe, smashed the pipe on either side, captured the skunk, gutted and eviscerated it and removed part of the insides for parts unknown. When it did this, the human cut itself and left blood all over the pipe.

I think that is ridiculous.

That means that in Crittenden, Kentucky, a modern human came to a feeding station at night in 100% darkness with no flashlight and tried to eat the food that was set out there. The feeding station was a trap with glass superglued to the plate, so the human cut its fingertips trying to get the food. Keep in mind that this is in very heavily forested land, on private property in an area where “shoot on sight” is the rule.

I think it is ridiculous that a modern human did that.

All of that aside, is it possible that there are modern humans with these two strange MC1R polymorphisms, which have not been previously found in humans? It’s possible, but I think it is unlikely. In fact, I think it is ridiculous. 20 different polymorphisms have now been found on this gene. That these two very strange samples would be concordant for a previously unknown in humans polymorphism is bizarre indeed.

Are we trying to trash Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA project? It’s sad that this even comes up at all. Of course we are not. Some of my sources are not confident that she will do well, and they have a low opinion of her personally, but I don’t even know the woman from Adam. We just report all the Bigfoot news here, the good, the bad and the ugly. We don’t take sides. Ketchum’s project is one of the best projects in the Bigfoot scene these days, with the potential to really shake things up in a major way. So of course we support that.

A lot of folks don’t like Ketchum’s personality, so we report on that. To be generous, she is an extremely competitive, rather cutthroat, Type A, very self-centered personality who is bent on fame and glory. If she has to create a lot of human roadkill on the way to the top, so be it. Sort of a female Bill Gates. Such types are lionized in our neoliberal capitalist society.

Anyway, a lot of great people and even geniuses were not particularly nice folks. It doesn’t mean that they weren’t great. Picasso was a bastard. Ezra Pound spent years raving like a Nazi in a mental hospital. So what.

Ketchum and the UFO-Bigfoot connection. Many in the Bigfoot community are interested in UFO’s. I am also, but I my reputation is trashed enough for believing in Bigfoots, so I have resolved to not talk much about other woo stuff, and UFO’s are pretty woo. In addition, many in the community are interested in a Bigfoot-UFO connection. True, there are UFO’s in the proximity to a number of Bigfoot sightings.

Nevertheless, the theory that there is a connection between Bigfoots and UFO’s is so bizarre and insensible that it barely even gets off the ground in terms of a hypothesis. The UFO’s know about the Bigfoots? Why would they care? The Bigfoots are being used by the UFO’s? Why bother? The Bigfoots have been put here by UFO’s? Why would they put these dumb subhuman things here if they are so advanced?

At any rate, until we can at least develop some plausible hypotheses, this one belongs on the back burner. The burner so far back you can’t even reach it.

Unfortunately, Ketchum is also interested in the Bigfoot-UFO connection. She apparently developed this interested via her very good friend David Paulides, who has been writing about this connection for some time. Her belief is unfortunate but probably not fatal. I am certain that she has enough sense to keep this stuff out of the paper she has submitted to the journal. One thing Ketchum is able to do well is to separate her pure scientific beliefs from her faith and more woo type beliefs. That is to her credit.

Ketchum and a government Bigfoot coverup. Ketchum believes that there is a government coverup to hide the existence of Bigfoot. This is not really Earth-shattering news, and most of the big players in the scene also believe in this theory. I believe in it myself, strongly.

This was why Ketchum frantically got on the phone after she received the Bigfoot steak to try to pawn it off on other people and get it out of her hands. She thinks authorities raid people who have excellent Bigfoot evidence, and she was afraid she was going to get raided for having the Bigfoot steak. She thought they would just come in, search the place, find the steak, grab it and leave.

Sierra Kills Taxidermy.net thread. We are now publishing as a world exclusive Justin Smeja’s original post from Taxidermy.net. We do not have the thread ourselves, but several other people do, and one of them has given us the pertinent information from the thread.

There is only one post in the entire huge thread that is very meaningful, and that is Smeja’s post below. The post was started by Smeja and was titled, If You Saw Bigfoot, Would You Shoot It? As you can see below, Smeja still thinks he shot the weirdest bear on the face of the Earth. Smeja did not believe in Bigfoot at the time of the shootings, and one month later, he still doesn’t really believe in Bigfoot. So his mind is making up all sorts of strange stories about bears in order to try to make sense of the incident.

Other than that, Smeja’s original post tacks well with the report of the incident on the Olympic Project’s website.

A couple of things are different.

Smeja says he shot it at 120 yards. Later reports change that to 80-90 yards. This is probably not an important difference.

The OP’s version has Smeja shooting the Bigfoot in the chest. As you can see below, Smeja stated that he shot it in the rear shoulder, presumably as it was running away. This is an important difference between the two versions.

At the very end, Smeja refers to the Bigfoot as “he,” but subsequent reports refer to it as a female. As Smeja says he never found the body, this may not be an important difference. As to why investigators have decided that the adult Bigfoot was female, I have no clue. Some suggested that the DNA findings indicated it was female.

There are many other posts in the thread, but they are mostly arguing about whether or not Bigfoot is real. Smeja makes 4-5 more posts in the thread, but they are inconsequential for the Sierra Kills investigation.

One of the people Smeja spoke to early on, Mr. X, makes numerous posts in the thread. At two different times, this man says that there were two people on the hunting trip with Smeja, not one. Smeja makes no attempt to correct him. At the moment, we still do not know why Mr. X keeps saying that there were two other men present with Smeja on the trip. What do I believe? Do I believe there was one or two men present with Smeja on the trip? I do not know. Evidence seems to point towards only one, the driver, but maybe there were two. We just don’t know.

The following report required major editing for its computer format. In addition, it received an edit for punctuation, grammar and spelling. The edit did not affect the content of the message in any way.

Post by: Smeja on November 07, 2010, 01:24:27 AM

Call BS if you want but this bear season I saw a bear in Northern California that walked on 2 legs and was pale white in color like a pale yote sorta. Like some grizzlys I’ve seen but whiter. It stood 8 feet tall or so and walked like a man. Could have been a grizzly (highly doubtful). I don’t know for sure what it was. Maybe just a monster black bear that got shot in the front leg years back and learned to walk different. I don’t know. I do know I was not alone when I saw it.

I shot it with a 25-06 behind the shoulder at 120 yards. It ran 70 yards into the brush and crashed. Sounded like a car wreck. I never found it. Not saying it was bigfoot at all – it just looked different from any bear I’d seen. If it looked any more human-like, I would have passed on it. Something wasn’t right there, oh and it was prob 600+ lbs or more. So to answer my question, I suppose the answer is probably yes for me, but not if he looked any more human then what I shot.

TCH - This was a very good post over on Robert Lindsay Blog. It is good for several reason, the DNA info is a good as is the recovered post that came from the taxidermy.com.

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