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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Largest Wolf Kill To Date
This Wolf was shot recently in Drayton Valley, Alberta..which is near Edmonton about 3 hours North of Calgary.  The wolf weighs over 230 lbs. smashing the previous record of 175 lbs.  Wouldn’t want to run into this puppy in the woods.  Apparently a bear hunter witnessed this wolf chase off a big black bear at his baiting station .

TCH - This was from 2009. Yes it is real.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011 3 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Sad that they killed it. Wonder what their reason was. Any word on the location of the skull or if they stuffed it?

    On the other side I am glad I never came across it in the woods.

    1. Normally these are killed if they are killing livestock or get to close to house to often. I don't know what they did with this one.

  2. This ones several years old. I think the story was that he was hunting deer and this wolf showed up. I hate seeing wolves hunted for sport, that's probably becuase my dogs are like my children. But being somewhat of a deer hunter I understand that it's both necessary and fun for some people. Anytime you take the dominant leaders in a wolf pack it can destroy the pack it always sends the pack into chaos which of course would eventually happen anyway through age or injury.


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