Monday, November 21, 2011

Scientists claim discovery of mummified alien in Peru

Scientists claim discovery of mummified alien in Peru

(Translated) - Anthropologist Renato Riquelme Davila Andean Rituals Private Museum, located in the district of Andahuaylillas Quispicanchi province (Cusco) announced the discovery of a mummy with no human characteristics.

Riquelme Davila explained that the body is 50 inches tall, triangular head, eye cavity too large, open fontanelle, which is only characteristic of children up to 1 year and has molars, which show that there is a tremendous gap that is not common in humans.

"It does not looks human because the head is triangular and tremendous, indeed, the head is about the size of body and thought it was a child but Spanish and Russian doctors have come and we have confirmed that this is indeed an extraterrestrial" , said through RPP Noticias. - rpp

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