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Archaeologists Find Mermaid Skeletons? Well, not exactly. This story is a little bit old but I must have missed it, so I guess others did as well. But it appears it was a pretty hot item for a while.

First lets start with the story that circulates with the photographs. It go something like this:
 "Ancient skeleton of a mermaid before the Flood 8 millenniums ago was found near Sozopol Beach by Professor Dimitrov."

The story caught fire after it was shared on facebook by journalist Petar Genchev. Some reports say the journalist's name was Peter Dale. The photographs and story instantly caught fire and spread quickly. It also caused a debate about mermaids being real and the new findings seemed to confirm it for many people. But were the story and the findings actually real? The short answer is no but there is more to the story. It appears this was not really an attempt to hoax, originally.

Still frame from the original video
First let me say, I know this is a very old video but I thought it was worth a revisit. I know many are probably not that interested in this old video but maybe I can give some new or updated information about it.  I do know that at one time this video was pretty popular and was even featured on the Finding Bigfoot TV show. Not only that but the video was featured on many top bigfoot video list. I can remember the Facebook/FindBigfoot page having it rank and down as a real bigfoot.

Let talk a look at the background story, here it is from the description used on the video.
Still Frame from video
Looks like there is a new video coming out of Florida that some think could be a bigfoot. Not much is known about the video but you see a dark figure walking left to right. The figure is moving rather slowly and appears to be in no hurry. The head of the figure is tilted forward and downward. The quality of the video is not great but it is not terrible either.

I will post the video and then offer my opinion and some enhanced still frames of the figure.
Here is the video.

We have all seen the video of what appears to be someone getting rescued a split second before being hit by a truck. Many have said this video is actually real and that the hero is really an angel.That it is proof of teleportation.  According to them the angel used super powers to save the person's life and teleported them out of harms way.

The video was supposedly captured in CCTV in China and many speculated it was everything from an alien to an angel to a time traveler. But there is something much more earthly to the mysterious video. But before we get into that lets watch the video again and then tell you more about it.
Krampus: "Just give me the names, fat man"

For as long as I can remember we've all heard about Santa and his list of naughty and nice little boys and girls. We were told that naughty little boys and girls get a lump of coal for Christmas, or nothing at all. But over the years the legend of Krampus has grown here in the United States and North America in general. While some may have already been aware of Krampus, the tale has grown over the years thanks to movies and social media.

I had never heard of Krampus while growing up. But now the pairing of Santa Clause and Krampus seems to be a common occurrence. I guess it might add an extra incentive for children to be good and well behaved. After all one would want to avoid the dreaded naughty list.

For those who may not know, or those who would like more details, the rest of the post will deal with the legend and history of Krampus.

Bladenboro is a town in Bladen County, North Carolina. It's citizens were in a state of fear after a series of gruesome attacks on dogs and other animals. Reports of a blood sucking cat like predator roaming the area had the towns folks on edge. Many reported attacks strangely had little or no blood indicating the beast employed a blood-sucking trait.

Learn more about the Beast of Bladenboro in episode 28 of The Crypto Files.

Did a real Mermaid wash up on the beach?
In case you missed it or did not get more of the report about the possible mermaid that washed up on a beach, here it is.
First the story, back in October of  this year there was a pretty good buzz about a possible real mermaid washing up on a beach. That beach was, reportedly, Great Yarmouth in Norfolk England.

The witness described a strange decaying corpse that looked very much like a mermaid. The witness, Paul Jones, posted the video on youtube. It showed a human looking figure with a large human looking skull and arms but with a fish tail.
General area of the sightings.

Over the last few days I received two separate reports of a possible thunderbird sighting in Oakland county Michigan. The two people submitting the reports could be connected or know one another, but at this time I do not know. The two sightings describe a very similar creature. I'm fairly familiar with the area as this is where my wife grew up. I have been in this area many times over the years.

Before I get to the actual reports, I want to offer some general information about Thunderbirds and Oakland county.

Thunderbirds are described as large, bird-like creatures. Sighting of Thunderbirds go back for centuries and there are some fossil records that show a bird with a 12 to 18 foot wingspan did exist. But sadly Thunderbirds are mostly thought of as myths nowadays even though there are a growing number of sightings.

Oakland county is a rather large area with lots of water. In fact, there are 387 lakes in Oakland county. Cass lake, which I have been to several times, is the largest and deepest lake in Oakland county. Oakland county is located in the northwest of the Detroit metropolitan area. Even thought the area is flat and heavily populated, there are still areas with good sized forests. West Bloomfield Woods Nature Preserve is a 162 acre preserve that is frequented by over 100 bird species as well as white-tail deer, ref fox, coyote, weasel, mink and salamanders.So, this area is a viable habitat for possible Thunderbirds.

Now that we got some general information about the area, lets look at the report.

After a long hiatus Eugene Johnson finally returns with another episode of The Eugene Johnson Show! In this episode Eugene fills everyone in on where he has been and what has been happening. Then it tells us a couple fascinating real life stories and finishes off with thoughts about giving an Ouija broad for a Christmas gift.

Here is episode 4 of The Eugene Johnson Show
General area of reported sighting.
I got the following reported bigfoot sighting submitted to me several days ago. I have attempted contact with the person and was awaiting a reply, that is why there was a delay in me posting this up.
The reported sighting is fairly recent, taking place on the sixth of December. The sighting location is Humboldt county, California. Humboldt county is home to numerous bigfoot sightings.

Before I get into the actual report, I'd like to share a little information about Humboldt county.

Humboldt county has more coastline than an other county in the state of California. But don't let that throw you off, it is also densely forested and mountainous. The county contains over forty percent of all remaining old growth Coast Redwood forests, the vast majority of which is protected or strictly conserved within dozens of national, state, and local forests and parks.

One of Humboldt's major rivers is the Klamath River. And as you probably know Klamath River is home to many reports of bigfoot or bigfoot activity. Klamth River flows over 250 miles through Oregon and northern California.

Still frame from video.
A few days ago I received a report about a bigfoot filmed in a lake. The report was pretty vague but linked to a video of the reported sighting. The above still frame is from that video. I want to not only share the report and video, I want to offer some opinions and information about the area and also a few enhanced still pictures.

First lets start with the report that was filed a few days ago.

This use to be a page on our site and I removed it. But I thought it would be a good idea to preserve the actual content, and add some, from the page. I know some of this information, especially the tools, is probably out dated but there is still some good information. It is important for ghost hunters to be prepare when going out to investigate and this post will provide some useful information. There may even be some seasoned investigators who will find some of these tips useful. There are two lists, one for ghost hunting tools and one is ghost hunting tips.

 Lets get to the list.

The above picture and reports comes from Katrineholm,Sweden. It could possible be of an actual bigfoot or as many call them Trolls. I had to do some digging to find information about this report but I managed to find it.

The story goes like this: The witness was out taking a walk, he eventually sees two deer and starts to take a picture when this possible bigfoot runs out.

The reason this was a difficult report to find a lot of information on is the fact it is from 2011 and the witness wanted to remain anonymous. I did find an excellent write up of it, along with a witness interview. I want to share it here and give full credit to Crypto Sweden for this information. I will also add additional information after, along with some photo enhancements.

In the forest near Hull, England there are numerous reports of people seeing what some are calling a werewolf. It is said to stand a towering eight foot tall, covered in hair and has red glowing eyes. The term werewolf may be very off putting to some people. It may make them think of movies and fantasy tales. I think the more modern term, that a majority of people are using to describe these creatures, is Dogman.

Dogman is normally associated with bigfoot by many cryptid researchers. This may be a good assessment. But if you compare the two, Dogman and Bigfoot, Dogman seems to be the more aggressive and fits in with witness accounts from the Hull area.

Witnesses describe the beast as being fast, jumping tall fences, attacking and eating dogs, sometimes even running on all fours. The main sightings seem to be around the area known as Barmston Drain.

Photo Credit: Melissa Doubleday
A strange object apparently has washes up on a Muriwai beach in New Zealand. The original photos, of whatever this is, was posted on social medial by Melissa Doubleday. She posted it with the question "Just curious if anyone knows what this is?"... Well apparently no one has answered the question or solved the mystery of just what this might be.

Some have speculated it was a whale carcass covered in some type of crustacean. Others have speculated it is a work of art. But the crustaceans are alive on the object. The best guess so far, at least that I think may be the answer, is that it is a large piece of driftwood covered in gooseneck barnacles.

There is now video of the object and you can see the crabs moving and working.

Many newspapers and online news sites are now covering the mysterious object, but as of yet there is no solid answers as to just what the object is.

It is always cool when weird things wash up out of the ocean, I guess we can add another one to the list. This particular mystery is being shared and reported on around the world. Best I can tell this was a recent wash up, but I'm not sure of that or when it happened.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Still Frame from the video.
For many of us the idea of a bigfoot type of creature existing in Australia is not a very big leap. I know that bigfoot is very much a real creature here in North America, so I find it very plausible that the Yowie is also a real creature. 

The Yowie is hominid that is said to live in the Australian wilderness. It is often compared to bigfoot, sasquatch and yeti. The Yowie is often described as being hairy, standing upright, and reaching heights of 6 foot to 12 foot tall. It is said to have a large flat type of nose and large feet. Reports about the yowies behavior ranges from timid and shy to very aggressive. Again, this is something we hear very often about bigfoot behavior.

The possible game camera footage of a Yowie was taken in the Forest Queensland Australia. The south east region of Queensland has had more reported sightings of Yowie than anywhere else in Australia. While many seem to always discredit or ignore sightings report, it should be noted that a former Queensland senator,Bill O'Chee, reported about seeing a Yowie while on a school trip to Springbrook.

Still frame from the original video
In case you missed it, there is a video that is getting a lot of attention of what some think could be a bigfoot in a corn field. The back story in a nutshell is that this young girl was using her iPad to film the beautiful sky while her mother drove somewhere. You can hear the little girl talk about how pretty the sky is and then as they are driving along, a figure is seen moving into a corn field. The little girl shouts "What was that?"

This reportedly was shot in Provo, Utah, which has been home to several possible bigfoot videos over the years, is it a hot spot or is it a hoax spot? This video is interesting but sadly the video is not good enough to make a clear judgement based on the visual content of the moving picture. So, we have to take aspects of the video and attempt to gain more knowledge about the figure.

Okay, sometimes being in the cryptozoology field presents us with bizarre photographs and stories, like this next one.

The above picture is said to be from 1961 and it is said to be of a real werewolf standing under a street lamp. It also has a decent back story but I'm not sold on the picture being authentic.

First the story.

This man from Michigan who worked in a near by factory on the second shift, had returned home after work and was enjoying a cup of coffee while sitting on the porch. It was around 3am in the early morning. Reportedly the man saw something move near a near by gate. He goes into his house, gets his gun and goes out to see what it was. As he was standing there looking around he saw a strange hairy creature that would stand on 2 legs and then sometimes go down on all fours. The witness then returns to his house, somewhat frightened, and manages to get his camera and go back outside. This is reportedly when he was able to take the above photo of the creature.

That is the story in a nutshell. Some have speculated it was a dogman, others called it a werewolf.
But what about the picture, lets take a look at it and some enhancements.

Some people call it a Rock Ape, some call it Ujit, others call it Nguoi Rung but regardless of the name you call the Batutut this hidden hominid is very similar to the North American bigfoot. The creature is often seen forging for food in the forest and jungles of of Vietnam, Laos and northern Borneo.

The creature has been sighted for well over 50 years. In 1947  a sighting by a French colonist refereed to the animal as a L'Homme Sauvage, translated it means "wild man".

Learn more about the Batutut in this episode of The Crypto Files. 
Photo credit: Lyle Laverty

Bigfoot Footprints Examined
Anthropologist Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum Weighs In
By Dorraine Fisher

Even though critics scoff at footprint findings of alleged sasquatches, footprint evidence is still the best evidence we have of an undiscovered primate in the forests of North America. As much as some unenlightened individuals try to fake them and make fools of researchers, researchers can tell the difference.

A real print is easily spotted...by a trained eye. A living, fleshy foot makes distinct marks on the surface. The motion of dozens of bones, ligaments, and tendons move in a fluid motion and create what is known as compression lines in the inner edge of the track. And also there are dermal ridges, that are like the fingerprints of the feet. These lines on the bottom of the feet that look just like the fingerprint lines on our fingers cannot be faked. Combined with the sequential movement of a real, fleshy foot, these can be easily seen by the experts.

Here is a new video posted by NV TV. The story, reportedly, is that this guy filmed a bigfoot cross the road and gave a little chase after it. But the "bigfoot" makes some grunt/scream types of sounds and some say it bluff charges the cameraman. It was shot at night, so the visibility is pretty bad but you can see a figure run across the road.

For me there are several problems in the video. First the video was reportedly filmed in 2016 but it looks like it was filmed with a cell phone from 1990. The video is even in HD but still looks pretty pale and dull. The dark figure also makes several "across the road" runs. I just don't see a bigfoot doing this, normally they would run across the road and keep on going or hide. But this figure runs across the road a few times. Once you see the figure, it appears to be very human looking. Its not bulky or muscular and had the proportions of a human and not a bigfoot. The sounds the "creature" makes sounds very human to me.

Of course, my opinion probably does not mean a lot to some folks and that is fine, but here have a  watch of the original video for yourself and let us know what you think.

Below is a new video from Alaska. It was reportedly filmed by tourist who was filming the glaciers. According to the report it was filmed in November of 2016. The video quality is pretty good but you still can not really tell what this might be. Some have suggested it was a dragon but I don't think so. Some have suggested it was some kind of whale, which sounds feasible.

You can see a total of six humps or spikes sticking out of the water. Some believe that one end is the head and the other end is the tail but in reality they may not even be connected at all. The video seems a bit weird to me and I wonder if it has been manipulated or edited in some way.

Here is the video, what do you think about it?


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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I'm not even sure where this photograph comes from, I mean geographically, but I think it comes from within the United States. It seems some are suggesting it is the Lizard man of Bishopville, but I'm not sure about that. The Bishopville lizard man is said to be some type of reptilian cryptid from South Carolina and it has been well researched and documented.

As for the above photograph, reportedly someone took a picture of this odd looking figure as it crossed a river. They supposedly described it as being some type of lizard man, but it kinda looks like a dogman or werewolf type of thing, but I guess it could be a lizard. The photo is blurry and out of focus. The figure is bipedal and has a humanoid looking body with a dog (ish) tail.

I personally think the image is a photoshopped fake and that the story is probably not real. So, I took some time, but not much, to zoom in on the figure and try to clean it up a little.

After that, I ran the original image on some software that looks for signs that the image is a fake or that it has been manipulated with some type of photo editors.

The image showed or matched several photo editing softwares. These included: GIMP, Paintshop Pro, and paint.net. It also appears the original image, which I will assume was just of the river, was taken with an Olympus camera.

In the end the software concluded that there was a high probability that the image was processed and/or edited. I tend to agree and think the image is a fake. I do however think there is something to the Lizard man reports from South Carolina.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Enhanced still frame from the video
The following video comes from Telmark in Norway. Not a lot is really known about the video but there appears to be at least one if not two figures in the video. Some think these could be possible bigfoot while others say they could be extraterrestrial.

Here is what is known about the video so far. 

A woman or man was reportedly filming a very foggy forest area early one morning when they noticed one or possibly two bipedal figures standing in the fog. They do not appear to be shocked or frightened by seeing the figures. The two figures are at a good distance away and can barely be made out. Some say the heads are much too large to be humans, this could be why some assume it is some type of alien.

Here is the video.

Running Time: 48 minutes

Thanks to my recent subscription to Amazon Prime, I finally get to watch some long overdue bigfoot documentaries and movies. I know some of you may not like the fact that we do movie and book reviews, but it can be important in pointing people to films or book with good information or at least worth the price of admission.

With that said, last night I watched Bigfootville. This is a straight forward bigfoot documentary with witness interviews, skeptic voices, and field research. The film quality is pretty good but not HD as this film is a little older. Don't let the fact this film was made in 2002 put you off, it still has a lot to offer.

The film takes place in rural Oklahoma were numerous reports of a 9 foot tall hairy man have been reported. During the course of the film there are several witness interviews and some investigations. During a night investigation, which included 2 witnesses who had a previous sighting in the area, there is some activity that is pretty interesting. Some rocks are thrown and a dark figure is seen by everyone in the group. One of the witnesses was really emotional about returning to the area, he was nearly to the point of tears. It seems his reservations about returning to the area were on target.

The witnesses who tell about their sightings, all come off as being authentic and truthful. It seems pretty obvious these folks seen something that was out of the norm for the area. Another very interesting part of this documentary is listening to the local Native American tribe talk about it.

Now, a few things about the film bothered me. The overtones the first quarter of the film had me frustrated. It was leaning strongly to idea that all bigfoot sightings were fake and the witnesses liars or just mistaken on what they saw. One big wig anthropologist by the name of Russ Tuttle had me ready to scream at the TV. He was one of those people who spout the old lines of "You seen a bear" and "It was just someone pulling a prank", "there is no evidence of bigfoot".
There was also a wildlife guy who made a statement I have heard many people say and it goes something like this: "I've been in the mountains all my life. I have never seen or found any evidence of bigfoot, there is no such thing." But thankfully I held on and the program improved and got to witness testimony and investigations.

The good news is you can actually watch the movie for Free as it is on youtube. If you have some time I recommend you give it a watch.

Overall, this is a very good bigfoot documentary. I was unable to find this title on DVD, it appears it is unavailable, so Youtube or Amazon is the only way to watch it I guess.

Here is my final rating.
Rating: 3 out of 5    


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Deep in the mountains of  western Pakistan lives what some call "The Big Hairy One". It is a bigfoot type of creature that is said to abduct women. It is known by many names but the one that seems the most accepted is the Barmanou. The term Barmanou is used in several Pakistani languages including Khowar, Shina, Hindko and Kashmiri.

The proposed range of the Barmanou covers the Chitral and Karakoram Ranges, between the Pamirs and the Himalaya. This places the Barmanou between the ranges of two more-famous cryptids, the Almas of Central Asia and the Yeti of the Himalayas.

Explore more information about the Barmanou in our latest episode of The Crypto Files.
[Episode 26]

Runtime:54 minutes

I finally got around to watching the documentary film Minerva Monster. This film is about a continuing series of bigfoot sightings and activity in a small town in eastern Ohio. The film mainly focuses on one family and their years of activity behind their house. The film also brings in other sightings from the area and numerous interviews.

According to the documentary, a local family had a sighting of the creature near their home and being frightened called the police. From there the whole event kind of snowballed and the area and the family was thrust into the spotlight. The story made local and national news headlines. Every bigfoot hunter and rubbernecker from all over came to the area. There were even times when the family was harassed by skeptics.

According to the family the creature kept coming around the family's property, it would throw rock and make tree knocks. The family tells about many sightings and encounters with the beast. They talk about finding huge footprints and finding bedding areas.

There were many things I like about this little film. I like the fact that the local police officer who was called to the house, is actually interviewed extensively during the film. The newspaper reporter covering the story way back in the 70's, is also interview extensively. The production and film quality is high level. It was a well done production.

Throughout the course of the film, other witnesses and more recent sightings from the area are added in, but the central story remains around this one particular family. Bigfoot researcher Paul Hayes is also featured in the film and he tells about the sighting he and his son had of a bigfoot.

Overall, it was a pretty good little film, just realize it is not a film about going out and looking for evidence. It is mostly interviews and people telling about what happened. There are some photographs presented from the central story but not much. This is the aspect of the film that I was a little disappointed in. I wish there had been more photos from the police investigation or family presented.

So, if you would like to watch a film about a family who has had numerous sightings and encounters with bigfoot, then this film might be right for you. Please be aware that the first of the film is pretty slow on the bigfoot front. It is mostly historians telling about the town and how it's grown over the years.  While many will find the first part of the film boring, just hang with it, after it gets into the bigfoot stuff it is much better.

Here is the official trailer

During the interviews there are a lot of different details given about the area and the sightings. I was unfamiliar with this story and its long history, so I enjoyed learning about it. 

Here is my final rating.
Rating: 3 out of 5    


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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I have not said very much about the "Russian Yeti Runs Across Road "video for a few simple reasons. One reason is that I really have not taken the time to actually study it over. But today I thought I would play "Johnny come lately" and give the video a little inspection. I know my opinion will not change anything or carry much weight but it is a slow day for me, so, why not?

First, let me be up front and say I have a hard time trusting videos of bigfoot from Russia. It seems they have more hoaxers than we do here in the USA. I also think that it is better to inspect these types of videos with a skeptical approach.

So, the first thing I did is grab a still frame from the video. I wanted to zoom it in, adjust different aspects of the image and see if I can gather any more details about the figure. I know this is a difficult task because of the almost all white snowy backdrop. During this process, I really could not get any real useful information about the figure itself. One thing I noticed in the video and the still frames is that there does not appear to be any eye shine, but maybe it just did not look directly at the camera.

 Another problem about analyzing this video or a still frame from it is that there is nothing in it that can give you a sense of scale. This makes it almost impossible to determine the height of the figure.

In my opinion, I think the figure looks rather small. I make that assumption based on the width of the road, it appears a bit narrow. We do not know what type of vehicle they are driving but if you just take any average car or truck, you are talking about something 5-6 foot wide. This road is not much wider that the auto they are driving. It appears to take the figure 3 or 4 running steps to cross the small road. If the road is 10 foot wide and it takes 3-4 running steps to cross it, then the strides would easily fall within human range and average size, in my opinion. Of course, this is all speculative on my part. It could also very well have been a young yeti.

We can see that the figure is moving at a pretty good speed in what appears to be fairly deep snow. But is it moving faster than a human could move? I don't think the speed appears to be something superhuman but we really can not be definite on this conclusion.

According to the description under the video, this was some nature sight seeing tourist out for a drive. But a line towards the end of the description could be rather telling, here is that line: "..The folklore of this particular region of Russia, the Republic of Bashkortostan, tells stories of Shurale, a tall hairy creature that tickles his victims to death."

The only thing I can find or think of that supposedly tickles its victims to death is the Mahaha. The Mahaha is said to live in the Arctic and to be a demon. The description of the Mahaha is nothing like a bigfoot or the figure seen in this particular video. I'll be the first to admit, I do not know very much about local Russian folklore in the region of the Republic of Bashkortostan, so, it may be a true statement in the video description.    
Now, with all of that said I still think the video is interesting. I do think it is most likely a prank/hoax but we really need more information to really make a solid conclusion. I know whenever a video of this nature is posted online, you will have some who accept it as real and some who reject it as a hoax. It seems you can't get either side to change their minds either way. So, knowing that and knowing my opinion will have no real effect, I invite you to watch the video for yourself and make up your own mind.

Here is the video.

If anyone would like to provide their thoughts on the video, feel free to post in the comments. Tell us what you like about the video or what you do not like.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Many cultures have a belief in shapeshifting in some form. Shapeshifting is the ability of a being or creature to completely transform its physical form or shape. The Aswang reportedly has the ability to combine various elements from different creatures.

In this episode of The Crypto Files, we take a look at the Aswang and explore some of the characteristics and behavior of this cryptid.

Here is the episode (ep. 25)

Aswangs can also be befriended, they can talk to you like any other human: they laugh and/or cry, get angry/sad, get hurt/humiliated and feel scared and envious. These creatures are said not harm their friends and neighbors.

In the video we mentioned a few ways to fend off an aswang but here are a few more.
They can be killed using a whip made entirely of a stingray's tail. It is said they can not enter into holy grounds such as churches, mosques, and temples. Decapitation is also a way to destroy an aswang.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Paranormal Subjects And Thoughts On Critical Thinking

By Dorraine Fisher

I often chuckle when people start talking about critical thinking. Many people think they’re critical thinkers,including me at times, until I correct myself, because it’s harder to think critically than one might imagine.

According to the Foundation For Critical Thinking, critical thinking “is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. In its exemplary form, it is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subject matter divisions: clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reasons, depth, breadth, and fairness.”

This is a great and very thorough definition. And I was happy to see that it now acknowledges the flaw in it that I’ve been talking about for years. The flaw that comes from the humans themselves.

No human, no matter how much they claim to be a critical thinker is devoid of human flaws. We all believe lies sometimes. We all are subject to irrational or uncontrolled thinking at times. We are all slaves to our personal perceptions more often than we imagine. Real critical thinking relies a great deal on our ability to understand and control our own thoughts and recognize when our thinking is flawed. The problem is, the majority of people are unable to do this. And the most dangerous thing is that, all the while, they’ll think they’re doing it. This is why I’m a bit guarded when people claim to be critical thinkers. I’ve known very few.

It's one thing to be able to think. It's quite another to be able to think about what you think. To pick it apart and analyze it and decide if every part of it is useful or not. And it’s quite another thing entirely to be able to decide that maybe what you were thinking before is wrong. That’s where the supposed critical thinkers often hit a snag.

Even the most intelligent people get caught up in the idea of being right. Like being right is the most important thing there is. And being wrong is the equivalent of the sky falling. And the basic insecurities of humanity cloud the discussion before it even starts. Egos get in the way. They often need to feel they’re right and superior in their thinking. So, in order to achieve this, someone has to be wrong. And this is where critical thinking falls apart. Not because of critical thinking itself, but in the failure of the humans to implement it.

There are a lot of people who might roll their eyes at me when I say this, but exercising subjects like cryptozoology and the paranormal is a good practice on the subject of critical thinking. They teach us to think about what we once thought and whether we still want to believe it.

In the worlds of cryptozoology and the paranormal, there is a whole group of people whose paradigms have been forever changed by something they saw or experienced. Something that wasn’t supposed to exist, or something they didn’t believe existed.

Are these people incapable of critical thinking? Not at all. But they are, like every other member of humanity, subject to their own personal perceptions, shaped by an unusual experience. This can’t be avoided. But the important thing to remember is that the group of humans judging this person’s experience and claiming it was a figment of their imagination are also in possession of the same human flaws and personal perceptions created by their LACK of having had the same experience. So is anyone here really applying critical thinking? Not really.

If our personal perceptions get in the way of our analyzing a subject, then we’re not thinking critically. In order to be a real critical thinker, we have to recognize this problem and eliminate perception from our thought processes. We have to have the ability to clear our minds of any preconceived thoughts, beliefs, or ideas that will hinder the process of getting to the truth.
That is what critical thinking REALLY is. It’s being able to think about and analyze our own thinking and correct it when necessary. But the hardest part is recognizing when we need to do this. It’s  not an easy task, and I’ve rarely seen anyone able to do it completely. We have to  entertain the idea that we could be wrong, and that’s not easy for many people.  It takes a lifetime of self-reflection and self-analysis in order to even begin to really do this right.

So, are you a critical thinker or not? If you’ve read this article through this far, then I know you’re at least open to the idea. The real success is in implementing it. Which requires critical thinking. It’s hard being human.

Reference: The Foundation For Critical Thinking


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