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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Still frame from video.
A few days ago I received a report about a bigfoot filmed in a lake. The report was pretty vague but linked to a video of the reported sighting. The above still frame is from that video. I want to not only share the report and video, I want to offer some opinions and information about the area and also a few enhanced still pictures.

First lets start with the report that was filed a few days ago.

-Start Report-

Name: anonymous (chosen by submitter)

Email Address: On file, not sure it is a working email.

State: bc (British Columbia)

County: Canada

Date of Sighting: summer 2016

Time of Day: noon

Nearest Town: Nanaimo

Length of Sighting: minutes

How many Witnesses: 2

Any Photos/Videos: Link to video was provided

Describe sighting in detail: This area was left blank.

-End Report-

Now, lets take a look at the video of the sighting. After that I will offer more information and still enhancements.

Here is the video.

According to the description under the video the creature "Took off shortly after filming before there was a chance to capture.". I'm assuming the person means before there was a chance to capture more video.
Okay, so anytime we get a report we try to investigate it the best we can, unless it is just an outlandish report. This report of course comes from Canada, which is home to many good bigfoot sightings. We unfortunately don't have a team member in Canada, but there are still some things we can do to investigate this report.

The first thing we can do is attempt to zoom in on the figure. Of course with the figure a long way from the camera, it will appear blurry. This will make it really hard to glean much detail. As you can see the figure is very blurry when zoomed in. It does appear to be dark and pretty large. 

But unfortunately there is just not a lot of details that can be gained from zooming in on the figure. So, we have to move on to other ways to investigate the report without actually being in the physical location.

So next we need to look at the reported location, and compare it to the video. While doing this I made some interesting findings that lead me to believe that this video and perhaps the report is nothing more that a hoax.

The location is reported as Westwood Lake. Westwood lake park is at the foothills of Mount Benson and is a popular area, according to reports. It has numerous walk and hike trails around the lake and looking at the pictures, it is a beautiful area. It is very mountainous looking and looks to be a great place for possible Sasquatch. But the area, the part of the lake, this video was shot at, gives me pause for concern. 

I attempted to find the exact spot this video was filmed in, I think I got close. Notice in the picture to the left the floating buoys or safety rope. I have cropped a still image from the original video of the reported bigfoot. I marked the area of interest.


Next, using another still frame from the video, I want you to notice these power poles and tower in the background. You can see the figure and the mountains and the towers.
Having these two particular items visible during the video increased my chance of finding the exact location.

In the photograph below is Westwood Lake area. In the picture you will see the same floating swimming markers, and in the background the same tower and power poles. I have marked the areas and gave a possible filming location. The figure would have been between the possible filming location and the power poles.

Now, if you google Westwood lake Nanaimo, you can find many images of people wadding in this part of the lake. It appears the water is rather shallow in this part of the lake. I seen pictures of adults standing pretty far out in the water and the water only coming up to just above the waist. This leads me to think that this was not a bigfoot but just a person wadding in the lake.
The figure does appear dark but this could be just because of lighting and distance. Of course, this area looks to be a good spot for bigfoot, but according to the report the video was shot in the summer of 2016. In the summer time this place potentially has lots of people. The chances of a bigfoot walking in a swimming area with people in it, during the day time, is pretty slim. One thing that does stand out is that you can't hear much background noise, but maybe it was on a slow day.

There are some other questions and information. Like why did the person stop filming? Why is there no reaction by the person filming? This is also the only video on the youtube channel.

So, was this submitted report just a misidentification by the witness or an attempt to pass off a hoax? That is something I do not know the answer to, but feel it was an attempt to pull a fast one.
But I'm satisfied that this is not a bigfoot but a person. Are there bigfoot in this area?  It sure looks like a good place for them.

What do you think about the video? 

At the suggestion of a reader, I have added a couple photos showing the water is shallow and one with the possible filming angle with people in the water.
Here is the one with the people who appear to be pretty far out in the water, especially if you consider the filming angle and location. The red X would be the mostly likely filming spot and the yellow circle highlight people who are standing in the water.

Click the picture to enlarge and see more detail.

Here is a picture showing the lake as shallow.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. Possibilities for the flip side...

    Looks like an overcast day, which can be pretty chilly up north and not prime lake visiting time.

    I googled photos as suggested and only found 2 that had people in the water. The sun was out in both shots. They were not as far out as this being was, but none of them appeared as overall dark shapes - they all had defined colors in their skin and clothing and appeared to be about 50 yards away from the camera.

    The video being so short could have been because the person was afraid of being seen. The report could have been so lacking because most people are afraid of ridicule. There could have only been one video on the channel because you aren't dealing with Butchy Kids here.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Also, generally speaking, the bouy rope is there to mark designated safe swimming areas. This being is clearly outside of the ropes.


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