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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

In the forest near Hull, England there are numerous reports of people seeing what some are calling a werewolf. It is said to stand a towering eight foot tall, covered in hair and has red glowing eyes. The term werewolf may be very off putting to some people. It may make them think of movies and fantasy tales. I think the more modern term, that a majority of people are using to describe these creatures, is Dogman.

Dogman is normally associated with bigfoot by many cryptid researchers. This may be a good assessment. But if you compare the two, Dogman and Bigfoot, Dogman seems to be the more aggressive and fits in with witness accounts from the Hull area.

Witnesses describe the beast as being fast, jumping tall fences, attacking and eating dogs, sometimes even running on all fours. The main sightings seem to be around the area known as Barmston Drain.

Local folklore historians offered tales of a similar creature known as "Old Stinker". It is apparently a somewhat well known legend in the area. Old Stinker's main roaming area is said to be just north of Barmston Drain, in an area called Wold Newton Triangle. This area has long been known for various weird activity that includes everything from ghost to zombies to other paranormal activity. The history of weirdness from this area is long and varied.

The photo above, was supposedly taken by a couple who was driving and saw this large figure next to the road. According to the report the figure jumped in front of their car. The driver actually stops the car and I guess that was when he was able to take the photo. The couple even claimed the beast, which they thought was some kind of cat, walked right up to the car. The couple sped away.

Now, I do not know if this sighting is actually real or just a fabrication but apparently, there are numerous other reports from this general area. Multiple sightings from multiple witnesses at different times, normally indicates that something our of the norm is being seen.

I have attempted to zoom in on the figure in the above blurry photograph. You can see an outline of an almost human shaped figure. If you look towards the ground and feet area, it appears to be walking on two legs and to be walking away from the camera point of view. If you look up to what appears to be the shoulders, it appears to be pretty large. But a sense of scale is really hard, so it may not be as big as it appears or that may not be the shoulders.   

Of course, when we have possible photographs of dogmen or other cryptids we can run them on software that looks for evidence that the picture has been edited. The accuracy of this type of software is often questioned and there may be false identifiers present due to a picture being saved in a particular program. For example, if you open a picture with an editing software, like photoshop, and then re-save the picture, the software we use to detect possible fakes may pick that up and give a false finding. Now, in cases of less that good faked photographs, the ability to make a ruling becomes easier.

So, after running this particular photograph, the software came back that the image was edited/photoshoped. But wait, this could be for the simple fact the copyright information was added to the photograph. When stuff like that happens we can't always make clear conclusions and have to rely on personal opinion or guess work. So, for this particular photo you will have to make up your own mind. But this particular area, where this photo supposedly comes from, is home to many odd sightings and reports.

[Source: Liberty First News]


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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