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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The above picture and reports comes from Katrineholm,Sweden. It could possible be of an actual bigfoot or as many call them Trolls. I had to do some digging to find information about this report but I managed to find it.

The story goes like this: The witness was out taking a walk, he eventually sees two deer and starts to take a picture when this possible bigfoot runs out.

The reason this was a difficult report to find a lot of information on is the fact it is from 2011 and the witness wanted to remain anonymous. I did find an excellent write up of it, along with a witness interview. I want to share it here and give full credit to Crypto Sweden for this information. I will also add additional information after, along with some photo enhancements.

Here is the information from Crypto Sweden 
      The picture was first posted on the Swedish website Fragbite.se the day after, November 24, 2011 with the following comments:
"I was walking along the illuminated track here in the woods with my MP3 earphones in, when I felt a presence. I snatched my headphones out and then heard a rustling and felt vibrations in the ground, similar to a moose bull walking. I walk further about 100 meters or so when I get this feeling that this (thing)is moving besides me. Just as I pass a small clearing in the forest two deers are passing by and when I'm taking a quick photo this bastard is caught on the picture. I'm all upset now, had to write about it.The picture was taken in the woods outside Katrineholm, east of the illuminated track (not Forssjö track, but it's on the other side of highway 52). "
On May 1, 2012 the following interview was done with the witness who remained anonymous. This is a segment from that interview. The interview was done by a Swedish crytozoologist. I had to change the exact word order in my translation of the interview but not the meaning or facts. (I) = Interviewer (W) = Witness
(I) What was the exact date and time when you observed the animal?
(W) "The date is one day before I posted it, 2011-11-23. The time is between 2-3 pm. This is during the dark season of year, but it did not obscure, so it may not be very late. The image is dark because it's cloudy and it had just been raining".
(I) What were your thoughts and how did you feel seeing the animal? Did you see the animal when you took the photos, or did you see it later?
(W) "I'm walking along the illuminated trails and paths (in the forest) as I often do on weekends when I'm home from the city I study in. Usually I see deer during my walks with few exceptions. It is often the same group of deer, three smaller ones. So when I hear something moving in the bushes I'm prepared.
So when I hear something moving along the bushes, I'm prepared for them, and make myself ready with the camera,waiting for the clearing in the terrain to come. This is where and when the picture is taken. I just registered something big and dark and whith the same colour as a moose but I thought it looked very strange. As my first thoughts are moose or wild boar, I don't follow but move a bit to the left. From my new position, the two spruces (that the creature is movig in behind) "has moved" to the right visual field, so I can't follow the the group on the other side (but I can hear them)......
...............I felt no anxiety at all at this point as I've almost run and skied into moose at several occations. It was first when I looked at the picture that shivers were sent down my spine."

(I) What kind of camera did you use? Were you just taking a walk or did you do something else?
(W) "My former phone, a Nokia 6600i Slide. No, I was just out walking".
(I) Have you ever seen something like this later on or previously in life? Are you familiar with stories of these animals from this area or do you know anyone who may have seen or talked about something like this?
(W) No never! Although I grew up very close to the tree line and spent a whole lot of time in the forest after school even until night time.  

Katrineholm,Sweden is located in the inland of Södermanland and is the third largest urban area in the county. Many people may not have given Sweden much thought when it comes to bigfoot reports, but there seems to me a growing number of reports from that area.

Now, lets take a closer look at the picture reportedly taken during the sightings. Let zoom it in and adjust the lighting, maybe we can see more details. You know it almost looks like this figure is carrying something in it's right arm. I wonder what that could be. According to the report, there were two deer in the area, could it be a rock or something?
Another thing that kind of stands out to me is the hair on the head. It kind of looks like an old 1970 afro. Assuming, this is a real bigfoot, could the weather be playing a part with long head hair? I know a lot of humans have hair issues when the weather is damp.
Another thing of interest to me is the right leg, down near the foot. It appears to be the cuff of pant leg and then a possible shoe. It may just be the angle or lighting but this causes some concern.

I'm not sold on this being a real bigfoot but I want to zoom in even close and see if I can tall what this figure might be carrying. It does seem to have something in it's arm but I'm not sure what it might be. If you look at the left leg, near where the foot is at, it appears there is some slack or a bunching up. This could indicate it is a loose fitting suit but it is inconclusive. Really the overall appearance is that of a loose fitting suit, but still inconclusive.

One thing I did not see in the report was where the witness made a guess at the height of the figure. I guess if someone was back in the area a rough guess could be made or if we knew the size of the large rock in the photo.

One thing that some people might have missed in the photograph and the story, is the part about the deer. The witness stated two deer run out, well I think that one of the deer is visible in the background. At least I think that is a deer. If  that is a deer it appears to be looking back towards the camera and possibly the figure. Which adds credibility to the report. So, I really can't make a conclusive judgment as to if this is real or not. The anomalies I mentioned above about the loose fit, could be nothing more than light, angles and skin. I know I have seen bears kind of have the loose look. So who knows for sure about this one.

Again a big thanks to Crypto Sweden for archiving this report, with them doing that, we might not have been able to have any details about this sighting report.

A few people have gotten a little perturbed at me for posting some of these questionable sighting reports. But many, like me, had never seem them before and if we are only going to cover the 100 percent confirmed sightings, then there sure are not going to be many post. There will also not be much to talk about either.

What if I decided not to cover this report and it turned out to be a real authentic sighting? I think that is a bit unfair to the witness and could hinder other witnesses from coming forward. When I share theses types of sightings, I attempt to find more details by way of photo enhancement and digging the Internet for more information.  Sometimes just by posting it up, someone will come forward with more or new information. Of course, if we can debunk a picture or sighting then that is good. But you will always have people who will say it is a fake, even when it is not.

Oh well, you can't make everyone happy. But trust me, there are many reports I personally get that I do not post. Stuff that is obviously fake and mocking the subject.

If anyone has more information about this report or would like to report a sighting feel free to contact us at the link above or by clicking here. 


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. Such articles show us that there are such phenomena that we can not explain by a scientific approach.


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