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I recently got in this Bigfoot sighting report from Nova Scotia. I have had this report in my emails for several days. I didn't get a chance to really read it over or post it due to the fact my wife had surgery the day after I got the email. So there were several days that I was just unable to really dig into any work.

Once I got a chance to really read the report, I went to google maps and scoped out the area. As you can see from the picture above there is a lot of forest area in this general spot.

Now lets look at the full report.
Recent Track Find by The Crypto Crew
Things to Consider When Finding a Bigfoot Track
Tony Felosi

On a recent hike, with my good friend and Bigfoot mentor Thomas Marcum, we found what we believe were two sets of BF tracks. One was a juvenile about 10 inches and the other was of a much larger adult. 

They were walking in line with each other with junior trying to match the stride of the adult, so there would be one set of tracks. At least that’s what I believe after seeing several sets like this; Thomas had brought my attention to this phenomenon several months ago.

The Crypto Crew - New Strange Creatures Edition
The New Weirdest of the Weird - Real Or Imaginary

By Dorraine Fisher

Every once in a while I like to do a new Google search and see what kind of strange creatures are popping up on the internet these days. And, as usual, it doesn’t disappoint. Now, keep in mind, we don’t necessarily endorse these photos as being proof of anything authentic. But many of them are interesting to think about. Check them out and see what you think.
Photo by Jesse Bowser on Unsplash

Essential Equipment For Hunters Of The Paranormal
Over 20% of Americans believe that Bigfoot is real , but in order to convince more people, you need to gather definitive proof. The same goes for ghosts and UFOs, although these already have high rates of belief at above 50% and 40% respectively. Although there is plenty of evidence out there , perhaps you are not yet completely convinced. For that, you need to go out and gather the evidence for yourself. Below is some of the equipment you’ll need to get started.
Not an actual image, used only for reference only.
Shots Fired In Possible Bigfoot Abduction Attempt

I recently got another report from right here in my home area of Bell County Kentucky. The person this comes from is a well respected person and for her protection we will only call her Patty. While I do know the location of the following events, I will not give the exact location. The reason for this is for the privacy of the family, some of which still live in the general area where this happened.

This report, to my knowledge, has never been officially reported until now. This report contains more than one event, as the family experienced possible Bigfoot on several occasions on or near their property.

Also, some of the events described may be slightly disturbing, so read at your own risk.

Next up is this ghostly image captured by Helen at Lake Cumberland. There is also some enhancements, zooms and before pictures in this post. But before we get to them lets talk a little about Lake Cumberland. After reading some of the history of the lake I can understand why there might be ghost hanging around.

Lake Cumberland is a reservoir in Clinton, Laurel, McCreary, Pulaski, Russell, and Wayne counties in good old Kentucky. The reservoir ranks 9th in the U.S. in size and contains 6,100,000 acre feet of water. It was built for two primary reasons: one to help control flooding and two the production of hydroelectric power. But if you dig into some of the stories and history you will find some really spooky tales.

This report comes our way thanks to our good friend Holly Mullins. As some of you may know Holly is an Intuitive Healer along with several other talents. She also does numerous events and this presents her with the opportunity to meet and talk with a lot of people. She recently talked with a gentleman who had a harrowing experience.

The man has never told his story to the public and Holly was only the second person he had ever told. He also wishes to remain anonymous and for this report, we will just call him Pete.

The event described below happen at Elk Mountain in North Carolina.

Whoa...where to start. After my original post, Mystery Couple Seen at Cumberland Falls, I got a great response in the form of emails and messages. Much of the information was very interesting and possibly sheds some light on the mystery couple photograph.

In this follow up post I will share most of the information that was sent to me and offer up some other interesting tidbits. Are  you ready? Here we go!
(Photo by PhenomenalPlace.com)

New Cave Painting of Aliens Offers A Bonus
The Mysterious “Saucer” Depiction of Onake Kindi
By Dorraine Fisher

Have researchers found more evidence of cave-dwelling witnesses to ancient aliens? It sure looks that way. Though there have been depictions of what appear to be “alien” type creatures in caves around the world, and supposed alien depictions found in a cave near this new site, around 4 years ago.  It was recently found 800 miles from there in southern India in a cave near a town known as Onake Kindi. And this one offers a little more than most.

Cumberland Falls located in Corbin, Kentucky is a very popular tourist destination and with good reason. It is known as "Niagara of the South," because it is the largest water fall south of Niagara Falls. The falls is 125 feet wide and has an average drop distant of 68 feet. It is also home to a "moonbow". It is the only location in the Western Hemisphere where moonbows are known to appear with regularity.

Cumberland Falls is also home to mystery. One story is about the Dupont Lodge and the Ghost bride and groom. There are other reports of seeing old civil war soldiers and several other tales. Well, now I might even have another mystery to add to the list.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Sleep Paralysis Or Something More Sinister?

With 50-70 million American adults reporting that they have a sleep disorder, it's an issue that needs to be addressed. Sleep disorders can vary from moderate to chronic insomnia, a obstructive sleep apnea or sleep paralysis, and a lack of sleep can lead to poor physical and mental health. Sometimes it's hard to sleep when we're convinced that something goes bump in the night, so whether the prospect of a Bigfoot sighting is keeping you awake or you hear creaks in the house that don't exist, is sleep paralysis affecting you, or is something more spooky occurring?
Photo credit: Blogspot.com
I recently ran across a report that while it rang familiar, it was one I had never read before. It takes place here in my home state of Kentucky, in Perry County. There are numerous reports of hunters seeing or encountering Bigfoot. What makes this one a little different is that it also involves a hunting dog. It has long been my stand point that Bigfoot does in fact dislike dogs and that dogs are pretty much terrified of Bigfoot. My stance is base off of person experience.

Its not be very long ago that there was a report about a Bigfoot killing a coon dog. I think that it may happen more that we know or more that it is reported. I know of many hunters who "lost" a dog while hunting. Sometimes the dog would be found and other times it would not.

Now back to this report I had never read.

Healing Yourself By Discovering Your Past Lives
My Past Life Healing Story

By Dorraine Fisher

Have you ever been going about your day like normal when you suddenly saw something that affected you in some way? Like there was something you were supposed to remember about it, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? It could be anything, really. A person, a place, a thing, a recurring dream.  And there’s this intuitive side of you that knows it’s something significant, but that logical side of you might just say you’re just imagining things. But you aren’t. It’s your intuition trying to tell you something.

We all have some kind of emotional/mental issues. We all have things about ourselves we don’t understand, and sometimes can’t seem to overcome.  Many things can be explained by our childhood or previous traumatic events in our lives. But other things aren’t so cut and dry. Some things about us seem to have no reason or explanation...at least in this life. Because some things about us were brought about in a past life. And there are clues we may see every day in this life that are trying to tell us why.  But we have to listen in order to hear. And the best way to explain this is for me to use myself as an example of how this can work.
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map
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