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This is a list of the top 10 bigfoot videos. This is what we consider to be the best videos of real sasquatch. The fans of our facebook page helped form and shape the list.

Top 10 Videos of Bigfoot

1. The Roger Patterson Film

The Famous film from 1967.
Yes, there has been many stories about the film and this footage has been reviewed by countless experts and seems there will always be a mystery about the footage but it was easily voted the number one video of all time by many researcher and our facebook fans.
We have also produced a 3 part series about the film proving the possibility of a second bigfoot and of the film being of a real creature.
The Patterson Footage Fact or Faked Part 1
The Patterson Footage Fact or Faked Part 2
The Patterson Footage Fact or Faked Part 3

Another Enhancement - Very Good and reveals some good missed details.

2. The Freeman Footage

The Famous Freeman Footage from 1994 enhanced by The Crypto Crew.
This is a Great video.Paul Freeman past away in 2003

3. The Hoffman Video

Enhancements by The Crypto Crew

Harley Hoffman's controversial video of Bigfoot come in at number 3 on the list.
The footage was shot in British Colombia in 2001. Some call it a fake because Harley Hoffman put the video on a site called Searchforsanta.com, But that wasn’t his site.His brother Hutch Hoffman ran the Searching For Santa site, which,was dedicated to proving that Santa Claus actually exists.

4. The Snowshoe WV Video

Filmed in 2008 in Snowshoe,WV - This is a very popular video as voted by our fans.
A closer look and a 3-D version in the above video.

5. Russian Cliff Bigfoot

I have shorten the footage and translated the text from the youtube video to english.

Here is the translated text from the youtube text -
"Telecast on the snowman.
Bigfoot. One of the most mysterious and unexplained phenomena on the planet. If you believe the publications in the media, the yeti lives in almost all regions of the world ..."

6. White PA bigfoot

Residents of this small Pa town are concerned of recent sightings and strange noises being heard at night of what appears to be some sort of Bigfoot human looking type creature. The creature though, is white in color. A homeowner captured this footage after they heard a disturbance in the back yard of their wooded property. This homeowner and others in this town had previously heard strange noises and disturbances for the last two weeks or so prior to this being captured on film. The town was confirmed as Carbondale.

7. Bigfoot hunted by Helicopter

The family said they did not see the creature until they viewed the video later.They wondered if the helicopter was searching for bigfoot. I don't think it was but who knows for sure.
Shows a creature moving left to right in the background after a gun is fired. I have slowed and zoomed in on the subject.

8. Myakka City Bigfoot

This is a pretty good video and you can see hand movement and other things. This creature reminds me of the one in the Hoffman video.

9. Bigfoot Utah Video

7 friends were target shooting after a long day of fishing and spooked something in the woods. They were able to take some video of it.
We also did a second breakdown of this video.
Utah breakdown 2

10.Strange Humanoid Encounter

This is a really cool video. The kids were so excited and you can tell it. I think this is a real sasquatch but the video is pretty poor. Still it's fun to watch.

Runner ups
Is this Bigfoot
Timbergiantbigfoot video
Bigfoot sighting in Kansas
Russian Bigfoot video

To View more great videos click the link below for 100's of videos!

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  1. Love the video's. I think some are well worth the effort to see what more can be made of them.

  2. What about the Minnesota St. Croix BF video, taken on an I-Phone? This surely whould crack the top 10...take a look!

  3. Don't know about the white bigfoot. Looks like some pervert/creep prowling around possibly dressed in a white tshirt (don't know about the pants if it showed that) and wearing a stocking or pantyhose leg on his head, with eyes cut out. Face smashed in just like hose would make a face look. No eyeshine in the flashlight. May have just been some peeping tom.

  4. White pantyhose I meant to add. It looks like the foot of them sort of hangs over at the top of the head too. ^^^


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