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Monday, July 30, 2018

Recent Track Find by The Crypto Crew
Things to Consider When Finding a Bigfoot Track
Tony Felosi

On a recent hike, with my good friend and Bigfoot mentor Thomas Marcum, we found what we believe were two sets of BF tracks. One was a juvenile about 10 inches and the other was of a much larger adult. 

They were walking in line with each other with junior trying to match the stride of the adult, so there would be one set of tracks. At least that’s what I believe after seeing several sets like this; Thomas had brought my attention to this phenomenon several months ago.

We were about a mile and a half in on a gated very secluded trail in Eastern Ky., when we stopped to rest for a few minutes. Then from above us on the trail we heard a very low whoop, along the way we had seen some faint sign but this vocalization was unmistakable.

We had not seen any evidence of anyone else on the trail, No hiker or ATV tracks at all. We continued up the trail and came to the approximate spot we thought the Whoop came from and in the middle of the trail was a large mud hole with tracks in it.

We did our due diligence and took photographs and some approximate measurements etc and got back on the trail because we just knew the best track ever was just around the bend.

Well, we went to the end of the trail and came back out without finding another track, 5 long miles up and down very steep terrain. I’ve given you this back story so I could make some important points from a lesson learned.

Bigfoot sometimes steps in mud holes and even though you can get some decent photos you don’t get near as good evidence as if you drained the water out of the track and made a cast. Take a small gardening tool or shovel to divert the water from around the track. Then use some sort of small hand pump to drain the track.

Also use your walking stick as a track finder; you can put one end at the track and in a slow semi circle motion looking for more sign. Not only will it help you find more tracks but it will give you a general direction that Mr. Hairy Britches took. I have found this very helpful in other tracking situations. 

The reason that I say use your walking stick is 1. you probably already have it with you and 2. a Bigfoot stride is approximately 6ft or so . This should put you really close to the next track or sign, kicked over rock the top of a berm or log scuffed etc.

So the moral of the story is take your time when you find a decent track, it may be the only one you see that day. Take the right tools to cover the most likely situations you may encounter.

I hope you found this helpful; the more experienced Bigfoot investigators probably already do most or all of this. But for those of you like me, who's really just getting started and has a great interest in Bigfoot and other cryptids, remember the basics and good hunting!

Tony Felosi 

With over 10 years in the paranormal field, Tony has proven himself many times over. His drive and dedication to the field of the paranormal is virtually unmatched. Tony also holds Black Belts in multiple Martial Arts, and he's not afraid to kick a little ghost or Bigfoot butt!

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